TwisTed Dreams

By Walters12 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Gregory “Greg” Jones and his beautiful fiancée April Lewis are a young black power couple on the rise. They are finally able to reap the rewards and benefits of all their hard work. Greg’s architect company; Jones Design has been doing phenomenal after getting off to a rocky start its first year; While his fiancée April, on the other hand, was given the golden ticket when she was able to become part of the coveted law firm of Bonner & Associate, after completing her summer internship. They are happy and in love, as they plan to spend the rest of their lives together, despite the fact that Greg has been dreaming and calling out the name of another woman that he has never met before by the name of Santanna… Greg is excited about his upcoming meeting with his new clients, he knows that this project can give his company the exposure it needs. But when Greg meets his new client; Ms. Santanna Omar he can’t believe that a dream, an innocent dream has now become his reality, setting off a chain of events that turns everyone who is close to him lives turned upside down. How could one man’s Dream of a woman be the root of Lies, Deceit, Betrayal and forbidden love TwisTed Dreams


As the sunlight filled the room, April reached out for her fiancé only to find a cold empty space. She pulled the covers up over her head as she tries to go back to sleep to catch up on some much need rest, but she just tossed and turned until she finally gets up.

The last few month April’s sleep has been disrupted by her fiancé and his recurring dreams that cause him to toss and turn and mumble incoherently throughout the night.

“Greg?” She sat up looking around the room rubbing her eyes

Greg was on the other side of the room working on his upcoming project.

“Yes love?”

“How long have you been up?” she asked stretching.

“I’ve been up for a while. I couldn’t sleep.”

“You had the dream again?” she asked sarcastically.

“Yes.” He could tell by her tone that she was irritated.

“But I also had this upcoming presentation on my mind too. This is big for us. It could be the jump-start the company needs right now.”

“So, what do you know about your new client?”

“Not much. Bridgette got a phone called last week from a lawyer asking to meet with me about designing a house for his client who is moving back to the United States to be closer to the family. The next day they sent over details of what the client is looking for along with a request for a meeting Tuesday. So Dave and I only have today and Monday to prepare our presentation.”

“Well there goes our Sunday. We were supposed to be working on wedding stuff this weekend.” she pouted as she walked over to him.

“We looked at invitations cakes and venues yesterday and half of that stuff I have no idea why we even need it.”

“Really Greg?” she remarked frowning up her face with her hand on her hip.

“Yes babe.”

“All I need is you standing next to me while I express my undying love for you.” He kissed her.

“Whatever Mr. Jones. I guess me and your checkbook will be doing all the planning.” She laughed as she kissed him back.

“Is that so?” he picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

“Don’t start nothing you can’t finish Mr. Jones.” she laughed

He began to pull her nightgown over her head when his phone rang.

“Are you going to get that?” she asked as she rolled from under him laughing; cause him to fall on the bed.

“Who’s calling me this early on Sunday morning? Hello?”

“Morning G.”

“What’s up Dave?”

“Did I wake you man?”

“Naw what’s up bro?”

“Are we still going to play ball this morning or what?”

“Oh yeah. How bout we meet around 11?

“Cool. See you then.”

Greg laid his phone down looking around for April.

“April baby, where are you?”

“I’m in the shower!” she yelled out.

“Perfect.” He mumbled walking to the bathroom and getting into the shower with her.

“You thought you were getting away huh?” He whispered in her ear as caressed her breast.

“G what are you doing? You still have on pajama pants.”

“Yea that’s why they make ’em with the hole in the front for times like this.” he pushed her up against the wall grinding his body against hers.

“You can’t run this time.” He slowly slid himself inside of her.

“Greg please.” she moaned as she arched her back

“I got you.” He gripped her hips and ass.

Greg was about to leave out to meet his brother-in-law when his phone for work rang.

“Hello Jones Designs.” He looked for his keys.

“Hello, is this Mr. Jones?”

“Yes, this is Mr. Jones how can I help you.”

He looked at the caller ID, but the number came up private.

“My name is Mr. Samuel and I’m calling on behalf of my clients the Omars. My clients have arrived in town a few days early and were wondering if we could move the meeting from Tuesday to Monday? We understand its short notice, but they are very excited about getting this project started.”

Greg took the phone from his ear as he threw punches in the air.

“I’m sure it’s not a problem Mr. Samuel. I will have Mrs. Reynolds contact you within the hour with a time for tomorrow. Is that okay?”

“Great I’ll wait to hear from Mrs. Reynolds to confirm a time. Thank you, Mr. Jones. Have a great day.”

“UGHHHHHH!” He banged his fist on the kitchen counter. “YOU GOT TO BE FUCKIN KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!”

April rushed to the kitchen to see what had Greg so upset.

“Greg what is it?”

“The Omars they want to move the meeting from Tuesday to Monday.”

“Monday meaning tomorrow?”

“Yea and of course we’re nowhere near ready. I need to call Dave, so he can come over here and bring Bridgette and the girls. Is that ok babe?”

“Yes of course. I’ll take some stuff out to put on the grill.”

“Perfect babe. Thanks”

He kissed her on the forehead as he picked up his phone to call Dave and Bridgette to tell them about the meeting being changed. Dave’s phone rang several times before he answered.

“Hey, did you leave yet?” Greg asked

“Naw. Why what’s up?”

“The Omars lawyer just called asking to move the meeting to Monday.”

“What tomorrow? Yo. We’re not ready?” Dave panicked.

“I know. So, are y’all able to come over?”

“We don’t have a choice since we need to be ready by tomorrow.” Greg heard the frustration in his voice.

“Where is Bridge at?” Greg asked.

“She’s right here; you’re on speaker.”

“Sister how are you and my nephew doing today?”

“We’re fine but your nephew is about to be evicted. He keeps forgetting we have to share this body for a few more weeks.” she replied.

“Hey, do you still have Mr. Samuel’s information?”

“Yes, and I’m checking the schedule now; the day is pretty much open. I can handle the small meetings in the morning. How’s 12 pm?”

“That’s perfect Bridgette. Can you call Mr. Samuel and let him know? Thanks Sis love you. See y’all in a few.”

April went back upstairs while Greg was on the phone to get the blueprints he was working on as she is gathering up his things she notices several pieces of paper with the name Santanna on it with a bunch of question marks. She didn’t think much as she went back downstairs; unaware of the impact this name would have on her future.

About an hour later Bridgette Dave and their daughters arrived at Greg and April’s house.

“Hello family,” April kissed the girls as they ran past.

“Hi Aunt April. Where’s Uncle Greg?” They yelled running in the house.

“He’s in the yard girls.” she replied.

“Hey April.” He kissed her on the cheek.

“Hey. G’s out back on the grill and the blueprints and designs are in the office.”

Dave stopped in Greg’s office to get the designs off his desk before he went out back.

“Hey bro you got a lot of this done already. When did you do this?”

“Man, you know I don’t sleep at night.” He took some food off the grill.

“Yo you still having that dream about the mystery woman?” Dave laughed as he got a burger.

“This shit is crazy man!” He looked around to make sure they were alone. “This dream is so erotic and vivid sometimes it feels real. Listen the things she does to me I have never had done to me in real life and I’ve had some thangs done to me.” he laughed “And it always end the same with me calling out her name.”

“So, what’s her name?” Dave asked.


