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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 18


I sat on the edge of the bed with my elbows on my knees. In my hand was a glass of whiskey. I lifted the cup to my lips and took a swig. My eyes on the bathroom door that Rayna entered. I don’t know exactly what to do with her but I knew I wanted it to work with her.

The door opened and Rayna came out with a towel wrapped around her. Her wet tresses falling and sticking to her skin. Her eyes met mine and the immediate desire that flared inside of me told me how much she affected me.

“Rayna.” I spoke. She walked towards me and stood between my legs. I moved to sat my cup down on the end table and grabbed the opening of her towel. It slipped off her body and she stood before me completely naked.

Swallowing hard, I licked her clit. She gasped softly and placed her hands in my hair, urging me to do what I was doing. I increased the speed of my tongue and she was moaning like crazy. My hands squeezed her ass as I brought her closer to my mouth. My tongue played with the slit of her pussy. She tasted so sweet. I was so addicted to the taste of her. I moved and kissed my way up her abdomen. My hands crawling up her bottom to her the crook of her back. She moved to straddle my hips and now her breast was right in my view.

Hungrily, I latched onto her breast and sucked on her nipple. She was rubbing her core against my bulge and god it was making me so fucking hard. I nipped at her breast before flipping her onto the bed. I moved to take off my pants and boxers, pulling my shirt over my head I moved back in to kiss her urgently on the lips.

It was a need like an animalistic hunger snapped inside of me. Her hands wrapped around my neck, keeping me locked. Her own body responding to me evenly.

I couldn’t wait. I needed to be inside of her. I need to feel her close. Slipping my cock inside her I lifted her body up by grabbing her ass as we stood. Her legs wrapped around me tightly and I began pumping inside. The closeness and tightness of her pussy stirring a unquenchable desire inside of me. I groaned and captured her lips with mine; possessing her in every way I could.

After I sat her gently on the ground. She pushed me onto the bed and straddled my hips. I swallowed hard as I watched her slowly put my cock back inside of her pussy.

“Fuck.” I gritted through my teeth. She smirked and began moving her hip sensually slow. It was so fucking hot and sexy how she worked me and usually I don’t get turned on but right here I was. I loved how she used me to get to what she wants. I love the feel of her wet pussy sliding over my cock.

I moved to cup her breasts and pinched her nipples but she trapped my hands and placed them above me as she quickened her hips. The movement sent me groaning like crazy.

“Hmm...your so hard inside of me. You must like it when I take control.” She murmured and nipped at my earlobe. A strangled sound came from my throat. She laughed softly and clenched around my cock. The vixen was teasing me.

My eyes met hers and she lowerez her lips onto mine, never stopping the pace of her hips. She was my drug and my addiction. I admit it. I was absolutely crazy over this woman.

Growling I flipped her over and grabbed her hips as I pumped hard and fast. She cried out and clenched around me but it didn’t stop me. I thrust harder and she threw her head back and cried out. Her orgasm quickly pulled me to mine. I crushed my lips to her as I pumped my release inside her, coating her everywhere.

“Rayna, you are mine.” I growled against her lips before twisting her nipples. She moaned and arched her back.

I picked her up and we showered together and I took the opportunity to touch her all over again by the time we got out of the shower the bathroom was filled with steam.

Slipping on my jeans I glanced at her as she pulled on a red thong. Her ass was jiggling in front of me.


I’m hard again.

She turned around to face me as she tried to clasp her bra. One look at me and her eyes narrowed.

“You will not be touching me again, Lucifer.”

I chuckled and buttoned my jean before walking up to her. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her ass.


She huffed. “You have an extreme sex drive. Your libido is as strong as a horse.”

I grinned. “Only when it comes to you.”

I slapped her ass hard causing her to yelp and push me away. I chuckled and walked over to grab my navy blue t-shirt. I slipped it on and turned to see her pulling a skin tight deep red dress over her body and down her ass that now has a hand mark on it.

She was the sexiest thing alive.

She turned to face me. “Ready.”

I looked her over. Her long black hair falling in natural waves down her back. Her dress hugged her curves nicely. She wore very little make up on her face and I fucking loved the natural look on her. Holy fuck, just staring at her was hard on me.

“Maybe we should order in.” I offered.

She frowned. “I got dressed, Lucifer. I’m going out if you are not you can stay.”

She walked past me her heels clicking as she did and I caught her around the waist just as she came past me. It will never happen. She will never go out looking like this without me.

“Lets go.” I responded.

We arrived at the restaurant thirty minutes later. Rafe and his men sitting nearby. Rayna and I sat closer to the open window to the street.

The waiter walked up carrying a pad. He handed me the menu and then Rayna one. His eyes lingering on Rayna a little too long.

I cleared my throat and his eyes moved back to me. Rayna completely oblivious to the waiter’s appreciation looked up at me. She arched an eyebrow when she saw the irritation on my face.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” I barked a little too harshly. Rayna gave me a weird look before looking back at menu.

The waiter took our orders and quickly left. I glanced back at Rayna.

“You should wear a jacket with that dress.” I muttered.

She glanced down at her dress. “It has long sleeves.”


She calmly sat her hands on the table and looked at me.

“What’s your problem? You don’t like the way I dress? Is it too cheap for this-”

“Fuck, Rayna, its not that! You look fucking sexy and men are ogling at your body like you are a piece of juicy meat they want a taste of.” I growled.

She blinked and began laughing. I watched her in annoyance and she laughed harder.

“Lucifer, stop. I didn’t even realize it until you said it. Clearly, I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” She reasoned.

“But you care what I think.”

She blushed. “No.”

Relieved beyond anything and reassured I relaxed a little. She was mine.

I went through dinner with her without killing the waiter and after we headed over to the movie theatres to watch a movie before we headed home.

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