The Beautiful Mess

By Blooming_Lady All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


“Today is your birthday, right? So, please accept this small gift from me. I don’t have enough times to prepared on your gift, but I hope you will like it” Reaching out to her smooth hand, Javier took on some courage and took a step toward Angel. He open up the box, so angle have a glimpse of his gift. While Angel was being caught up into a mix of confusion and surprise on seeing his gift, Javier took this opportunity to put a gold necklace on Angel long and tempting neck. After he secured the necklace, Javier was whispering his last words before disappearing from Angel view line into a crowd of guest who’s filling up the ballroom. “Remember My Angel, when the time is come, I will take my rights upon you and I will bind you into mine”


Valdes Mansion, 20XX

“Happy birthday, My Precious Angel. I hope only for the best to be occur in your life and I need you to know that I’m so proud to be your Daddy, Angeline. Please always be Daddy’s Princess, okay?”
“That’s enough, Dear. Don’t you see Angel blushing face?”

“But, Ana-“

Instead launching on his protest, Eric must to swallow up on his own words if only he doesn’t get those menacing looks that been directed to his direction. Well, how about pretend on not seeing those warning glare? But, the consequences that must be to bear will be severe and Eric doesn’t want to bear it at all. Especially with the incoming message that had been coming up inside his phone just awhile ago. Maybe, there’s nothing wrong on yielding into his wife request right now. Particularly, if he could be an ultimate winner with so much things to be gain in the final result.

“My Mommy dearest, Happy birthday, darl. I can’t believe that you are already 18 years old right now. You used to following me around and asking me so many things that sometimes your question would bring me a headache” a peal of laughter can heard from across the room. Since the half of their guest are a parent itself, of course all of them can be sympathized toward each other about what Brianna Valdes just had been said. They already have their own experience on handling a bunch of curious questions that will be enough to be lasted for the rest of their life.

“But now, my darling is all grown up. Oh, my I suddenly felt so old!”

Seeing her mom is going to be overwhelmed with a melancholy feelings, Angeline is quick on her reaction toward her mom sadness. She was saying those words that she would always been saying whenever her mom is being attacking with a blue feeling.
“Mommy, Please you are not old! You are beautiful, as always, right Daddy?”
“Of course, Princess”
“Oh, my! You two, stop embarrassing me. Sorry for the outburst, Ladies and Gentlemen. Anyway, what I want to said is I’m so happy that God give me a chance as your parents Princess. You will always be my little Princess, always”
“Thanks’ mom, I will always love you and Dad”
To alleviated the blue swing moods out of the room, Angeline purposefully giving out her parents a set of air kiss instead crossing the room to give them a proper hug. Because she know for sure, she wouldn’t have any success to hold this tears at bay any longer. They are threatening to slide down her cheeks before turn into a full blown of sob in anytime soon. And thank god, her brother who’s allergic to this blue mood doing a good job on assisting this party on their parents behalf. Because based on what her see, her mom is still drowning into her blue feelings and wouldn’t finish in the near time.

“Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, right now Ii will proposed a toast for my beautiful Angeline. Please choose on your favorite drinks which had been distributed. Okay, is everyone had their own drinks? Then, let’s make a wish together before toasting for my beautiful sister. Angel, I know that I’m not the perfect role model for you. As your brother, I was lacking in so many area. But, I will do my best to change myself to be a better brother for you. Happy birthday Angel, I wish you will be blessed for the eternal Happiness”

As the speech from Joaquin was nearing to the end, He was raising up his own glass as a subtle persuasion fro the guest to following up his act. Then, he said his wish with the chorus of guest who’s following his congratulation words.

“Happy Birthday Angel!!”

“Happy Birthday!”
“Happy Birthday Angeline!”
Thus, with this words the party were begin. It also become the starting point of this arrange marriage that soon would be turning up her point of view on her love life.

“Yo! Javier! I thought you wouldn’t come, dude”
“Well, I made it on time, right?”
“Hmm, almost”
“Where’s the birthday girl?”
“Woo, wait, wait, leaving already? Don’t you miss me a little, Jabear?”
“Ck! Move out dude! Your behavior are going bizarre every single days. It creep the hell put of me. For your information, Jo, I came here as fast as I can is to see my fiancée. Not you, and I’m totally straight. Please, hooking up with those beautiful model soon, okay? You makes me worried, man!”
Joaquin dramatically sighing out loud in front of Javier face to showing up his objection. Along with those sigh, he also displaying up his disappointed face which is been mixing up with hurt expression which is brought out an instant reaction from Javier. He was cringed in horror when he’s seeing into those expression on Joaquin face.

