By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 13


I felt cool metal on my wrist and turned to see that Lucifer had handcuffed me to the bed. My gaze found him cuffing my ankles as well. I was left exposed and opened all for him. He pulled back and pulled off his dark grey Henley shirt, revealing his hard and defined muscular upper body. I licked my lips at the sight of him.

Slowly he placed his hands on the bed and crawled up to straddle me. His hands coming to cup my breasts as he squeezed.

“Mine--in my mind is not a simple form of possession. You are anything but an object, Rayna.” He pinched my nipples hard. I moaned and arched my back. His hand released my breast and he moved to the collar of my shirt.

“Its has an underlying emotional attachment to it. I am addicted to your body, your spirit, and your mind.” He slipped his finger under the collar of my shirt and in one move ripped my shirt right through the middle.

“Lucifer.” I moaned. His words and his dominating actions were making my core ache with unbearable need.

He used his hands to pulled down my bra, exposing my breasts for him. His hungry lustful gaze looking me over.

“What is it about you that has me begging for more?” He asked huskily before leaning down to take me into his mouth. His tongue skillfully flicking my erect nipples before he sucked on it. I writhed under him.

“The taste of you got my blood boiling with desire.” He moved to the valley of my breasts and kissed his way down my stomach. My breathing was heavy.

When he got to my black leggings he carelessly ripped it apart, pulling it down to my ankles before he ripped my panties.

“You ripped all my clothes.” I stated in a strangled voice.

He smirked as his eyes flickered up to look at me. “You still have your bra.”

I rolled my eyes and he chuckled before standing up. He walked into a room that looked like his closet. When he came back out he was carrying a gleaming purple vibrator in his hand. My eyes widened as he looked at me wickedly.

“I bought this when I first felt you in my office.” He stated as he crawled back on and lowered his hand between my legs.

He slowly pushed the vibrator inside me and turned it on with the remote in his other hand. I moaned instantly as my walls pulsed around the teasing vibration.

“Fuck!” I hissed and bit my lips.

He increased the speed a notch and I rolled my eyes back. My heels dug into the mattress. He dropped the remote and dipped down to lick and suck on my clit. I clenched my hands into fist. He was torturing me sweetly. I was seeing sparks and white everywhere, the building inside of me tightening quickly to an extreme height.

“Lucif-” I shattered and fell into a million broken pieces. The waves of the orgasm ran through my body over and over and he didn’t stop. He continued his assault with his mouth.

After I came back down, he moved back and smirked as he increased the speed even more. I cried out and threw my head back.

“Fuck!!!” I shouted. I felt him chuckling against my clit. “Lucifer, stop I’m so sensitive.”

“Tell me what I want to hear.” He said huskily.

I licked my lips and he nipped on the inside of my thigh.

Oh god.

“Lucifer, please.” The tightening inside of me growing again. “Fuck, you know I am yours!”

He pulled back and pushed the vibrator further inside me. Damn it! I saw white and my body jerked as another orgasm rippled through me.

When I came back down, he was fully naked in front of me. I swallowed hard as my walls clench wantonly in anticipation to his throbbing shaft.

He positioned himself between me and grabbed my hips. The tip of his cock just barely inside me. His eyes met mine and I saw an emotion that I swear was adoration? Before he jerked his hip and fully seated himself inside me. I cried out as I felt him stretch me.

He pulled back out and piston back inside me. I moaned and arched my hip for more of him. I clenched around his cock. He groaned and increased his speed. Moving his forehead to mine, we stared at each other as he thrust with a hard fast rhythm.

When I felt the tightening in me let go, I cried out his name. He moved to cup my cheeks as he increased his speed so that he came with me. It didn’t take long for him to follow behind with a guttural sound leaving the back of his throat. It was sexy as hell to see him fall apart on top of me.

My heart was beating so fast at the sight of him. Watching him and being with him was telling me something, my heart wasn’t safe. I was in danger of losing it and it scared me.

With love it came with pain. It scared me because I made a promise never to be under a man’s thumb again and here I was doing what I told myself not to do.

I fell in love when I shouldn’t have. He will hurt me like Jim. I couldn’t afford to do this again. I couldn’t go with Lucifer. God, this was wrong on so many levels.

I realized it was already too late. He has done so much already and I was so stupid. I felt like crying. How did he get into my heart so quickly?

“Let me go.” I coarsely spoke.

“What?” He looked confused.

“Fucking let me go!” I screamed and tugged on the cuffs. He moved to release me. As soon as I was released, I pushed him off me and ran into the bathroom. I closed the door and fell to the tile floor.

I panicked. God what am I supposed to do now? I shouldn’t have allowed us to even get here. I should have put a stop to Lucifer’s advances but a voice inside me told me it wouldn’t have mattered.

A soft knock on the door followed by Lucifer’s voice jerked me from my thoughts.

“Rayna.” He said. “What’s going on?”

“Give me a shirt.” I said. I heard him move around and then his feet padding back to me. I opened it and he slipped the shirt in. I pulled it on over my head. It dropped just below my ass cheeks.

“Rayna, come out and talk to me.” He spoke again.

I opened the door. His eyes roamed my body appreciatively before looking at me.

“I-I can’t do this.” I mumbled.

“Do what?” He asked.

“I need to be in control. I can’t lose it.” I mumbled again.

He was very quiet as he took in what I said. I looked at my feet unable to look at him. Several minutes later, he turned and walked over to the bed and lay down. I watched him with a confused expression.

“Cuff me.” He ordered.

“What?” I sputtered like crazy. Did I hear him right?

“Cuff me, Rayna. I need you to trust me as much as I trust you. I have always took control. It is what I do and I don’t work well at submitting. However, I am going to place my trust in you. We have gone this far already. Don’t stop on me now.” He responded in a husky voice, his eyes were already swirling with desire.

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