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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 15


She strips me down and leaves me raw with a need to be near her. It was so fucking crazy but with her I couldn’t deny how right it feels. I never form an emotional attachment with my submissive but who was I kidding, Rayna was not one of them.

She smiled at me from across the counter and it tugged at something in my chest. She looked beautiful in nothing but my white dress shirt half buttoned up and her obsidian hair failing in a sexy mess around her. In all my life, I have never brought home a woman until her. Honestly though, I like it. I like seeing her here.

“You know, you are going to burn the meat if you don’t flip it every once in awhile.” She pointed at my pan and bit her lip to stop herself from smiling.

I turned to flip the chicken breasts in the pan. Luckily it was just the perfect sear on the meat.

“You’re fucking distracting.” I said and heard her laugh.

She slipped off from the counter and walked behind, wrapping her arms around my waist, she kissed and nibbled all over my back. Her other hand skimming my abdomen and chest.

“This is me distracting.” She teased and I felt her hand slip under my boxers to grab me. I nearly dropped the spatula in my hand in my hand.

“Fuck.” I groaned.

“Mm...that can be arranged.” She whispered and bit into my shoulder. My knees buckled as pain and pleasure shot through me. I was instantly hard.

“Fuck, Rayna, stop.” I can’t believe I am saying no to her. She’s fucking stroking me right now and I’m as hard as a rock. I groaned as she played with the tip of my cock with her finger, swirling it around the tip.

“Let’s see...” She moved between me and the stove top. Kneeling down on the ground. “Let’s see how well you can cook, Lucifer.”

With that she pulled my cock out and took me into her mouth. Damn, she looked so good on her knees it only made me harder. I closed my eyes tightly as I felt her suck im her cheeks as she sucked me.

“Baby, we can’t--fuck!!” I growled as she deep throat me so good it had me knee buckling. She pulled back with a pop.

“What?” She asked innocently. “Check your chicken, Lucifer.”

Fuck the chicken.

I turned off the stove, pulled Rayna to stand, turned her around while I bent her over the counter. Her wet glistening core peeked out from under the dress shirt.

I ran a finger up and down her slit.

“Naughty Rayna. You love sucking me and driving me crazy, don’t you?” I asked huskily and when she only wiggled her butt closer to my hands I slapped her core lightly.

“Yes!” She responded. “Lucifer, please.”

I stuck a finger inside her before taking it out to suck.

“Please?” I questioned.

“Fuck me right now.” She shouted in frustration. I chuckled and in one move entered her deep.

Lifting up my dress shirt to expose her ass I slapped her cheek as I pounded into her. I moved to fist her hair in one hand, lifting her head back. She moaned as I continuously slapped her ass and thrust inside her.

When I felt her tightened around me and her moans turning into squeals and gasp I knew she was coming and I quickened my pace to follow with her.

She cried out my name and pulsed around me. I grunted as I felt my own release coming, thrusting a few times I came inside her. Pulling her head back by tugging her hair, I kissed her hard on the lips as my cock was still inside her. My other hand moved to twist her nipple.

I pulled out of her and used a paper towel to wipe us clean before slapping her ass again over the dress shirt.

“Now go clean up while I finish cooking.”

She pouted and headed toward the bedroom. I finished cooking and plating the food and when she came back out she was dressed back in another one of my dress shirt but she put on a pair of my boxers. She had the sleeve of my shirt rolled up.

“Mm...smells yummy.” She cooed and moved to sit down next to me. She popped a piece of chicken in her mouth and chewed. We talked and joked around. It was amazing to feel relaxed at home with another person. It was almost natural as if I have done it for so long.

After we finished our food, Rayna stood up and was about to clean our plates but I wasn’t going to allow her that. She was a guest in my house.

When I finished washing the dishes and walked out into the living room, I saw she was standing by the door.

“I’m leaving.” She said.

I arched an eyebrow as I watched her carefully. She took a step back and reached for the door handle.

“Thank you for dinner. I will see you at work tomorrow.” She stated.

“You don’t have to go. You can stay the night. My bed is big enough for the both of us.” I replied and took a step toward her. She whipped the door open.

“I appreciate your offer but I have to decline.” She said quickly. My eyes narrowed in on her. She was a little antsy.

“Will you be at work tomorrow?” I asked.

“Of course.” She responded and laughed nervously. “Why wouldn’t I?”

A part of me told me she was lying but I brushed it off. I took the last few steps toward her and took her hand.

“Then at least allow me to send you back home.” I said.

I forced her to wear an overly large grey sweater that I owned before allowing us to leave my place. We headed back down the the garage and once we got into the car, we sat in silence.

The playful air from earlier seem to have disappeared. A part of me was growing frustrated because I couldn’t understand why I was fretting so much. When we reached her apartments and I stopped my car, she quickly reached for the handle. My hand went out and caught her around her wrist.

She turned to look at me. Half of her body was almost out of my car. She looked at me confused.

“Rayna, I better see you at work tomorrow.” I fought to control the desperation in my voice. I will not allow her to see it.

Should I trust her to do as I ask?

She nodded and I let go of her wrist. I watched her run up the steps and toward the large double doors. When she went inside, I took out my phone.

“Rafe, I need you to do something for me.” I said as soon as one of my men answered. Rafe was the best and I can trust him.

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