“Hmm.” Dave chewed his burger. “That name sounds like trouble. Good thing it’s only a dream.”

“Right. Cause a nigga might be in trouble.” Greg joked. They both laugh as they worked on the presentation.

By the time Greg and Dave finished the presentation April Bridgette and the girls were all asleep in the living room.

Greg helped his sister into the car while Dave carried the girls.

“Bridgette if you can’t do the meeting in the morning it’s not a problem. I can do them.” Greg opened her car door.

“It’s ok. It’s just simple budget stuff, nothing I can’t handle. I just want you to focus on this presentation. These new clients are major hitters. They have their hands in everything, so this could be big for you.”

“No Sis this is big for all of us; we are a team. The Jones’ & The Reynolds’.” He kissed her and closed the car door.

“Good night family.” He watched them drive off.

Greg locked up the house and went upstairs. April was already asleep. He showered and took something to help him sleep so he could be rested for his meeting the next day. He snuggled up close to April and whispered, “I love you.” He kissed her shoulder.

Tonight, was no different from any other night. Like clockwork he dreamed of her but tonight he did more than just mumble.

“Wait. Please wait Santanna.” Greg yelled out in his sleep waking up April.

“Greg wake up!!!” she yelled.

He jumped up looking around the room trying to figure out where he was.

“Greg wake up. Wake up!!!” she yelled sounding annoyed.

“I’m up, I’m up April. What’s wrong?” he asked looking confused as she stormed across the room.

“You had that dumb ass dream again. This shit is starting to get on my nerves,” she said, slamming the bathroom door. Greg fell back on the bed looking over at the clock.

“Damn it’s only 2 am it feels like I’ve been asleep for hours.” he mumbled to himself.

April came out the bathroom and Greg immediately began to apologize.

“Babe I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up. What was I doing?” he asked trying to find out if she heard him call out the name.

She stopped as she listened to him try to pretend like he had no idea what had just happen. She rolled her eyes as she got back into bed.

“Greg, you have a meeting in the morning, so you need to get some rest.” she responded avoiding his initial question.

She rolled over and turned her back to him pulling the covers as she tried to find her warm spot.She finally found her spot as she drifted off to sleep, but she could still hear him calling her name Santanna, and that’s when it hit her. She opened her eyes as she turned over. “Who is Santanna?” she whispered as she watched him sleeping peacefully.

The next morning April was up early. After she showered and got dressed, she went back over to his desk looking for the papers she saw with the name on it, but she couldn’t find it.She became frustrated as he was still sleeping like a baby. She tried to make as much noise as she could to wake him without being obvious, but nothing worked so she decided to slam the bathroom door. Bingo! He sprang up confused and disorientated eyes wide as a fifty-cent piece as he looked around the room.

“Good morning babe. I’m sorry about waking you up earlier. Maybe I should sleep in the guest room for a while, so I don’t keep waking you up.”He walked over to her and reached for her hand.

“No need. I’ll just make sure I’m asleep before you at night. Plus, I want to know how this dream ends.” she mumbled as she finished her makeup. “

“So, your big meeting is this afternoon with the new client’s, right?” April asked as she looked for her other shoe.

“Yes, love and I’m really excited. If we land this contract, we will be set. Then I can give you your dream wedding we can build our dream home to fill with little Jones’.” He smiled

She rolled her eyes as she tried not to smile back at him.

Greg arrived to work early to make sure everything is perfect for the meeting that afternoon. But Kiara has already taking care of everything. “Good morning, Mr. Jones.” Kiara said.

“Good morning Kiara. I’m glad to see you have on your professional hat,” he laughed. “Is everything ready for the meeting this afternoon?”

“Yes, you will be in Conference Room A. Have you had a chance to research the clients yet?” she asked.

“Damn I knew it was something I forgot to do. Can you…”

She cuts him off in mid-sentence, “Yes, I’ll do it!”

“Thank you, Kiara. You’re the best.”

“Yeah, yeah. I hope my paychecks reflect that soon” she replied on her way back to her desk.

Greg went to his sister’s office to check on her. He slowly opened the door and saw that Dave was in there with her. He tried to get his attention. Dave saw him and came out in the hallway.

“Good morning G” they shake hands.

“Good morning Bro y’all good in there?”

“Yea we’re just wrapping things up. What time is it?”“It’s almost 11.”

“Ok I’ll be up shortly,” Dave replied.

“Cool we will be in Conference Room A.” He went up the steps.

Greg goes in his office just to relax for a moment before the clients arrive.

Kiara is in the conference room making sure everything is perfect and ready for the Omars when she hears the door open. She walks quickly back to the front to see who it is. When she gets back to her desk she sees three well-dressed people standing there.

“Hello. Welcome to Jones’ Designs” she says. The first person to turn around is an older distinguished gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a well-groomed salt and pepper beard. He is wearing a navy-blue suit with a thin pale blue pinstripe to match his pale blue shirt and orange tie and pocket square.

“Hello, my name is Mr. Samuel, and these are my clients Mr. & Ms. Omar,” they turned around and Kiara let out a loud gasp.

“Oh, you’re twins Identical twins? Wow!” she says, looking at them.

The Omars looked at each other and smiled. Saleem walked towards Kiara. She tried not to stare at him, but she couldn’t help it. The smell of his cologne fills the space they share. She looks up into his hazel brown eyes just as the sunlight hit them. She smiled as she stepped back to get a good look at him. He was more casually dressed he was wearing a blue and white plaid sports jacket with a crisp white t-shirt jeans and Gucci loafers.

Her mind began to race with all kinda inappropriate as she looked him up and down.“I wonder if he can pick me up with one arm wrapped tightly around my waist while he uses the other one to smack my ass as I lick his bald head” she thought to herself.

“Hello, I’m Saleem Omar and this is my sister Santanna and yes we are identical twins” he smiled.

His smooth strong deep voice almost sent her over the edge her eyes flutter quickly as she pulled herself together.

“My apologies Mr. & Ms. Omar,” she blushed.

“It’s ok we are used to it,” Santanna laughed.

Kiara took a few cleansing breaths to get herself together when she noticed that they match his jacket and her skirt were the same print. Ms. Omar saw the look on Kiara’s face as she removed her sunglasses.

“And yes, we do dress alike sometimes” She smiled as she rolled her eyes at her brother.

Kiara smiled.

“Would you all please follow me?” she says walking them down the hallway to the conference room.

“Please come in and have a seat. Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“No thank you” they all replied

“Ok. Mr. Jones and Mr. Reynolds will be in shortly.” She leaves the room and walks quickly to Greg’s office where he and Dave are talking.

“They are here!!” she busted in the office.

“What’s the matter Kiara? You looked confused,” said Dave.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“What is it Kiara?”

“Did you know that they are twins; identical twins a boy and a girl?”

“What? That’s not even possible is it.” Dave said as looked back at Greg

“Well I’m so confused right now.” She said as she fanned her

“Why?” Greg asked as he got his files together.

“I’m not sure which one of them has made me moist all over because they’re both are fine as hell.” She walked back to her desk.

“Kiara what happened to the professional hat?”Greg said as he walked out of his office shaking his head.

Dave and Greg head to the conference. When they opened the door, they saw the 3 of them sitting at the table and immediately understood what Kiara was talking about.

