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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 2


Swirling an expensive whisky glass in my hand as I watched the ember gold liquid swirl with my movement, the sound of ice clinking against the glass as I thought about her.

Her voice.


I was damned the moment she moaned. I groaned and covered my face as a growing bulge was straining against the front of my pants. She sounded so sweet and willing.

I brought the rim of my whisky glass up to my lips. I knew this was a bad idea. Number one rule was don’t mess with the staffs but Rebel-the moment I laid eyes on that woman. I knew I was fucked. She was a fucking walking temptation that I couldn’t resist. There was just something about her--the way her long black hair fell in soft curves down her back, the way her dark brown eyes swirled like dark chocolate and cream being mixed, or even the curves of her body-everything about her was fucking sexy.

The image of her naked and bent over on the counter with her hands tied behind her back, has my cock throbbing with need. The sound of the door opened and my eyes immediately landed on Rebel.

“Fuck.” I swore under my breath. She had on her jammies. Does she not know that it was dangerous to walk here like that? Granted she was only a block away but it was still dangerous.

She walked over to me and I can see the faint blush on her cheeks under the dimmed lights. Still sitting I can see that she wasn’t wearing any bra under her tank top. Her nipples were poking through the t-shirt and I can feel myself salivating.

Jesus, I am acting like a horny teenager. I stood up abruptly. She took a startled step back and gave me a weird look. Why did I call her here? What the hell was I thinking? I downed the last of my whiskey.

“Uh...why am I here?” She asked.

Hell, I don’t even know.

“Clean the bathroom.” I demanded angrily.

Her eyebrows shot up like rockets. She gave a disbelieving laugh. “Are you serious?”

“Do as I say.” I ordered dangerously low.

She huffed in anger and stomped her way towards the back room to grab the supplies. Her ass jiggling as she stomped.

Of all that is holy...

She was killing me. I closed my eyes and turned away from the sight.

I can’t think when I am around her. Ever since she started working here, I haven’t been able to think. The need to consume her was overwhelming. She was off limits. It was the only sentence that kept running through my mind to keep my sane but soon it was just a sentence. It didn’t mean anything. I wanted her. I knew that for a fact.

I saw her come out with the supplies and headed towards the bathroom. A went back behind the bar counter and poured myself more whiskey, downing it down in one shot and then pouring more into my glass cup.

After thirty minutes have passed she came back out with the supplies, walked back to the back room and came back out. She stomped her way toward me and crossed her arms under her breast, enhancing it even more for me to see.

“Are you happy now? What else would you like me to do?” She asked.

A whole lot more, baby. I want you to do a whole lot more.

I clenched my jaw and basically just stared at her. When I didn’t answer she rolled her eyes.

“It’s past my shift. Whatever else you need me to clean, it can wait until tomorrow, unless you want to pay me over time.” She said bitterly and walked around the counter to leave.

“I’m not finished.” I said. Her defiant attitude was turning me on even more. I loved how she was challenging me, like I wouldn’t dare to make her do more.

“Clean my cup.” I sat my empty cup on the counter. She glanced down at it and then back up at me.

“No.” She stated. “You clean it. You used it. I am done. My shift is over. I do not work for you after my shift.”

She crossed her arms under her chest and cocked her hips.

Fucking hell.

I arched an eyebrow. “Clean it.”

She worked her jaw and her eyes flamed with fires. She could probably burn holes through the wall if she tried hard enough.

“Make me.” She said softly.

Oh baby, you don’t know what you got yourself into.

My eyes narrowed in on her lips. Her composure faltered slightly. The change in the air was evident. Her breathing increased and her chest began rising more visibly. I moved towards her slowly and she took a step back.

“Do you really want to see what I would do to you, Rebel?” I whispered huskily.

I saw her swallow hard.

So my little Rebel was not so confident after all.

“Fine, I’ll wash that damn cup.” She stuttered and walked around me to wash the cup quickly under the sink before placing it on the drying mat.

I leaned against the counter with my arms crossed as I watched her. She wasn’t my normal submissive type. I like my women slender and with less breast but looking at her, I found everything about her attractive. She was about 38 C, judging by what I am seeing. The curves of her ass had me wanting to spank it.

Damn the things I could do to her.

She turned around to me. “Are we done here?”

“Are we?” I asked.

“Lucifer, I don’t have time for this. I’m tired-”

“You didn’t sound tired on the phone.” I stated simply.

She blushed immediately. Her face turned red. I smirked as I pushed myself off the counter and walked towards her. I placed two hands on the counter, trapping her in. She leaned back as far as she could.

“What do you want?” She asked as she licked her lips.

My eyes dropped to her lips. “I want you to tell me exactly what you were doing before I called.”

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