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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 6


My jaw dropped to the ground the moment he sat me down on the ground. The orange reddish and purple lights contrasting the pale cappuccino color wall, giving it a calm feeling but what caught my eyes was the small stage with a pole in the middle. Leather sofa surrounding it. In the corners and side of the room were there was a bed, a chair with restraints, sex swings, bondage kits and restraints hung from the walls.

I could feel Lucifer’s eyes on me. He was watching me. He was waiting for me to freak out but strangely, the thought of Lucifer restraining me turned me on. I licked my lips and turned to look at him.

He took a step closer to me and gripped my cheeks between his fingers. He moved so that he was a hairsbreadth away from me. Leaning down he grazed his lips against my cheeks.

“Now you know exactly what I like. I am not the guy from next door.” He pushed me against the wall. His hands slipped down from my cheeks to my neck where he gripped it but not tightly.

“I am bad. I am dangerous, Rebel. You tease me and taunt me but you don’t know exactly what you are playing with.” He growled before nipping at my jaw. I swallowed hard.

"The things I want to do to you, Rebel.” He purred as his hand dropped lower to my chest and down to my breast where he cupped it and squeezed. “I want to bind those hands and legs, spread them open, take away your will to stop me. I want to eat your sweet pussy and you while your legs are wide open. I want to please your body, use you until you are screaming with need and then only then would I fuck you hard.”

A part of me wanted to run but a part of me, a very bad part of me wanted him so badly. Everything he said, didn’t scare me. It only made me want him more. When he pulled back to look at me with his hooded lustful eyes I bit my lips as I spoke.

“I’m not afraid.” I whispered. A feral sound escaped his lips before he crushed his lips against mine firmly. His hands moved down to grab my ass. He squeezed it as he crushed my lower body against his erection that was straining against his denim jeans.

“You will regret that once I am done with you.” Lucifer spoke huskily as he took a step back.

“Try me.” I said.

His eyes sparkled in the dimly room with delight and need. “Strip.”

I did as he said. I lifted the skin tight dress over my body slowly until it was completely off because the dress was a strapless dress, I wore no bra and when my breasts were freed from it. I heard Lucifer let out a strangle throaty sound before he spoke again.

“Go to the wall and cuff your hands.” He ordered.

I moved to the wall and cuffed one hand in the one of the silver cuffs before Lucifer appeared at my side and cuffed my other side to the other silver cuff hanging from the other wall.

I saw how this was doing to him. It made him all the more powerful, all the more dangerous. It was arousing. I clenched my thighs together to ease the ache that was building between my legs.

He approached me then. His hands touching, caressing my body before he pinched my nipples. The slight pain sent a teasing and pleasurable feeling straight to my core. I bit my lips hard.

He slowly moved behind me like a predator, teasing his prey before he taste it. When he stood behind me, his hands came up and scraped slightly against my skins on my stomach and then to my side and up to my breast where he dug them in slightly. I moaned and arched my ass towards his lower body but when he caught what I was doing he slapped my ass hard. It sent a jolt to my core again.

“Just like how I imagined it. Beautiful.” He murmured huskily. I can feel his lips grazing my shoulders just barely. My body was on high alert. I was like every touch even the barest smallest touch it was driving me wild. It didn’t even take much.

When his hands roamed down to my sex he moved to cup it. I buckled and then moaned.

“So wet.” He groaned. “You like it, don’t you? You like it when I take control. Fuck, Rebel, I never expected you to be like this.”

I was trying to listen to his every word but it was really hard to when he was touching me like this.

“Please.” I said hoarsely.

He moved back to my front where he bent down to capture my nipple into his mouth. I closed my eyes tightly and arched my body closer to his mouth. I needed the feel of him and he wasn’t touching me. The only thing that connected us together was his mouth on my nipple, sucking hard and flicking his tongue like he was licking an ice cream.

“Jesus fuck.” I moaned.

“Jesus isn’t fucking you, baby.” He whispered huskily against my breast and even his warm breath had me going crazy.

“Spread your legs for me, baby.” He ordered. Shakily, I spread my legs for him. He knelt down on the ground and flicked his tongue on my clit. My knees buckled as I couldn’t hold my my weight. He moved to hold my grips in his hand and looked up at me.

His eyes were so dark, so filled with lust and need. It was so exhilarating to see him kneeling in front of me.

“Stay still, Rebel or I won’t give you what you want so badly.” He demanded.

I couldn’t say anything. I could only manage a nod. His mouth immediately latched onto my sweet spot and I gripped the chains in my hands to keep myself sane as he ate me like I was a sweet ass dessert that he enjoyed so much.

Just when I couldn’t take it any longer, he pulled back and stood up. Slowly he began stripping in front of me. My eyes roaming his body hungrily. He took off his dark green shirt and then undid his denim jeans, pulling it down over his hips along with his boxers. His cock twitched in front of me and I licked my lips.

“Not tonight, baby. Another night, you might be lucky enough to taste me.” I almost pouted at him telling me no.

In his hand he had a condom he must’ve pulled out of his pocket before he slipped it off. He tore it with his teeth before slipping it on. My legs clenched with anticipation. He moved to stand behind me and slowly I felt the tip of his cock playing with my ass before it played with my slit.

“Lucifier, please.” I begged not being able to wait any longer.

“Tell me what you want.” He ordered.


“Tell me who do you belong to?” He said next.

“You.” I responded and in one swift movement he entered me. I moaned and threw my head back. His hands came up to cup my breasts as he pounded into me before he moved one of his hand up to grab me around the neck. His thrust were fast and hard. It was relentless and it hit me over and over deep inside of me that I was quickly coming.

My walls clenched around his cock and I cried out as soon as I felt myself falling over the edge. His hands slipped from my body down to my hips where he grabbed and continued fucking me. When I came down from my high I felt him grunt a few times and him leaning in to bite my shoulder as he pumped into me a few times as he released inside of me.

When he was done, he pulled back and removed the cuffs from my wrist. My knees buckled badly. He had to grab me around the waist to stop me from falling to the ground like a puddle of water.

“Whoa there.” He said softly before lifting me into his arms and carrying me over to the bed where he laid me down.

I snuggled into his side and he moved to move aside my sweaty hair before cupping my cheeks. I turned my head slightly to look at him.

His eyes still staring at me but this time with wonder.

“You are really something, Rebel.” He murmured before moving down to kiss me.

“I told you I wasn’t going to be afraid.” I replied back drowsily. He chuckled and pulled me closer to his body.

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