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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 5


After being fucked out of my mind by Lucifer he coldly pushed me out the door as if I was nothing. It embarrassed me and pissed me off. I felt used. Silently I swore never to allow that man to touch me again even if his touch makes a fire burn inside of me.

It was Helen, Ben, and my night off from work. We decided that tonight we were going to be the clubbers not the workers. Entering into the club, we moved to sit at the table. When I decided to turn good, I threw all my bad girls, resulting in just a few jeans and shirt. Helen luckily had something that I could borrow. A black form fitting dress that covered only my ass.

When I saw Lucifer enter from the entrance I quickly pretended to drop something and ducked out of the way. After I noticed he was no longer in my sight, I popped out from under the table. Helen was talking to Ben. He was a gorgeous man the only downfall was he was gay and uninterested in women.

“That girl is so getting fucked tonight.” Ben said as he pointed at the girl who was now shoving her tongue down a man’s throat as he groped her body.

“I so want to get fucked. I haven’t got fucked in how long.” Helen pouted as she flicked back her short blonde hair.

“Baby girl, I feel you. I haven’t got a man feel me up in how long.” Ben was pouting too as he propped his chin on the palms of his hand.

“Maybe we need to get drunk.” I said.

“At work?” Helen asked. “Girl, you asking to get fired.”

“Technically, we aren’t working. We are the customers tonight, baby girl.” Ben responded back pointing his finger at Helen.

“It seems that’s the only way we are going to get something we need. Learn from the people we see everyday.” I said as I looked through the crowd.

The DJ changed the song and the song Hot in Herre by Nelly came on. It was an old song but the beat was too good to not dance too. Ben and Helen giggled as they began moving their body and standing up.

They moved to grab my hands and pulled me towards the dance floor. We began swaying our hips and laughing as we rubbed our ass together. Some men were pointing at us with clear interest in their eyes. Ben relished in the attention and came up behind me as he placed his hands on my hip and began moving with my hips. I placed my hand behind his neck and allowed him to touch me.

Nobody knows the Ben was gay but Ben enjoyed the idea of making men horny and I do too. It was actually funny to watch. Helen moved to my front and began moving with us.

When it got back to the verse, it’s getting hot in here so take of all your clothes Ben began unbuttoning his dress shirt. I couldn’t help the grin creeping on my face. I moved to rip open the rest of his shirt before running my hands up and down his chest.

The group of men couldn’t take it any longer. They began walking toward us. Ben was grinning from ear to ear and Helen was purring like a kitten as she watched them approach us.

“Rebel.” My name pierced through the music like a command and my body stiffened like cold water was splashed all over me.

I turned to see Lucifer’s blazing angry eyes glaring at me. Lucifer’s eyes moved to Ben where he grabbed Ben’s shoulder and yanked him back away from me. I let out a cry of surprise at the action. Helen straightened up and ran to Ben where they both grabbed each other’s hand and flee the scene.

So much for friends....

I felt Lucifer’s body so close to mine. The heat of his body was making my walls clench with anticipation already. I took a step forward and turned to look at him.

“What do you want?” I grounded out.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” He grounded angrily back.

“Well, it is my day off, so I figured I’ll go and have some fun. Thanks to you, now I know never to come to my work place to have fun.” I muttered before turning to leave. He grabbed my elbow and pulled my back up against his front. His hard arousal apparent as it was nestled perfectly on my ass.

His lips faintly brushed my neck before moving to my ear. “You really want to drive me crazy don’t you? Didn’t I tell you, you are mine?”

Seriously? He was going to say that to me after he coldly threw me out of his office like I was a whore to him? I’m sick of his hot and cold attitude. I pushed away from his body. He looked at me surprised for a second.

“No, you don’t get to touch me, Lucifer. I’m not yours. You’re the one who was crazy. Tonight, I don’t work for you which means I can drink, party or fuck any guy I want and you can’t say anything about it.” I shouted angrily before stalking away.

Maybe it was the wrong thing to say because the next thing I knew, I was thrown over his shoulder and we were marching to the white door--the forbidden. I propped my hands on his ass and looked up to see Helen and Ben standing a distance away a look of shock crossed their face.

“Let me go!” I punched his back. I heard him grunt but didn’t do anything. When he opened them and walked us inside before turning to close the door. The music from the club can be heard distantly. He took us down a dimly lit hallway.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked in a panic. What if he wanted to fire me? What if he have had enough and wants to beat me up for my sassy mouth?

“There is one thing you will learn, Rebel. When I say you are mine, you are mine and I will make you submit to me.” He said huskily. I should be upset. I should want to kick his ass for trying to dominate me but it only made me more wet between my legs.

We finally reached another door where he opened and when we entered the room he turned on the light and what I saw before me, took my breath away. What the fuck?

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