“Damn Kiara was right” Dave whispered as they walked in the room. Greg nodded his head in agreement

“Good afternoon. My name is Gregory Jones, and this is my business partner David Reynolds. It’s a pleasure to finally get to meet you.” he said.

Mr. Samuel stood up and reached out his hand.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Samuel.” He expressed, shaking Greg and Dave’s hand. “These are my clients.” He said as he was turning around. Saleem stood up. Greg and Dave both are over 6ft, but they still had to look up at him as he towered over them.

“Hello I’m Saleem Omar.”

“Hello, Mr. Omar,” they replied shaking his hand.

“Oh, please just call me Saleem gentleman,” he replied sitting down.

Greg turned to Ms. Omar who was still seated at the table as he leaned in her sweet scent greeted him.

“Ms. Omar,” he said as he reached for her hand.

“Hello Mr. Jones, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

As their hands touched Greg felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as weird sensation goes through his body. “Ms. Omar is so formal. You can call me Santanna.”

Greg felt his heart skip a beat when she said her name he looked into her eyes as he let her hand go he sat down next to Dave wondering if he had heard her say her name too.He shuffled his papers around as he thought to himself “Did she just say her name was Naw it can’t be ok pull yourself, so you can get through this.” He nodded to Dave to start the slide presentation.

“First, I would like to thank you for entrusting Jones Designs with creating your dream home Ms. Omar I mean Ms. Santanna,” said Greg cutting his eyes over at her.

“Yes, we are excited to be working with you also. My sister needs a place to finally call home and your firm came highly recommended” Saleem replied.

Dave continued with the presentation while Greg sat taking notes or least he pretended to take notes while he watched her. After the meeting was over Dave walked the Omars’ and Mr. Samuel back to the front lobby on his way back to the conference he walked pass Greg’s office to see him sitting at his desk he stopped and stood in the doorway.

“You good you seem a little distracted during the meeting?”

“I’m good just didn’t get much sleep last night that’s all.”

Dave came in and sat down so they could review Ms. Omar’s list of requests.

The Omars and Mr. Samuel pass Kiara’s desk as they are leaving the office.

“It was a pleasure meeting you all. Have a great evening.” Kiara said as they left.

Saleem is the last one to leave out he stopped at Kiara’s desk smiling

“Ms. Holmes, I want to say thank you for making me smile today.” She was caught off guard by his comment not sure how to take it, but she comes back with a quick and professional response.

“I’m glad I was able to make your day Mr. Omar we aim to please our clients here at Jones Designs.” she smiled trying not blush.

She waited for him to leave the office before she went to Greg’s office to find out more as she walked down the hall she started to talk out loud to herself “lewd father gawd how could you tease me send that man in here smelling all good looking like he was dipped in warm caramel with a drizzle of butterscotch.” She is so caught up in conversation that she doesn’t realize that she is in Greg’s office.He and Dave called her name several times, but she didn’t answer until after Greg had to yell her name

“Kiara!” He yelled

She cut her eyes at him, “Umm not to yell I heard you.”

“Kiara, I need you to focus this was business meeting not interviews for your next love life disaster! yelled Greg How did they seem when they left?” he asked.

She sucked her teeth and rolled eyes “They seemed very happy and pleased with the presentation. Ms. Omar was making notes as he left.”

Dave sprang up out of his seat and yelled out “Oh shit!”

Kiara and Greg looked over at him to see what was wrong “What Dave?” they asked.

“Greg, we need to talk right now!”

Dave pushed Kiara out of the office almost closing her arm in the door

“Well wait just a minute. I don’t get paid enough to get manhandled so stop pushing me dammit. Let my arm go!”

She yelled pulling her arm away from him.

“Oh, my fault I know you’re ready to go look for that wonderful outfit for lunch. You go ahead, and we’ll see you in the morning. Good night. Good job today, Kia,” said Dave as he closed the door behind her.

She stared at the door confused and shocked before she walked away “I swear I don’t get paid enough for this kind of abuse. Good night to y’all too” she mumbled walking to her desk.

Greg was confused as he watched Dave locking the door trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with him.

“what’s up Dave?”

Dave grabbed his chair and pulled it close to Greg’s chair almost knocking him out of his chair.

“Santanna the name from your dreams” he whispered.

Greg shook and rubbed his forehead.

“Man, when she said her name I was fucked up for a minute I was like this can’t happen.”

“Yea I was too” Dave laughed “And you’re sure you don’t know her ornever met her before?”

“Ah did you see her? I think I would remember meeting her,” he said as he frowned his face.

“Yeah right. Somebody that fine would be hard to forget. Did you see her smooth glowing caramel skin and her body? Damn.” Dave smiled as he leaned back in his chair

Greg looked at him as he got up from his desk “Really did you forget you married to my sister?”

“Hell naw but a brother ain’t dead either” he stood up “At least I’m not the one dreaming about her every night” laughed Dave.Greg got up walked towards the door of his office “come on man let’s go”. Dave joked about his dreams;

“Greg wait didn’t you say you never saw her face in this dream?”

“Yeah why?”

“So, what if it’s the brother?” he tapped him on his shoulder

“Whatcha you mean what if it’s the brother?”

“that you’re dreaming about they do look freakishly just alike, and you said you never see her face in this dream.”Greg’s mouth dropped open as listened to Dave’s off the wall theory

“I’m just saying it’s possible.” Dave started to laugh when he saw the way Greg was looking at him.

“where do you come up with shit does my sister know you’re this crazy?”

Greg walked away from him

“Yo that’s would be some funny shit right there!”

“Man shut the hell up and No that would not be funny!”

“Maybe not to you.”

Dave laughed and snorted so hard he started crying

They get to the front of the office to find Kiara is gone. They cut off the light as they leave and lock up the office.

“Alright man I’ll see you in the morning.” Greg got into his car.

“Sweet dreams.” Dave yelled as he drove past.

Greg shook head as he pulled off.

April is sitting at her desk going over some case files while waiting for the meeting to start when her phone rings its Greg.She answered putting him on speaker after several rings.

“Hey, Babe, was just about to call you how’d the meeting go?” She asked

“I think it went great. They seemed very happy with the designs so now we just wait and see. How’d your meeting go?”

“It’s not until 6 pm. We were waiting for one of the other partners where coming from a meeting.”

“Do you know what the meeting is about?” he asked

“Word around the office is that they need someone to represent a client in a paternity and custody case.”

“Do you think you have a shot at it?”

“No, I’m still a newbie” she laughs

“Yea but you’re Old Man Bonner’s favorite” he laughs

“Shut up! No, I’m not. Are you on your way home?”

“Yes love. you know what you want for dinner?”

“Whatever you fix will be fine babe.”

“Ok I’ll see you when you get home. Love you.”

“Love you more bye.”

There’s a knock at the door as she hangs up the phone.

“Yes come in.” She said getting up from her desk.

Mr. Bonner secretary walked in, “Hi Ms. Lewis the meeting will be starting in 10 minutes in the large conference room down the hall.”

“Ok thank you. I’ll be right there.”

April grabbed her pen and notepad as she heads to the meeting. she saw Mr. Bonner walking with the Enforcer well that’s what he’s called around the office because nothing good ever happens when he come to any meeting.

She noticed that they appeared to wait for her “Oh lord please don’t let me be the reason he’s here.” She put on a fake smile as she got closer.

“Good afternoon Ms. Lewis.”