“Stop it man, or else I will punch you out”

Immediately, Joaquin was bursting in laughing that he literally would rolling on the floor due to his breakouts. Seeing Joaquin little by little was turning into his humorous himself, secretly it also relieving a some worrisome inside Javier chest. Lately, his best friend was not in his best behavior. He was being gloomy all the time. There must be a problem with his relationship with his beloved girl. But, the said man would never said it out loud, leaving it off Javier with nothing he can do beside staying up all night and lending out his ears.

“Fine, laugh all you want. I’m out, Man! Gotta go to see my beautiful fiancée. Please continue on your laugh”

Walking off from the scene, Javier was cadging on his view to have a better perspective on this party event. Probably there’s a five hundred people inside this room which is can be a disadvantage point for him because he doesn’t know where to begin his search. Plus he came late into this party, so he doesn’t know what kind of dress that His Angel been wearing off. Deciding on walking instead waiting on the same place for nearly 10 minutes, Javier also bumping into a few of his colleagues and he was end up being hold up by them. After involving on some of discussion of business which is had been attracting his time but never his focus, Javier was wandering by himself until he saw what he’s been looking for.

There, in the balcony that been illuminated by the moonlight he saw his Angel. She was using a mini white dress with a sheer top on her back. Her glowing hair was in a pretty bundle of mess on top of her head. Along side of those bundle, she also wearing a gold head band which is had been matching up with her pump shoes. Overall, she looks very gorgeous in his eyes. But, he would said the exact same words to her if she was laying naked on his bed with him on top of her. Wanting this magical moment to be lasted forever, Javier was trying his best on forcing his own body to be relaxed in her presence, but of course it turn into no avail. So, he took a few deep breath while hoping the princess wouldn’t take a notice of his presence.

Meanwhile Angeline, who’s having a sudden attack of stuffiness, was deciding to turn over her step to the side line and taking her time away to freshen up her breath. Actually the ball room is quite large on their own size. Because the room can accommodate up to a thousand people. Then, how come those large room can be feel so stuffy while in the fact there will be enough space to be wandering off? Well, that would be one of those question that will be hard to answer. Because honestly, even Angeline itself not really sure about her own answer. One thing for sure, she is in the dire need to calm herself down from something she even not know and the best way to achieve that calmness is by taking a breath in the open space. So, she preserve herself up while trying her best to covering up her runaway in every possible way. That’s why she had been wandering, smiling right and left whilst greeting anybody who had been standing in her way with her sweet smile been displaying on her face. Then to taking away any suspiciousness, Angeline even trying her hard to engage herself in small talk with a bunch of her friends. Of course with wandering eyes and also a wandering mind. After she thinks that her act is convincing enough to smoothen up her runaway plan, Angeline was quickly sneaking up her way to find the right path to the outside world.

To her luck, when she was wandering around trying to be mingle with her guest, Angeline was successfully catch a glimpse of a small balcony through a thick layer of the ballroom curtain. Fastening up her pace, Angeline finally find an open spot that would become her gate to relaxing herself from the stuffiness inside the ballroom. She stepping up her feet into the small balcony beside the ballroom and immediately she had been falling into a magical world, just like in Alice In The Wonderland story. The balcony is facing a gigantic hotel park that been housing a several variety of flower and making the air was heavy with wonderful smell of flowers. Then to boosting up the magical level of this balcony, the balcony itself was decorated with a small couch with two lamp beside the couch. Although there’s an enough lamp to lightening up the whole place, somehow it was still rather dim to Angeline eyes which is quite good because it had their own benefit for her escaping plan. These dim light not only covering up her presence but also illuminating the balcony with mysterious yet cozy aura. And today, with a full moon which is casting up the whole earth with their moonlight, was making the balcony not only have this magical aura but also a strong temptation that would be hard to be resist.

