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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 7

She fell asleep in my arms as if she trusted me completely with her life. My cock hardened as I thought about her moaning and crying out in pleasure. It was so fucking hot. She was hot. Who would’ve thought Rebel Wilson was a submissive?

A wicked grin crawled on my face as I slipped the blanket down far enough for me to pinch her small pink nipple. She reacted immediately. Her mouth opening slightly as a soft sound escaped her lips.

I leaned down and flicked the tip of my tongue over it, eliciting a moan from her. My hands slowly moved behind and caressed her ass before finding its way down to what was waiting for me between her legs. I heard her sharp inhale as I made contact with her clit. My eyes moving up see if she was awake. When I saw she was still asleep, I slipped a finger inside her, pulling out and then back in. I felt her moving more. Her breathing changed. It came in fast pants. My eyes saw the way her mouth parted and her eyelids fluttered. She was waking up.

I increased my speed and her body tensed. I slipped another finger in. Her hands came up to grab my wrist--not to stop me but to encourage me to increase. I captured her lips in mine and slipped my tongue inside the cave of her mouth, wanting to taste her. Her tongue boldly found mine and she kissed and sucked on it, eliciting a throaty sound from me.

When I felt her tightened around my fingers I curved it and swirled it around inside of her. She scratched at my back and lifted her hips as she fell apart under me. I watched in awe as she bit her lips hard to stop herself from screaming. Her eye tightly closed as she ride her wave of orgasm.

When she came down from it, I pulled out and licked my fingers. Her hooded eyes watching me. I then moved to kiss her so she can taste just how sweet she was. Her tongue eagerly accepted my offer.

The door to the room opened and immediately I threw the covers back over Rebel’s body. I turned to glare at who it was.

“Oh shit!” My friend, Chase said but he didn’t look the least bit guilty.

“Get out!” I growled. I don’t know why I was acting this way because Chase has always seen me with my other submissives. Hell, we shared our submissives!

“C’mon Luke. Why don’t you let me see what you have under those covers?” Chase asked as he took a step forward.

Rebel cowered into my body more and it only brought on an even more possessive side in me. I clenched my jaw. The thought of her getting touched my Chase makes my blood run cold.

“Get out, Chase. She is not on the table for sharing.” I warned in a low voice. Chase’s stop advancing and his eyebrows furrowed for a moment before he simply shrugged and walked out.

My body relaxed and I turned back to her. Her eyes were still glassy with satisfied desires but there was apprehension behind them. She was freaking out.

“I got to go.” She pushed me off from her.

I fell onto the bed from the force. She shot out of bed so fast I couldn’t catch her. Uncaring, she walked naked to pick up her clothes. I licked my lips and felt myself go hard again. Jesus. I can’t get enough of her.

She slipped on her panty and I got out of bed. When I saw her bend down to pick up her dress I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her against my body so she can feel my hard erection pressing against her back.

“Don’t go.” I whispered huskily as I ran my lips over her bare shoulder.

“Lucifer.” She whispered in a breathless shaky voice.

My hands that was wrapped around her slipped under the panty and cupped her. She moaned and allowed her head to fall back on my shoulder. I licked her neck before sucking hard. I slipped a finger inside of her. She was soaking wet. I fucking love it. Many girls fake it but this right here told me she wanted it as much as me.

“So fucking wet for me.” I groaned and increased my speed.

Her knees wobbled and she placed her hands on my body to steady herself. Her bottom leaning back to rub my cock teasingly.

“Stay.” I commanded. “And I will fuck you so hard baby, you will be sore between your legs.”

She didn’t say anything but dropped her dress. Slipping off her panty, she turned around and wrapped her arms around my shoulder. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up, bringing her sweet pussy on top of my cock. The moment I seated myself deep inside of her we both let out a sound. It felt so fucking good, so fucking right.

“You are on the pill?” I asked. She nodded and wrapped her arms tighter around me.

“Show me exactly how you want to fuck me.” She moaned and I was more than glad to show her. I carried her over and laid her on the mini bondage table.

“Do you trust me?” I asked.

She licked her lips and nodded. I moved to cuff her hands to the table and then placed nipple clamps on her nipples. She softly gasped before a moan left her plump lips. I positioning myself between her legs. Her ass was on the edge of the table. I slipped inside her again and she threw her head back.

My thrust came hard and fast. Relentless. Unstoppable. She was crying out in pleasure and murmuring profanity.

“Lucifer, let me go.” She begged.

I pistoned inside her one more time before stopping.

“Why?” I asked.

She tugged on the leather cuffs. My cock twitched inside of her at the sight.

“I need to touch you.” She moaned.

I clicked my tongue as I shook my head.

“Nope.” And I pulled out and thrust hard inside of her. She cried out and gripped the leather in her hands tightly.

“Fuck!” She shouted. “Fucking asshole.”

I chuckled and pounded into her over and over. When I felt her tightened around me, I knew she was coming. My thumb went to roll her clit around and she shattered under me. It was so fucking hot I came shortly after her. It was a little crazy but I couldn’t control myself. I moved to grip her shoulders and thrust like an animal. It was uncontrolled. It was insane.

I am always in control but the fucking babe under me seems to make me do the opposite.

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