“Good afternoon Mr. Bonner”

“I’d like you to meet Mr. Samuel. He will be sitting in on our meeting today.”

Oh, he has a real name, she thought

“Hello, Mr. Samuel, it’s nice to meet you.” Trying to keep her fake smile going

“The pleasure is mine I’ve heard a lot of great things about you so relax nothing bad going to happen at least not today.” He smiled as he opened the door to the conference room.

Mr. Samuel opened the door for them to go into the conference room. April walked in first followed by Mr. Bonner and then Mr. Samuel. April sat down beside Mr. Bonner’s secretary as silence fell over the room when they saw him the enforcer.

“I hope this is over quick because I still have tons of things to do for his dinner party tomorrow evening.” her and April laughed

Mr. Bonner stood up to get everyone’s attention as he started the meeting.

“Good Afternoon everyone. This will be a very short meeting. First on the agenda is an update in the selection process for the firm’ upcoming case that I’m sure you are all aware of.This process has been very difficult because we have so many talented lawyers within our firm, but we have finally decided so check your emails later this week.Next is our annual company dinner tomorrow night I look forward to seeing everyone there, so I hope you all can make.So if there are no questions we’re done. Thanks everyone and have a good night.”

April picked up her notebook as she got up from the table.

Mr. Bonner stopped her as she was leaving out.

“April will you and Gregory be attending the dinner tomorrow night?”

“Yes, we will be there. I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. Bonner.”

“She will be happy to see you also.”

There was an awkward moment of silence as she stood there looking at Mr. Bonner and Mr. Samuel looking at her.She smiled as she looked down at her watch.

“Ok well you both have a good evening.” She turned and walked back to her office.

Mr. Bonner and Samuel walked down the garage discussing the upcoming case. “Omar so you think she is ready for this?” asked Samuel

“yes of course I’m the one who trained I taught her everything she needs to and more” he replied smugly

They laughed as they opened their car doors

“So, when do you plan on telling her Omar about everything?”

Omar sighed “After I retire I plan to tell her every Samuel everything”

“Honey, I’m home,” April yelled as she came in the house. She took off her shoes and threw her purse on the sofa and headed to the kitchen to find out what that delightful smell was that filled the house.

Greg was in his office working.

“I’m in the back boo. How was the meeting?” he yelled out.

“It was quick nothing special just to tell us that they will announce soon who will be handling that upcoming case.”

“You got it. I’m sure of it.” he kissed her “You ready to eat?”

“Hmm yes if it’s gonna taste as good as these kisses?” she smiled.

He laughed. He set the plate on the kitchen counter, so they could eat.

“What are we having?” she asked.

“Tacos. It’s Taco Monday Senorita” he replied as he danced around in the middle of the kitchen.

“Ok papa” she laughed.

After dinner they cleaned up the kitchen showered and relaxed while watching a movie until they fell asleep.

Greg tossed and turned in his sleep all night as he dreamt about her. His dreams are beginning to affect April too as she laid there looking at the night sky as it turned today, and he seems to be sleeping so now peaceful she decided to just get up and get ready for work.

Greg is awakened by the sound of a slamming door.

“Yo what the hell!” he sat up in the bed looking around the room. When the bathroom door open and April came out he could see on her face that she was pissed

“Oh, you wake now!” she said.

He could tell by the tone of her voice that he had woke her up again. She flopped down on the bed letting him know that she was not happy.

“Listen I’m really trying to be patient with you and these dreams, but it is really getting old. Do you see my eyes? I have circles and bags from not getting enough rest.” She pointed to her face.In the middle of her rant his phone rang he reached for as he looked at the caller id. She watched him in disbelief as he got up to answer his phone.

“I know ya not about to answer that while I’m talking to you?”

“April it’s a work call. Plus, I don’t know what you want me to say. It’s a dream and I have no control over it.”

He walked across the room to answer his phone.

“Hello this is Gregory Jones of Jones Designs”

“Good Morning Mr. Jones this is Ms. Santanna Omar. Did I wake you?” she asked.

He is surprised to her voice on the other end

“Uh no. Good morning Ms. Omar. How can I help you?”he nervously paced back and forth.

“I wanted to know if my assistant could stop by your office to drop off a few ideas I had for the project?”

“Sure, that would be fine Ms. Omar. No problem I will be at my office at 10 am.”

“Ok great.”

He laid his phone down looking around the room for April when he heard her yell out

“Don’t forget the dinner party tonight at 7!”

“April” he yelled coming downstairs to finish their conversation “that was my client. I had to take the call.”He stood at the bottom of the stairs looking for her. He went back upstairs after he heard her car pull out of the driveway.

He laid out his clothes showered and got dressed and left to pick up Dave. He called Dave as he pulled up to his house to let him know he was outside. Dave answered the phone.

“Good morning bro you close?”

“I’m outside. Come on you ready?”

“Ok here I come. Bridgette where’s my jacket? G is outside,” he said hanging up the phone.

Dave came running out the house putting on his jacket and tucking in his shirt and kissing his wife all in one motion. Bridgette waves to her brother with a huge smile on her face.

“Good morning brother. Have a great day I love you.”

“Good morning sister thanks love you too.”

He waved back. Dave got in the car still getting dressed.

“Have a good day husband. I love you” Bridgette yelled as they drove off.

Greg looked over at him shaking his head as he pulled off. Dave saw him out of the corner of his eye while he fixed his tie.

“what you shaking ya head for? He smirked

“Yo y’all are sickening. This why my sister is alwayspregnant.”

“Whatever. At least I’m not dreaming about any other women but my own.” he laughed.

“Speaking of other women Ms. Omar called me this morning to tell me that her assistant will be coming to the office to drop off some ideas she has for her house.”

“Did you say she was coming to the office?”

“I said her assistant, why?”

“Cause ya driving really fast,” he said, putting on his seatbelt.

“Man, this is how I drive every morning,” he said checking his speed.

Greg pulled up to the office at 9:55 am; barely on all four wheels causing Dave to slide around in his seat.

“Damn how we get to work in 6 minutes?”

“What, man? Get out of my car.”

“I will once the car comes to a complete stop; if you don’t mind.”

Greg parked and grabbed his briefcase as he got out of the car walked quickly towards the office. Dave caught up with him.

“Damn man you got a lot of energy this morning. What you ain’t get none this morning?”

“What? There is a lot to do before our meeting next week. Plus, I have to leave early to go with April to her boss’ house. Their company dinner is tonight and no I didn’t get none this morning or last night.”

They both laughed as they walked into the office.When they opened the door, they were greeted by an amazing fragrant that filled the office distracting them from their conversation. Greg inhaled as he closed his eyes

“I know that scent”

The scent had Greg in a trance as he walked by Kiara who was trying to get his attention.

“Mr. Jones! Mr. Jones! Greg!!!” She yelled.

He turned startled and slightly agitated

“Yes, Kiara what is it?”

Kiara shook her head at the roughness of his tone. “I don’t get paid enough for this,” she mumbled.“Ms. Omar is in your office waiting for you.”

He looked at her and Dave confused as he started to ramble “Wait she’s in my office! I thought her assistant was coming. damn how long has she been here?” he paced back and forth.Suddenly he stopped and fixed his tie smoothed out his jacket as he buttoned it he handed brushed hair and smoothed out his beard as he walked to his office. He straightened up pushed his chest out and checked his breath as he opened his office door. Kiara and Dave stood by her desk as they looked at each other puzzled about what they had just witnessed.