For a moment, Angeline was admiring the whole beautiful scene in front of her eyes. Then, she was freeing herself from all of the tension by taking as many as she can the handful amount of fresh air. She was living and breathing in her world right now, until she saw a shadow from the corner of her eyes. At first, she intent on ignoring this intruder. She doesn’t want to tainted or ruin this magical moment but the other side she was offended by the other presence of human in her small heaven. Thus, she choose to stay still in order to have a chance of observation on this man. As if sensing her mood, the man was decide to approaching the spot where she had been standing as careful as he can. This gentle act of his inevitably was brought a faint small into Angel lips. It was also changing her decision from being quiet like a statue to be more accepting on his presence. And this acceptance was demonstrated by taking a lead on opening up some talk with this gentleman.

“It’s beautiful, right?”

“This whole scene is beautiful, right?”
“This scene?”
“Yep. Hey, what’s wrong with you? You sounds little bit off” Angel said while moving her head from the hypnotizing scene and staring into this intruder right on his eyes.
“No, I’m perfectly fine. It just that I am, had been standing under a strong spell” He said with a hint of mysteriousness. Of course, this bait was going under Angeline radar and make it her unnoticed it. With curiosity being a dominant inside her head, Angeline can’t help but asking out her curiosity.
“What kind of spell are you talking about”

Calmly, Javier said his answer with a confident being apparent on his act.

“Your spell”
“Huh? My spell?”
“Yep, your beauty was making me hard to think” Javier said with his killer smile on display.

But, Angeline itself wasn’t an ordinary girl. She can’t bee sweep off of her feet by the charming words with a combination of killer smile. So, she turn the table by also giving out her best smile and replying with her sweet voice.

“Well, thank you. But, maybe you are drinking too much wine to miss this beauty”

To emphasis her mean, she was flung out her arms toward the magical beauty in front of her. Then, unexpected scene been occurred. The man, instead being offended by her words, was chuckling with surprising a manly yet sexy voice.

“It’s a truth that I’ve been drunk with the beauty. But, those beauty was being vague if it had been compared with yours”
Angeline, who’s living in protective family, was rather in shock with Javier straight attitude. He even doesn’t smoothen his words about his true motive toward Angeline, but he also has a gut to saying it out loud in front of her face with an eyes been intent on her. With a minimal experience and being thrown into unknown territory, Angel can’t hide her confusion from dancing in her eyes while she was rotted in her spot with a blushing face. Her mouth absolutely in tight line, because she doesn’t have any idea on how to give the remakes back toward this stranger. Seeing her sweet cheeks already turn into a shade of crimson, Javier was trying to press out his behavior so Angel wouldn’t walk him off or worse becoming afraid of him.

“Okay, that’s was my bad. I just trying to loosen up the whole deal but in fact I’m doing quite the opposite. I’m sorry Angel. I promise I will behave”
“It’s-it’s okay, I just never meet someone like you who’s talking about what their mind out loud without pretending or any trance of carefulness”
“Well, that’s my bad habit I guess. But, I will give you an advice, being losing yourself sometimes is a good things to do”

“I will take a notice on that”
“Very good, you have an attitude. Keep it that, but don’t overdoing it. Or else, people will seeing as your weak spot and starting to make a their target to launch their attack”

“Aye-aye Captain!”
Javier can’t help but letting out another series of chuckling on seeing his little fiancée being this adorable. Actually, he’s in big dilemma right now. In one side, he want brought Angeline petite body into his embrace and never let it go but on the other side he just want to reach out into Angeline silky hair and give her a comfortable pat or maybe causing a ruckus with her hair. But there’s also a big forces about being a gentleman and just casting a small kiss at the back of her hand. Well, all of the choices will absolutely involve about skin ship and bring their body closer with each other.

After contemplating about the pro and the contra of all of the choices, Javier decide to be a true gentleman for his fiancée. Thus, he took out a small box out of her suit pockets and present it to his sweet fiancée.

“Today is your birthday, right? So, please accept this small gift from me. I don’t have enough times to prepared on your gift, but I hope you will like it”
Reaching out to her smooth hand, Javier took on some courage and took a step toward Angel. He open up the box, so angle have a glimpse of his gift. While Angel was being caught up into a mix of confusion and surprise on seeing his gift, Javier took this opportunity to put a gold necklace on Angel long and tempting neck. After he secured the necklace, Javier was whispering his last words before disappearing from Angel view line into a crowd of guest who’s filling up the ballroom.

“Remember My Angel, when the time is come, I will take my rights upon you and I will bind you into mine”

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