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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 8


I woke up to Lucifer’s naked body draped over my body in bed again. I don’t even know how I ended up here. Slowly, I slipped away from his body. He snuggled into the bed further and I risked a second to savor his serene face before I picked up my dress and slipped it over me. Grabbing my heels and undergarments I fled. I walked out of the now empty club and sped walked all the way home.

I avoided work for the next few days. I called in told them I was traveling but I lied. I was home hiding. I didn’t know how to face Lucifer. God, he was so good but it was so bad.

On Friday night, I got dressed in a dark red deep v-neck evening dress and headed over to Helen’s party. She was celebrating her brother’s graduation and everyone was required to wear formal wear. The party was held in a five star hotel.

I walked in carrying my red clutch. I glanced around the room until I found Ben and Helen. I walked over and they talked to me as if last Saturday they didn’t see Lucifer carry me into the white door. I was thankful for that.

“So, this is the party.” I said as I slipped my champagne and glanced around the room. People lingering around chatting.

Helen laughed. “Trust me. If it was me, it wouldn’t have been like this but because my brother is a neurologist and needed to look good we had to make it formal.”

“Well, even if it was formal, there are still some hot men in this room. Your brother included.” Ben teased. We both turned to eye the tall bronze skin man. Ben licked his lips. “Damn baby. I swear if he but just look at me I will be cumming all over these black trousers.”

I made the mistake of sipping my champagne and laughing all at once. I choked on my champagne.

Ben grinned and winked at me. I wiped my mouth and turned to see Helen’s brother staring at us. He was kind of hot.

“Helen! Shit! He’s looking at us!” Ben panicked. “Shit! Shit!”

Helen rolled her eyes. “He isn’t even that cute.”

“Do you think he heard me?” Ben asked. “Did I say it too loud?”

I laughed and shook my head. Ben was too funny. Out from the corner of my eyes I saw someone I knew --someone that made my heart speed up and my knees weak. Lucifer. Why was he here and why was he talking to Helen’s brother? They were staring at us but I swear I can feel Lucifer staring at only me.

“I got to go.” I mumbled and handed my cup to Ben. I grabbed the front of my evening gown and began walking fast out of the room. Heat pooling between my legs. My stomach was flipping so bad.

I was out of the room and running toward the elevator. I tapped the lobby button several times and just when the elevator was about to close a foot shot out and blocked it. It opened back up revealing Lucifer.

He stepped inside and my eyes followed him as I moved to lean against the wall. He turned to look at me and without wavering his gaze he pressed a button that I couldn’t see. I swallowed hard and leaned back as completely as I can.

He was a hairsbreadth away for me now. I can feel the heat of his body from the black suit he wore. His hands came up to box me in.

“Rebel.” He whispered huskily. My eyes moved to his lips. My hands coming up to stop him from moving closer to me.

He moved so that his lips trailed a hot trail down my cheek and to my neck. I clutched at his shirt.

“You have been avoiding me.” He stated as he sucked on my neck.

It was so hard to listen to him. “N-no.”

He pulled back. His dark gaze narrowing. “You’re lying.”

The elevator ding and I pushed him away as I stepped out of the elevator. I was thankful for the relief. The tension in the elevator was driving me crazy. I looked around and noticed I wasn’t in the lobby. Instead, we were on a hotel floor.

I felt Lucifer behind me. He gripped my arm and turned me around to face him harshly. I put my hands on his chest to steady him. My hair flying over my shoulder at his harsh yank.

“You’re mine, Rebel. I am going to show you over and over until you understand.” He growled and I felt liquid heat pool between my legs wantonly.

He took us into a room door where he pulled out a key and put it in. He pushed me in first before he followed and close the door behind. He slipped the chain on before turning to look at me. Slowly, he began untying his tie as he walked towards me. I backed up until I hit the desk.

Once he untied he moved his hand to my dress as he slipped it off my shoulder and down my body. I stood before only in my black lace thong and black garter. He groaned as he saw me. When his eyes met mine they were dark with lust.

He pushed me onto the chair as his lips nipped at my shoulders. I was so consumed in the feel of him on my skin I didn’t realize what he was doing until he had my hands tied behind the chair with his tie.

I tugged on it before looking at him. He went down on his knees and I almost moaned. There was just something about a man kneeling that turned me on. His hands moved to my thighs as he caressed his way up almost to my core but stopped before pulling back. It was slow and sensual. I bit my lips.

“I’m deprived, baby. I can’t stop thinking about you.” His hands moved to cup me and he licked his lips--eager to taste me. “You have been bad.”

He leaned down and kissed my clit over my lace thong. His warm breath caressing my skin. I moaned and threw my head back.

He wasn’t the only one who was feeling sexually frustrated. I haven’t slept a wink since leaving him that night. I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me.

When he lifted his head up, I knew right away he was going to give us both what we craved for.

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