When Greg walked into his office he was greeted by the same delicious scent he encountered earlier. There she was sitting on the sofa looking like she had just fallen out of Vogue Magazine. She was wearing a black dress with a black and white turquoise printed scarf that neatly wrap around her head and neck. she had on a pair of turquoise Gucci pumps with a matching clutch giving off sexy 1950’s glam. He took a deep as he walked over to her.

“Good morning Ms. Omar. I wasn’t expecting to see you today.” He smiled as reached for her hand.

“My assistant was really busy, and I was in the area for lunch, so I thought I would drop them off myself.”

He stood and reached to help her. Her hand touched his, sending a wave of warmth through his body. He looked into her golden-brown eyes confused by what he was feeling as his soul started to stir there was a knock on his office door.Before he could respond the door opened slowly and he heard April’s voice. He quickly let her hand go and back way looking down at his watch. “What time is it why is she here,” he mumbled walking over to his desk.

Kiara had stepped away from her desk, so April walked into his office unaware that he was in a meeting.

“Hi baby. I got off work early, so we could do some shopping to get ready for tonight and to say sorry about this morning.” She walked into the office.

“April hey babe??” He tried not to sound surprised to see her.

She sniffed several times as she looked around to see where this delicious smell was coming from when she saw Ms. Omar.

“Oh, I’m sorry Greg I didn’t know you were with a client.”She said as she tried not stare.

“It’s ok babe.Meet Jones Design’s newest client Ms.Omar.”

“Hello Ms. Omar welcome to Jones Design.”

Ms. Omar smirked, putting on her sunglasses. This was the icing on her sexy glam style. Greg held breath as he waited for her to responded hope that she didn’t say her first name.

“It’s just Ms. Omar,” she replied.

“It was a pleasure meeting you.”She turned to him, “Mr. Jones, I will have my assistant contact Ms. Holmes to set up a time for the site meeting next week.”

He was about to reach for her hand when he remembered what happened the last time he touched her so instead he opened his office door. “Thank you, Mr. Jones. I hope you both enjoy the rest of the day,” she said as she left his office.

He let out a sigh of relief that she didn’t say his first name. He turned to back April who was watching with a look on her face.

“So, you ready to go shopping?” he asked.

“Yes, so how come you never mention how gorgeous new client is.” She side-eyed him as she walked past him

He ignored her comment as he walked out behind her, but Kiara heard it and chimes right in-

“Girl, would believe it’s two of them?”

“What two of her?”

April looked at Greg with a raised eyebrow.

“What? No, she has a twin brother,” he replied.

“A twin brother really?” April laughed.

“YES LAWD!” Kiara exclaims. “Honey he is gorgeous. 6’5 with the body of gawd that has been kissed by the sun and his eyes girl hypnotizing hazel eyes with sparks of fire dancing in them.” She threw her hands up in the air as if she was about to get the Holy Ghost.

“Girl you are so crazy.” April laughed, “You’ve gotta tell me more about him later.”

April had Greg stop at several different stores on the way home when they arrived home they only had time to showered and changed and headed to April’s boss’ house.

When they finally arrived everyone from the office is already there having a wonderful time The Bonner’s events were always the best. After they ate dinner they dance to the music the live band was playing they enjoyed a wonderful evening. As the crowd thinned out April found Mrs. Bonner. Greg excused himself while they talked to go to the restroom. On his back to meet April he walked pass Mr. Bonner study.

“Greg may I speak with you for a moment?” he called out.

Greg peeped back into the room to see him standing near the fireplace, “Sure Mr. Bonner. What is it?” he walked into the room.

“Please call me Omar,” he said, walking over to his desk. “How’s your business doing? Are things starting to pick up for you?”

He was a little surprised that he was asking about his business, but he just blew it off and answered him.

“It’s doing well Mr. Omar. We just recently landed a great client that was referred to us and if all goes well it could put my firm in a great position moving forward.”

“That’s great Greg. You know if there’s anything I can do to help don’t hesitate to ask.” He touched his shoulder.

“Thanks Mr. Omar. I will keep that in mind.”

They continue their conversation as they headed back to the great room were April and Mrs. Bonner were talking with a few of the other guest that are left. Greg’s attention was drawn to a woman at the bar who looked just like his new client. He tried to make his way over to see if it was her when April appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

“Hey, I was looking for you.”

“I was looking for you too are you ready to go?”

She noticed that he seemed distracted by something across the room. “What are you looking at?” She asked as she looked across the room. He looked down at her and quickly redirected her attention.

“Hey, there they are let’s go say good night.” He put his arm around her, blocking her view of the bar as they walked over to the Bonner’s he looked back but she was gone.

They say goodnight to Mr. & Mrs. Bonner

“Mr. & Mrs. Bonner we are getting ready to go. Thank you again for inviting us we had a lovely time.” April said as she hugged them good night.

“It’s was a pleasure as always to see you both. Please drive safely and we’ll see you soon,” replied Mrs. Bonner.

They stood in the driveway as they drove off.

“Omar when are you going to tell her?” asked his wife. He kissed her hand as they walked in the house.

“Soon Lizette very soon.”

But what Omar Bonner doesn’t know is that time is not on his side.

April and Greg waved goodnight as they drove off. She leaned over and kissed him.

“Thank you,” she said.

“For what Sweetie?”

“For always supporting me when it comes to my job.”

“We’re a team. Team Jones,” he said as he picked up her hand and kissed it. “I really like the Bonners plus I think I’m in with old man Bonner he said I could call him Omar.”

“Did he really?” she said sounding surprised

“I know right!”

They laughed.

They arrived home exhausted from a fun-filled evening they have just enough energy to shower and go to bed.

Shortly after falling asleep Greg woke up in a cold sweat from his dream again but this time was different. He had an erection a full-on erection. He laid there staring at the ceiling waiting for it to go down, but it didn’t.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right now. This can’t be my real life.”

He tossed and turned trying to go back to sleep, but he couldn’t, so he decided to wake April up. He pulled up her nightshirt as he put his stiffness on her back. She resisted a little before arching back allowing him to slide in.

“Ye-yes daddy! That’s it right there!” She moaned.

“Right there baby.”

“Umm yes G.”

“Here it comes. It’s coming baby.” He grunted and groaned as he released the tension from his soul.

He rolled over to catch his breath as he put his hand up in the air.

“Damn girl you get a high five fa dat.”

She laughed at him as they high five each other.

It’s early Sunday Morning Greg is getting ready to go meet Dave, so they can go running when April brings up wedding plan.

“So, we can start planning our wedding we need to pick a date colors location destination?”

Greg nodded his head as he walks into the bathroom.

“We can do that tonight.”

She rolled over grabbing his pillow with a giant smile on her face.

“Babe I think I’ll call Bridgette Kim and Kiara and get them to come over for a while to help me with some stuff.”

“Cool that sound like a plan. I’ll see you later,” he said and kissed her goodbye.

Dave is already at the track he called Greg to see what was taking him so long.

“Hello,” Greg answered with 80’s rap music blasting in the background. Dave had to move the phone away from his ear as the music blasted through the phone

“Yo where are you?!” he yelled in the phone

“I’m pulling up now. Where are you?”

“I’m near the basketball court waiting for you.”

