By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 4


Slamming the door close behind me, I turned around to look at the defiant woman standing in front of me. I avoided her for nights but it only made me want her more. Tonight, the second I stepped foot into my nightclub my eyes scanned the club in search of her. When I found her cleaning behind the counter, the instant hard on that I got was fucking torture. I wanted her and I wanted her badly.

She huffed when I spun her inside my office just a few minutes ago. Her hands coming up to stop her from falling flat on my desk. She turned to me.

“Seriously?” She grounded out through her teeth. “Why are you such an ass?”

“That’s because I am one.” I replied coolly as I walked towards her, slowly, I untied my tie. Her eyes moved to my hands. Yanking it down my neck, I grabbed her hand and wrapped my tie around it.

“What the hell are you doing?” She said in a furious tone.

“Teaching you a lesson.” I said huskily--already I was hard. I whipped her around and pulled her towards me until her the curves of her bottom rested nicely on my crotch. I knew she felt what was behind her.

I grabbed her other hand and tied it also behind her back. She turned from side to side and struggled to escape. I pushed her down onto my desk. My dimly lit office, revealed just enough of her body for me to see how fucking gorgeous she was.

“Lucifier...“She said in a low sultry voice and my cock twitched at the sound of my name on her lips.

One of my hand still resting on her the back of her shoulder blade. I moved my other hand to the curve of her ass, grabbing it. She moaned and wiggled her bottom. It was so fucking sexy.

“You have been bad, Rebel.” I spanked her gently. She squealed as I made contact with her ass. My hands slowly pulled up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panty.

Holy fuck....this right here was sexy.

“No panty?” I questioned.

“Didn’t do laundry.” She muttered.

“Mm...I like it.” I murmured as my hand touched her bare ass softly before squeezing. She threw her head back and moaned.

My hands pulled back just the right amount before I flicked my wrist swiftly landing an effective blow to her ass cheek. She gasped and turned to look at me. I smirked before I did it again.

“Stop.” She half ordered half moaned as I landed my fifth blow on her ass cheek. My hands moved to soothe away the sting before I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her ass.

I moved to stand behind her as I leaned down close to her ear. I began unbuckling my belt. “Are you sure you want me to stop, Rebel?”

I pulled my pants down and shuffled through a drawer for a condom, ripping it between my teeth I slipped it on. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her glistening slits.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?”

She moaned and arched closer to me. I slipped just enough of my tip inside of her. My cock was throbbing so bad. I never wanted something so much as I wanted her. She doesn’t know this but she already had me wrapped around her. Those nights staying away from her, none of my normal submissive turned me on. I was fucking flaccid and now that I had Rebel bent over on my desk. Jesus, I was so fucking turned on, if she would’ve said no I swear I think i would’ve gotten down on my knees and begged her to let me fuck her.

I’m so fucked.

“Do you want me to stop, Rebel?” I demanded in an impatient tone.

“No.” She answered and that was all I needed. I thrusted inside of her completely. She threw her head back and cried out in pleasure as I hit her just in the right spot.

“Jesus, you’re so big.” She mumbled huskily.

I chuckled and moved to grab her around the waist, lifting her up as I continued thrusting into her. Once her upper body was off the desk, I moved my hands to the collar of her dress shirt and pulled it apart. Buttons flying everywhere. My hands moved to cup her naked breast in my hands as I pinched hard. My thrust became fast and hard.She was dripping wet and I loved it.

“So fucking tight.” I growled. “Mine. Say it, Rebel. Say you are mine and that I own you.”

“No.” She defied me and it only turned me on more. I must be a sadistic freak but I loved the way she was so stubborn. I pinched her nipples hard until I heard her whimper and then I pulled her out and thrust harder this time.

“Say it, Rebel.”

When she didn’t respond. I turned her around and undid the tie before I pushed her onto my desk as I bent down and latched on her clit. She writhed under me and muttered a bunch of profanity as I sucked and licked her clit. When I felt her body stiffened I pulled back.

She whimpered in protest. I knew she was about to reach her release.

“Who owns you, Rebel?” I demanded. “Who do you belong to?”

I slipped a finger inside of her and swirled it around. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip. When I pulled back again, she let out another cry of frustration.

“Fine! Alright!” She growled. “Fuck me already.”

I clicked my tongue on the roof my mouth. “Nope. Not the right answer.”

“Fuck you.” Rebel angrily spat. I chuckled and moved to cup her breast in my hands and began a slow massage as the tip of my cock played at her entrance.

“I know you want me to fuck you.” I whispered huskily. “Just say it and I’ll give it to you.”

She moaned and tried to move closer and when I halted her action she huffed. “Alright! Fucking asshole, I’m yours. You own me. Now fuck me already.”

In one swift thrust I entered her again. She gripped the edge of my counter immediately. I pounded into her slow and hard and when I felt her clench around me I increased my speed, moving my hands from her hips to her shoulders.

She was writhing underneath me and when I felt her stiffened as she cried out my name. I quickly muffled her cry with my kiss as I thrust just enough for her to ride her orgasm. The way her walls were pulsing around me, I couldn’t last long. I came shortly after her. A low guttural sound leaving my lips as I pounded so hard and fast inside of her.

When we were done I pulled her body up away from my desk. Cupping her behind her neck I pulled her up for a harsh kiss. Her hands moving to clutch at my dress shirt. When I pulled back, her eyes were glassy with satisfaction. I put that look there and I found a possessive need grow inside of me. I wanted it all to myself. I wanted her all to myself.

I kissed her again this time softly before trailing kisses down her neck. “You’re mine, do you understand, Rebel?”

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