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Hi, my name is Nicole Benoist, im 19. Now you might know my cousin, Melissa Benoist, from shows like Supergirl, Waco, Blue bloods, Glee, and she was even on a few episodes of Law & Order. But this isn't her story its mine, and my story is about how I meet to kindest, cutest, funniest, boy and experienced the pressure of critics, paparazzi, jealously, failure, and loss.

I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, right next door to Melissa. I usually never say Melissa but when I did we bonded ALOT!!!! In a short amount of time we became best friend. Even more than me and my brother. By the time I was around 10yrs old, Mel had become famous and moved to L.A. I discovered that was not only good at acting, I could sing! I sang at church and in various singing competitions but was not sucessful. So I gave up on singing and focused on acting. I joined drama club in high school, and rehersed with Nate every night. then when I was a senior in high school, I was 17, someone posted a video of me acting and then Melissa got me a job for Supergirl. So finished high school and then moved in with my brother in L.A. I took about a year to move all of my stuff. And lets not mention stunt and acting training. But know that you know my background story lets continue....
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