“Alright I’m parking now.”

They ran the first few miles in silence as they listen to music. They slow down their pace to drink some water when Dave remembered that he won’t be able to run the next few Sunday.

“Hey G. I won’t be able to run the next few Sundays your sister sighed us to take child birthing classes.”

“Childbirth classes really? you sure y’all not teaching the classes cause I’m sure y’all are pros by now this is baby #3.”

“Right data’s what I said.”They laughed

“So, what’s up with the dreams? You still having them?” Dave asked.

Greg laughed and shook his head “Yea and this shit is starting to piss April off. I keep waking her up at night and shit.”

“Are you talking in your sleep?”

“Man, I think so but I’m not sure.”

“Does she know Ms. Omar’s name is Santanna?”

Greg side-eyed him “Ah fuck no. I ain’t stupid but the other day when April popped up at the office when she was there I just knew she was going to find out.”

Dave busted out laughing.

“Wow that would have been crazy”

“Right crazy yo.” Greg laughed

“Seriously though you been acting really weird around her. I need you to work on that because we don’t need no trouble with her brother. Cause that nigga is diesel as shit.” Dave laughed.

“Yea I know right.”

“But you I know I got ya back I wouldn’t let him take ya head off,” he smirked

“Man, I feel I’m like the twilight zone I go from dreaming about this woman for almost year and now I’m working for her crazy.” Greg shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “What kinda shit is that?”Dave looked at him with a smirk on his face trying not to laugh before he can get his response out.“Naw it would be twilight zone if you finally saw her face and it’s her brother. Now that would be fucked up.” patted Greg on the back as he started to run.

Greg frowned up his face as he followed him he slapped him on the back of the head as he ran past him. “I’m just saying they look just alike.” Dave laughed

April called Bridgette Kiara and her best friend Kim to invite them over to hang out and do wedding stuff, but Kim declined once she found that Kiara was coming. April tried to get her to change her mind.

“Kim, you have been my best friend since 5th grade it just would feel right if you were not here.”

“April, I just can’t be in the same room with her knowing that she is the reason I can’t be with the man I love.”

“NO! he is the reason why Kim she has no idea who you are that you even exist.”

“Well maybe it’s time she found out?” Kim shouted

April sighed she knew from the sound of her voice that she wasn’t going to change her mine “So I guess you’re not coming?”

“No boo next time but you know I love,” Kim said as she hung up.

April made lunch for her and the girls. She is upset that her best friend won’t be there, but she has an idea that might work in Kim’s favor to finally get her man. April knows that Kiara’s boyfriend has cheated on her more than once and not just with Kim. She knows that she is fed up with him, so she plans to help the process along.

Greg arrived home. He came in through the back door and went straight to the refrigerator to get something to drink. When he closed the door, he was surprised to see his sister stand there as he choked on his water.

“Hey Sis, I did know you were here?”

“Hey, you ok?” she patted him on his back

“I’m good didn’t expect to see you there” he coughed and laughed at the same time.

“Is my husband with you?” she asked looking out the window

“Naw he went to his mom’s to pick the girls.”

“Who else is here?” he asked as they walked toward the living room.

“Just me and Kiara.”

“That means Kim is not here?”

“Nope.” She shrugged her shoulder, sarcastically.

He peeped in the den. “Hey ladies, sounds like y’all having a party.”

“Hey G.” Kiara said as she raised her glass in the air.

“Hey Kiara, what’s up?”

He leaned over to kiss April. “I see you started without me?”

“We’re just looking at wedding dresses.You know I have to find that perfect one.” She smiled.

“Oh ok. Well y’all have fun. I’m going to take a shower and get some work done. Later ladies.”

April poured her a Kiara more wine while filling Bridgette glass with sparkling cider. They continued to look at dresses when April decided to bring up Kiara boyfriend now that she’s had a few glasses of wine.“Kiara what’s up with you a Jacob? I mean Jake; it’s Jake, right?” April forgot that she doesn’t refer to him as Jacob only Jake. She corrected herself hoping that Kiara didn’t notice.

“Girl please don’t get me started. I’m not speaking to him right now.”

“Girl if that was me, I would have cut his ass lose a long time ago. Maybe y’all need to take a break from each other for a while.” she suggested as she sipped her wine.

“April, you know what you’re right. I’ma tell him that tonight when I go over there.” she said as she finished her glass of wine. April was about to add more fuel to the fire when she looked up to see Bridgette side eyeing her as she shook her head.April looked down at the bridal magazine and suddenly she stood up yelling.

“This is it!! I found my dress!”

She ripped the picture out of the magazine and held it close to her chest while she danced around in a circle singing.

“This is it! I found my dress. Here comes the bride!!” she sang.

“Girl, let us see !!” Kiara and Bridgette yelled.

April laughed as she fell back on the sofa letting the picture fly out of her hands into the air. Kiara picked it up and showed it to Bridgette.

“April it’s perfect,” said Bridgette.

“Yes, this is you.” said Kiara.

April was so excited she started talking a mile a minute.

“Ok we have to find it. Who’s the designer? And what store has my dress!?!?!?”

“Woah! One thing at a time. Google doesn’t do multiple searches girl!!” said Kiara searching for the dress.

“We gotta to find it. We have to find it. “

“Found it! The designer’s name is Leem, but the dress is only sold in Europe.” Kiara said.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” April screamed punching the sofa Bridgette yelled “Hold it sister-in-law to the rescue! I found it! There’s a store that carries everything by this designer in Miami south beach.”

“Yass Miami baby!”Kiara raised her glass in the air.

“Sounds like a girl’s trip to me,” said April dancing around.

Bridgette sat quietly looking at them; they noticed that she wasn’t excited.

“What’s wrong Bridgette?” April asked.

She looked down at her belly “I can’t go looking like this,” she pouted.

April and Kiara looked at each other sipping their wine when Kiara leaned over to Bridgette’s belly.

“Well you don’t look pregnant from the back.”

April and Bridgette both looked at her confused by her statement.

“So, what am I supposed to do walk around backward?” Bridgette threw a pillow at her. “You’ve been around my husband to long.”

They laughed.

Greg took a shower put on a pair of sweats and a wife beater and started reviewing the changes that Ms. Omar requested. He laid back on the bed as he thought to himself.

“Is this a test god to see if I’m weak; to see if I will let these dreams interfere with my real life? I won’t. I’m not that guy anymore. I’m not selfish. I love my wife. My wife that has a nice ring to it.”

He closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep. A few hours later April came upstairs a little tipsy undressed climbed into bed beside him and fell asleep.

“Please wait! Wait what is your name? Wait don’t go! Please don’t go!!!”

Greg’s eyes popped open he stared at the ceiling waiting to hear her voice but heard snoring instead. He turned to see that she was sound asleep.

He sat up to see she was half dressed and empty wine bottle beside her. “Man, I need to make sure she drinks wine every night before bed.” He laughed as he laid back down.

He tried to go back to sleep but he just tossed and turned. He finally started to drift off when his alarm went off. He hit the alarm and put his face in his pillow and yelled “This is some bull!” He got up and grabbed his phone as he went into the bathroom. He had a few texts one was from Dave.

“Hey bro I’ll meet you at the office after Bridgette’s ultrasound appt. Peace bro. “

He texted him back:


He checked his other messages. There was a message from a number he didn’t recognize. He opened it up.

