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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 12


Her eyes were hard and her lips were pressed into a firm line. It was so hard to get a read on her. I wish I knew what was going on in that head of hers.

“That’s where you are wrong. You think you know me but you don’t.” She pushed away my hands and took a step back, wrapping her arms around her waist.

She looked vulnerable.

“I did commit the crime. I took a false identity of a businessman. I seduced him, took his information, opened up credit cards under his information. I did everything.” She spoke in a cold distant tone.

I took a step toward her and she shook her head as she took a step back.

“You don’t know me, Lucifer.” She said, her eyes piercing through me.

“I still don’t believe you did it.” I replied. She laughed sarcastically in response.

“Then tell me. What you think happened?” She tossed at me.

She cower away from me some more as if she was trying to protect herself from harm. Her eyes were almost unreadable.

I looked at her when I spoke.

“What I know? For start, the woman I know is not a criminal. She works hard every night. She has friends. Her eyes when she’s looking at me are deep with untold secrets. Her posture right now tells me she has been hurt in the past. I am into BDSM, I know when I see someone is being or was abused.” I began, slowly moving toward her.

She took a hesitant step back. My eyes dropped to her feet to see if she will move again.

“You didn’t do it on your own.” I stated.

She licked her lips. “No.”

I sat on the back of the sofa, crossing my arms. “Tell me what happened.”

“Tell me how you found me.” She demanded after my order.

I watched her for a moment before speaking. “I’m not an ordinary man, Rayna. I am dangerous. I have men that will kill. I live a life in the shadows but you can still see me. My life is dark and dangerous and because of that I learned to protect myself.

I only but hacked a few federal systems and was able to trace you. You hid yourself well and it took me a while but I eventually was able to find you.”

I put a hand out, asking her to take it. She glanced down at it as if it was foreign to her. After a moment, she took it and I squeezed her hand to reassure her. She walked the rest of the way to stand in front of me.

“Before moving here, I lived down in San Francisco. I was naughty. I was eighteen when I got involved with a motorcycle gang. The leader took a special interest in me. I guess I was bad in my eyes but in his I was innocent. I saw only what I wanted to see.

A hot guy riding a motorcycle--who wouldn’t want that? He lured me in, treated me nicely until he started asking me to do things for him.”

Her eyes grew distant.

“Steal a wallet, flirt with another man in front of him, steal store items, and it took me a while but I soon realized what I was doing. However, I was unable to stop it. He had me under his thumb. I was in love with him and was willing to do anything.”

The rage inside of me was pushing to be released. She was so young. How easily it was for the man to manipulate her. She was naive. I pulled her closer, needing to feel her body against mine.

“I got caught after going after a businessman who was a lot more keen than the others. When I got arrested, he left me there so easily. It was like I was a piece of clothing he wore enough and decided to throw away. I was alone.

After my sentence, I lived my crime, done my duty for doing something so bad. When I was released, he came back to look for me but the minute I saw him, I fled. After a year of stealing identities, it was easy for me to hide until you…” she whispered. Her eyes met mine again and I saw she was back at present.


I told him the story because I was not going to stay here. The minute he releases me from here I was going to run. I could see Jim finding me. The thought of seeing him again, terrified me.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Lucifer said. “You might be guilty for committing those crimes but if you weren’t being manipulated by that prick you wouldn’t have done it.”

I snickered softly. “Don’t, Lucifer. Don’t play the ‘I am the victim’ card. I am not a victim.”

“You are.” He retorted.

I scoffed before pushing away from him. I felt caged. I felt like I was being pressured. I inhaled slowly before exhaling, turning to him I shook my head.

“Don’t give me that look. I am not broken. My past is what defines who I am today. I don’t need your pity or sympathy. You want the truth, you got it. Now you know I am not who I am. Let me go.” I demanded using my anger and fear to give me confidence.

“Let you go?” Lucifer chuckled darkly. He pushed off the backside of the couch and stalked toward me. His posture spoke with dominance. His lustful eyes revealed mischief and clear intentions.

I took a step back but he caught me in time, pulling me into the haven of his body. One arm firmly wrapped around my waist. The other hand gripped my chin tightly.

“Never. Did you forget who you belong to?” He said huskily. His hooded electrifying blue eyes dropped to my lips.

I felt his arousing hard on pressed against my belly and my core throbbed in response. His hand behind my back dropped to squeeze my ass. A soft sound came from me.

“Mmm...my Rayna.” He sucked on my neck and I ran my hand through his midnight hair. The feel of his lips against my skin was like little tiny fireworks.

“Its funny. You think that after explaining to me about your past I will just let you go.” he bit a little into my neck, eliciting a moan from me.

His hand moved to slip under my pants to cup my ass cheeks as he hoisted me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he moved us down the hall.

“But you know what it does to me, Rayna?” It was the third time he spoke my real name and god did it only turn me on more.

I heard him opening a door and closing it with his foot. We were now in a dimly lit room. All this time, he was still taking his beautiful time kissing and tasting me. He carried me over and sat me down on a bed. His body followed mine, forcing me to lean all the way back onto the soft silk bed.

“It only makes me want to make you mine completely.” He huskily said as he grabbed my wrist and placed them above my head.

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