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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 9


When I saw Rebel in the party, laughing my body reacted immediately even after her being gone for a week I still crave for her. Now she sat tied to the chair and left for me to do what I want. A groan leaving me as I saw what she was wearing.

So fucking sexy. She’s a seductress luring me to her.

I moved to cup her cheek as I leaned up to capture her plump red lips. A moan passed between us as if we have been neglected and starved for centuries. My kiss started slow as I relished in the softness of her lips but her creamy skin under me was my undoing. I deepened the kiss--letting her know how much I need her.

My lips released her lips before trailing down her neck. I licked and sucked her--tasting the sweetness of her skin. My hand slipping down from her neck to her cup her breast in my hands. She softly gasped and closed her eyes tightly. I moved down to the valley of her breast as I licked her skin. She shuddered under my tongue.

“Tell me you want me.” She moaned but didn’t respond. I moved to feast on one of her breast. She cried out and I heard her tug on my tie that I have around her wrist.

“Lucifer.” She rasped.

“Yeah, baby?” I nipped at her nipple. She cried out again.

“Let me go, please.” She begged.

I pulled back and looked at her. Her eyes glazed with need for me. I stood up in front of her. Her eyes went to the bulge straining on my pants. Slowly, I took off my suit jacket and unbutton my shirt, slipping it off completely onto the floor. Next, I unbuckle my belt and Rebel licked her lips. Her eyes sparkling with yearning. I opened my fly and pulled myself out. She moaned and looked up at me in desperation.

“Lucifer.” She hoarsely spoke.

I knew what she wanted, moving between her legs I placed the tip of my cock on her lips. Her tongue darted out immediately and licked my tip. I bit my lower lip at the contact of her warm tongue. She took the tip of me into her mouth teasingly. I threw my head back and fought for control. She made a satisfied throaty sound when she took me almost all the way inside her mouth.

“You like the taste of me, baby?”

She nodded as she looked up at me.

“Then suck me. Show me just how much you love it.” I commanded.

I regret the moment I said that because Rebel knew how to suck. My knees buckled and I moved to grab her shoulder. Her tongue licked and swirled around my cock. She didn’t stop not even for a second.

When I couldn’t take it anymore I grabbed her hair and pulled her back. Her tongue came out to lick her wet lips.

“Enough.” I ordered.

I moved behind her and untied her from the chair enough to flip her around so that she was force to lift up her butt into the air instead of sitting. She was bent over, standing in nothing but her heels, garter, and thong.

I moved to stand behind her and caressed her perfect round ass before slapping it. The sound resonating in the air along with her moan. My fingers went to touch her between her legs and she was soaking wet.

I pinched her clit before caressing her body. Her shoulders down to the curve of her back to her butt cheeks.

“Please, Lucifer.” She begged in a strangled voice.

“Tell me what you want. I want to please you.” I said huskily.

“Lick me.”

“Like this?” I moved to lick her upper shoulder before nipping it. She moaned and threw her head back. “Or did you mean something else?”

“Lucifer, stop teasing me.”

I grabbed her thong and moved it aside to expose her glistening core. I dropped down to my knees and licked her just where she wanted. She cried out and her knees wobbled.

I gripped her hips to keep her from moving and continue to delve into her wet core making sure to lick her clean.

When I felt her orgasm she cried out for me to stop but I continued. She tried moving but my grip tightened and i pushed my tongue inside her. She cried out and came in my mouth.

After she was done she slumped a little on the chair, exhausted. I stood up and positioned myself between her legs and with one move entered her all the way to the hilt. The sound of her wetness can be heard. The feel of her pulsing around my cock was my undoing. I pulled out and thrust back inside of her, swirling my cock around, stimulating her ever sensitive nerve. She cried out and arched her butt for more.

God, she was so beautiful like this--sensual and exposed.

I moved to cup her breasts as I increased my speed. Teasing long gone, it has been too long and I needed her. I pound into her over and over until we were both sweaty. Moving i untied her and sat down on the chair. I pulled her to straddle me.

In all my life, I have never given control over to any woman but god do I want to see her ride me.

She didn’t hesitate. In fact, she was more than eager to take control. When she fully seated herself on my cock. I made a harsh sound and tightened my hands around her back. She grabbed my cheeks with her hands and kissed me. This time she dominated the kiss and holy fuck I loved being dominated by her. This was all knew to me but it made cum faster than I thought. She felt it and didn’t stop her pace. She rode me so hard and fast I was groaning like crazy as I came inside her.

When we were done, she pulled back, still sitting on my lap.

“That was crazy.” She said huskily. I kissed her hard on the lips. My hand going to the back of her head.

When I pulled back we were both breathless.

“It was something new to me.”

“Lucifer, what are we doing?” She asked seriously as she ran a finger on my lower lip.

“I don’t know, baby, but I can’t get enough of you.” I answered truthfully. I broke every rule in my book with her.

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