“Good Morning Mr. Jones. This is Ms. Omar. My apologies for sending this message so late or early I need to move our meeting from Thursday to Wednesday @ 10 am at the site. If this is not good for you just let know and we can figure something out.

Thank you, Mr. Jones.

Good day

“S “

He texted back;

“Good Morning, Ms. Omar. No apologies needed. Wednesday @ 10 am would be fine. We will see you on Wednesday.

Best wishes


After checking the rest of his messages, he showered and started getting dressed for work when April woke up.

“Good morning sleepy head. I was hoping you would wake up before I left,” he said bending down to kiss her.

“Good morning my prince,” she stretched up to meet his mouth for the kiss.

“Any plans for the day?” he asked as he stood in front of the mirror and fixed his tie and watching her thru the mirror.

“Nothing really.Bridgette and I are going to do some shopping after her doctor’s appointment and then have lunch and work out the details for our girl’s weekend to look for my wedding dresses.”

“So, you found the one?”

“Yes, I did,” she smiled.

“Is it gonna make me cry?” He laughed.

“Yup snot and everything.” She laughed.

He saw how her face lit up when she talked about their wedding. So, he decided to make her smiled ever more.

“What about October?” he blurted out.

“October what?” she sat up confused

“Our wedding.”

She smiled as he walked over to the bed he leaned over top of her. “How about we pick a day in October to get married?”

She smiled looking up at him.


“Yes, babe it’s about time I make an honest woman out of you.”

She put her arms around his neck and whispered to him, “Did I tell you how much I love you and how happy you make me.”

“You didn’t today but I’m listening.” He whispered back as he climbed into the bed with her.

“You’re going to be late G.”

“I think it’s ok. My boss won’t mind,” he said as he kissed her neck.

“I love you so much Mr. Jones,” she whispered.

“I love you more Mrs. Jones”

Greg arrived to work in a wonderful mood. Kiara was sitting at her desk when he walked in.

“Good morning Boss,” she said.

“Good morning Kiara. Any messages for me?”

“Yes. I received an email from Ms. Omar about Thursday’s meeting begin changed to Wednesday @ 10 am. Are we confirming it?” she asked as she followed him into his office with her iPad.

“Yes, it has been confirmed. I received an email from her this morning. Please set up a lunch meeting with the Omars for 1 week after the site visit to discuss and review site plans.”

“Done and done.”

Kiara put her iPad down on the desk looking over the top of her glasses.

“So this lunch? Will the assistants be attending?” Greg sat back in his chair as he folded his arms.

“Only if you can behave and that means keep your mouth shut, and all of your body parts must stay covered at all times.”

She stepped back away from his desk as she looked around his office.

“Well damn. I didn’t know my dad worked here.” She said as she rested her hand on her hip. “You talking to me like I don’t know how to act to around our clients.” she rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers as she walked out of his office. “I don’t wanna go to the dumb lunch anyway.” she mumbled under her breath, but he heard her.

“Yes, you do!” he yelled out laughing.

April was getting dressed when she knocked some papers off Greg’s desk. She picked them up and laid them down taking a quick glance at the designs.

“Is this her house?”

She noticed at the bottom of the page was a logo that she had seen before, but she was not sure where. Her snooping mission was cut short when her phone rang. Startling her

It’s her sister-in-law. She answered.

“Hey Bridgette. How’d your appointment?”

“Hey girl. It went great. The little boy is doing well; just a few more weeks and he will be here!”

“I can’t wait. Do you need me to pick you up or do you want to meet somewhere?

“Well I’m at the office with Dave.”

“Cool I’ll pick you from there.”

April pulled up in front of the office where Kiara and Bridgette were waiting outside.

“Hey girls,” April yelled as she pulled up.

“Look who I found?” said Bridgette as she waddled to the car.

“I got set free early so can I hang out with y’all?” asked Kiara.

“Of course, doll.” April replied.

She unlocked the doors of her of snow white Jag truck.

Kiara and Bridgette get in the car.

“April so what do you do again at ya job?” Kiara asked as she put on her seat belt

April looked back at her in the rearview mirror.

“What? I’m asking Mrs. Jones,” Kiara laughed “So what’s for lunch ladies?”

“Well y’all know my baby likes Mexican food.” Bridgette laughed rubbing her stomach.

“Ok Mexican it is,” said April.

The ladies arrived at the Mexican Post.They are seated and served.

“They have the best Mexican food I have ever tasted! Oh, my goodness it’s so good!” Bridgette said stuffing chips and guacamole in her mouth.

“Girl I’ll be glad when this little boy gets here because I can’t keep eating like this or I won’t be able to fit into nobody dresses.” April said biting into her burrito.

Kiara pulled out her iPad to share some exciting news about the search for April’s dream dress.

“April what would you say if I told you we didn’t have to go all the way to Miami for your dress?”

April wiped her mouth looking at her out of the corner of her eye.

“I don’t want some cheap knock-off dress.”

“You better slow ya roll Ms. Bridezilla because you know I know people.”

“We know but what does that have to do with my wedding dress?” April demanded.

“I found out from a friend of mine that this same designer is in town for a private showing and they can get us tickets if you want to go.”

“Kiara, you need to stop playing with me right now.”

Kiara shook her head no as she waved her finger in April’s face.

“Boo-boo you about to miss out on a private champagne showing where your dress your, dream dress will be this Wednesday evening missy.”

April sat there like she was unbothered by her statement when suddenly she jumped across the table into Kiara’s lap.

“Oh my God Kiara! Are you serious? I love you.” she said and kissed her face.

“Oh, now you love me. I don’t know who’s worse you or your crazy husband to be.” Kiara laughed.

The ladies finished their lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.

Greg and April were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. It was the night before Greg’s big meeting with the Omars at the location where the house is being built.

“Hey babe you wanna watch a movie before bed?” April asked as she put the last of the dishes away.

“I would love to, but I have to go over a few more details for the meeting in the morning.” he popped her on the butt and kissed her as he walked past.

“Ouch Greg. Well don’t work too late. You know you’re grumpy when you don’t get enough sleep.” She went going up the stairs.

Greg was exhausted as he tried to stay awake to make sure he had not missed any of the details she had requested. He closed his eyes for what he thought was just a moment, but he had fallen into a deep sleep.

“Mmmm that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Yes, I want you to stay. Please don’t leave; stay with me. No, no, don’t go Santanna.”

He jumped up knocking his paper off his desk while trying to catch himself from falling out of the chair. He looked around confused about where he was.

“I can’t take this anymore. This shit driving me crazy!” He put his hands on his head trying to get himself together. He turned off the lights and headed upstairs to go to bed. He heard movement in their bedroom.

“Damn I must have woken her up again. Fuck here we go!”

He stood in the hallway preparing himself to hear her mouth.When he walked into the room he noticed that she was not in the bed but in the chair by the window.

He walked over to her.

“April what’s wrong? Why are you sitting here in the dark?” he asked softly.

She lifted her head and he could see the tears running down her face.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He knelt beside her.

“He... he’s dead Greg. He’s dead.” She sobbed.

He put his arms around her trying to figure out who she was talking about, but he’s also relieved that he’s not the reason she’s crying.He carried her over to the bed and just held her while she cried her eyes out.

After a few moments he asked her what happened.

