Flight and Fall

By CY_Ling All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


*New chapters everyday- in primary editing phase* Lim Ee Song has struggled all their life with being non-binary in a traditional Chinese-American household. They were born to compete, excel and take the world by storm. On a dry autumn night, they attempt to swallow all their pills. Like many other things they try to do, it falls short. Ee Song's emotionally constipated parents throw the topic in a jar and slam the lid on it. That's when they meet Yi Jung-Soo, the bed next to theirs. His brother has just been pronounced brain dead, and between his missing mother and a father who doesn't care, Jung-Soo is shattered. Ee Song finds the compulsion to nurse him. As pressure from their neurotic mother mounts, however, Song begins to revert back to their old ways. Self-harm, cigarettes, and the surety that death is their only release. Jung-Soo begins to fall in love with their quirky kindness and searches for it through their smoke and mirrors. But will he be too late?


From the cradle of wires descended a feather, bruised and drained of color. As Song stretched out for it they could feel only the impermanence of its existence; they, without knowing, walked away folding the message of the hollow feather in their heart.

It would grow heavier.

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