When Ares Fell

By Freia All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Tired from romancing the goddess of love and being an 'open secret', Ares left Olympus to engage in modern war. Among all the gods, he is the only one who wasn't blest with a mate but he doesn't mind one bit. Succumbing to Aphrodites' wiles is enough. But, what if Fate has something in store for the war god?



The golden skin under me writhed as she gasp my name. My fingers dipped harder on her hips as I fill her. Every strained breath and every groan was released and she doesnt mind that she starting to have bruises.

Harder Ares...

The melodic voice hissed in my ear and I granted her wish. Her moans filled the air as we both spiral into where the stars are.
We moved in sync and my mind was slowly blown away as her deep breaths come in pants and drops of sweat made our bodies shine.

My name was lost in her lips as I thrust harder and join her in ecstacy. Our breathings slow down and I drop my body right next to her curves.

The dim lights made her glow as she look at me with half lidded eyes. The smile on her ruby red lips never left as she looked like a cat that lapped the cream. Her blue eyes we’re glinting with spent lust. Tousled blond hair spill on the silk sheets as the goddess of beauty stirs to run her long fingernails on my chest. I smirk at her.

What now Aphrodite?

She pouted at me as I slowly sat up and reach for my breeches.

Dont tell me youre leaving now, Ares.

I laughed at her expression.

Hephaestus will be arriving soon, I dont want to be at the receiving end of his ire.

She just smirk right back at me. Everytime she calls on me to warm her bed, I never said no to her. She knows how to make my blood sing and after every bloody war hers is the bed that I lay upon.

Aphrodite. The goddess of love and beauty.

When I saw her rise from the foam I was already drawn to her. But Hephaestus claimed her right away when their eyes met. She giggled at his amorous advances and accepted him with loving heart. But after they were declared as mates, she secretly look at me and winked.

Hephaestus made hasty preparations to wed her within a fortnight. Being known as a shy god, I was amazed at his decision. Zeus gave them their own castle near Olympus as a gift and they hid there for a month.

But through all that I knew. I knew that she will grace my silken sheets at night and it will be her asking for it. Her cat like eyes looked at me sinfully even after her husband kissed her when they were wed in Olympus.

I guess no one thought that she will be unfaithful for she embodies love. Her son is the god of love.

It took her a week after their month long honeymoon before she made me a slave to her desires.

I was battle weary that night and I just want to lie down after taking a bath. I slowly descended the stairs to the pool and sat on the shallow part. I hissed as water touched some of my wounds that were starting to heal. I lay back then I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. I smelt her even before her hand touch my chest. It seemed her whole body was suffused with the heady smell of vanilla and roses. Her lips kissed my nape followed by her tongue. When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by a supple golden body with ample breasts and lustrous blue eyes that were turning to purple with lust.

That night Aphrodite bathe and made love to me countless times. In the pool she made my body hard but pliant to her touch. She was insatiable. With a flick of her finger she trasported us to my own room and again we tasted each other till our exhaustion made us sleep in each others arms.

I want you to be mine Ares.

Those were her words to me before she disappeared in the early morning hours. Her scent still clung to my sheet after shes long gone.

That was the start and since then, we would meet anytime we can. Most nights she just summon me to her bed. The first night I was there, I was besieged by guilt. I was a bit scared that Hephaestus will catch us in a compromising position and tell his mother Hera.

As the queen of Olympus, all of us fear her for she is a vindictive goddess. If Hephaestus found out and decided to tell his mother, it will not bode well for me. But after some time, it became a habit and I was sucked into Aphrodite’s needs. I no longer sigh with guilt when I see her lying without her clothes on their bed. Eagerly awaiting me to take her.

I cloaked the house. Hephaestus will be away for three days. Zeus called him to create a sword.

Youre not even calling him father?

I asked her in jest. She looked at me with a sly smile and my eyebrows raised but I didnt ask her what it means. My question was answered when I saw her as she left a room in Olympus and Zeus coming out of it afterwards.

Then Hera’s outrageous cry rang in every corner of their castle. Zeus was banished for a week from their bed. He asked for Hera’s forgiveness saying Aphrodite appeared to him as his wife and he didnt know the difference.

In her defence, she claimed to have inhaled Eros’ potions accidentally and she thought Zeus was her husband. There was uproar in the castle but her husband stood by her side eventhough Hera threatened to disown him. Then she stopped talking to her for a few years and even now barely tolerated her prescence.

Our secret tryst didnt end even then. Everytime Hephaestus left to go to Olympus to placate his mother she would call me to warm her bed like today.

I continue picking up my clothes and wore it not really looking at her body. I can feel her eyes boring into my back but I dont have plans of staying. I know that Hephaestus is coming home today, I heard Hermes tell Apollo while they were talking earlier in the day.

But Ares...

Aphrodite tried to get my attention. During the Early days in our relationship, I would immediately pick her up at the sound of her whiny voice. But after a thousand years of this Im immune to her cajoling. She has been manipulating me and I admit she was good. She made me a slave to her caresses but all that has depleted some self respect that I had with myself. I reduced myself to be her plaything.

Im leaving Aphrodite. Maybe this time... Im not coming back.

I heard her loud gasp but I didnt even turn. Whatever that was that we started, Im concluding it now. I wont come to her again. She laughed that girly laugh of hers. I knew I told her that a lot of times in the past. But this time I mean it.

Ive grown tired of her and her manipulative ways. Its high time that I engage in wars again. I look around me as I close the door and transported to my own room. I flick my fingers and a ready back pack appeared. I guess it will be a long time before I return to this place.

I flick my fingers for the second time and changed into mortal clothes. It would be perfect pretending to be human again. I smiled looking at nothing then I close my eyes.

Loud shouts and sound of battle greeted me as I open my eyes. I look into my watch and saw my current coordinates.

Afgahnistan. I appeared as a soldier and I smiled.

War is coming.

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