“Mr. Bonner, he died of a heart attack tonight at home with his wife.” She whispered.

“Who called you?”

“Mrs. Bonner. She was so calm. her voice started to crack. She said, ’April, my dear, Omar loved you and had so many plans for you but unfortunately he will not be here to see his plan come true he had a heart attack this evening that ending his amazing life.’” She began to cry again.

Greg thought it was strange for Mrs. Bonner to call her personally, but then again, they were the closest thing April had to family besides him.

She climbed over him to lay down.

“I’m sorry Greg. I know you need to go to sleep.”

“Babe I’ll be ok.”

He laid down with her.

“I’m just rescheduling my meeting.” he said as he reached for his phone.

“No. Greg they have already sent an email about an emergency meeting in the morning so it’s ok. It’s ok.” She laid her head on his chest crying herself to sleep.

It was 5:30 a.m. when Greg’s alarm went off. He got up quickly to turn it off, so it didn’t wake April. He kissed her on the forehead as he pulled the covers up over her. He was really worried about her. She and Mr. Bonner were close.

Greg was getting out the shower about to dry off when he started to have this strange overwhelming feeling all over his body. The same way he felt when he met Mrs. Omar for the first time. He sat down on the toilet trying to get himself together. Not sure what to do he puts his head between his knees and closed his eyes. He sat up as the feeling passed opening his eyes to see April.

“Babe are you ok? You look a little pale my chocolate drop.” she said as she rubbed his back.

He laughed as kiss her.

“I’m good. Whatever it was it’s over now.”

April hopped in the shower while he got dressed.

She came out the bathroom to see him standing in front of the floor length mirror in their room. He was fixing his tie. He had on gray pants with a pale pink shirt with a gray and pink tie.

“Damn Gregory Jones you clean up nice. I think I might need to come with you to this meeting today.”

“Do I look okay?”

“Yes babe.”

She walked up behind him putting her arms around him.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” he looked at her in the mirror.

“For last night.”

He turned around to face her

“You never have to thank me for supporting you, loving you, nor being your friend. We are a team. Team Jones for life baby.”

He hugged her as they both laughed.

“Ok I’m getting ready to go pick up Dave and go over to the site to meet with the Omars,” he said then kissed her.

“Do you have everything you need?” She brushed her hand over his suit jacket.

“Yes, I do. What’s the matter? Is there something on my suit?”he asked looking in the mirror.

“Nothing silly. Just making sure you look perfect my love. Now go get ’em.”

She kissed him as he left out.

He called Dave to let him know he was outside as he pulled up in the driveway. His sister answered the phone.


“Good morning Bridgette. Is he ready?”

“Good morning G. Yes, are you outside?”

“you just pulled in the driveway.”

“Ok I will tell him. David my brother’s here” she yelled hanging up the phone. She went outside to see her brother.

“Hey brother. I just wanted to wish you guys good luck today even though y’all don’t need it.”

“Aww thanks sis. Every little bit helps.”

Dave came up behind her.

“Ok babe I’ll call you later.”

He kissed her and got in the car. She waved goodbye as they drove off.

Greg and Dave arrived at the site early to meet with Jeff the project manager before the Omars arrived. They saw Jeff walking toward them as they’re getting out the car.

“Good morning Jeff.”

“Good morning Mr. Jones and Mr. Reynolds. How are you gentlemen this morning?” he asked as he shook their hands.

“Great Jeff” they both replied.

“Would you like see where we’re going to break ground for the house and where everything is going to sit?” Jeff asked.

“Yes.” they replied.

They followed him across the uneven ground with rock and dirt everywhere.

“Gentleman I would like to thank you for picking my company to take on this project. I want you to know we will not disappoint you nor the Omars,” said Jeff. He took them to the edge of a massive hole in the ground.

“This is where the house will sit all 36 rooms. We have already been in contact with all the companies as Mrs. Omar has instructed us. Over here to your left is where the 3 guest houses will be. Each of them will have 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with a pool for each. She has also requested an Olympia sized pool for the main house.”

Greg looked around as Jeff pointed out where everything would be imagining how it would all look once it’s done. His thoughts were interrupted by Dave’s sarcasm.

“Damn. Who’s gonna be living here with her? The whole family?”

“Yeah this is a lot of space for one person.” Greg said.

“Looks like our guests are here,” said Jeff.

They walked back to greet the Omars and Greg tells Dave about April’s boss passing away.

“Guess what? April’s boss Mr. Bonner died last night of a heart attack.”

“Wow for really sorry to hear that. I know April is heartbroken. She really looked up to him man.Let us know if y’all need us to do anything.”

“Thanks, I will.”

“Y’all should come over for dinner tonight.”

“I’ll check with April after her meeting today.”

Dave noticed a car approaching in the distance. Dave whispered to Greg

“Do you see dat car?”

“Yes, Dave I do. You can’t miss it.”

“Do you know what kinda car that is they got crazy money?”

Dave was getting on Greg, so he walked away but he followed him.A few seconds later another car pulled up and Dave started up again.

“What do you think they do that they can both afford to be driving Bugatti’s Limited Edition custom cars inside and out?”

Greg was fed up with him talking about cars and money causing him to snap at Dave “Please be quiet. As long as we can cash her checks I don’t give a damn what they do now let’s go meet them.”

Dave frowned up his face as he mumbled under his breath

“You say that now until we sit somewhere in handcuffs.”

Saleem waited for his sister to arrive before he got out of his car. He grabbed his jacket and walked over to help her out of her car.

“Good morning Olivia.” He said as he opened her car door.

She grabbed his hand as she got out of the car. She looked him up and down shaking her head.

“Not again Leem.”

“What?” he seemed confused.

“Look at us.”She rolled her eyes at him.Still confused about what she is talking about he looked down at himself and then at her and he began to laugh.

“What? We have the same color on?”

“Again, we have the same color on.”

“Well at least I’m not wearing a skirt.”

“I’m glad you think it’s funny.”

“We’re twins we’re supposed to dress alike sometimes.”

“Exactly. Sometimes not all the time.”

“Whatever don’t sweat the small stuff. Come on you let’s go see where the new home is going to be.”

“Saleem I’m so excited to finally get back to having a normal life and hopefully nobody will try to burn this one down” she replied sarcastically

Saleem doesn’t respond to her sarcasm just shakes his head.

“Saleem do you have my keys?” she asked.


“Pop the truck so I can get my boots.”

“Boots? What do you need boots for?” He pointed the keys at the car as the trunk opened.

“Dear brother these Giuseppe’s were not made for walking in dirt,” she laughed.

He sighed folding his arm.

“Ok Princess. Can you hurry up they’re waiting?”

She quickly put on her boot.

“Ok I’m ready.”

“Oh, but you can wear Gucci in the dirt.” He looked down at her feet.

The twins started walking to meet the gentlemen when Saleem realized he forgot his phone.

“Wait here for me I forgot my phone” he turned to go back to his car.

“I’ll be ok just catch up” she replied as she walked crossed the unstable ground.

Greg noticed that Ms. Omar was having trouble keeping her balance while walking on the uneven ground, so he decided to walk towards her just as she was losing her balance.

“Santanna!” Greg yelled.

Saleem turned around to see her losing her balance.

“Tanna!” he yelled.

Everyone turned around and started running towards her. Greg got to her first. He caught her just as she fell forward right into his arms.

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