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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 11


“How did you know?” I stammered, the fear brewing inside was like a vvolcano ready to erupt. My body probably drained itself of all organs and blood, leaving me in skins and bones.

He stalked around the counter. The busy environment around us was forgotten. Grabbing my wrist, he pulled me away from behind the counter and down the hall toward the back exit. He led me toward a black sports car that looked really expensive.

I tugged on my wrist but he held on tight.

“Let me go.” I demanded tugging on my arm again.

“Stop struggling.” He ordered and jerked me towards him. I fell into his arms before he pushed me into the passenger seat. When I attempted to get back out he pointed at the glass window to warn me not to do it.

I huffed and crossed my arms as I waited for him to get into the driver side. He turned to me. “Put your seatbelt on.”

“No.” I retorted. He flicked at my nipple. I bit my lip to stop myself from making a sound.

“Now.” He flicked at it harder. I bit my lips and yanked on the seat belt.

He started the ignition and revved the car onto the street. I held onto tight to my seatbelt and turned to look at him. He was angry. He was really angry. I can see the fine lines on his face and the firm set on his lips.

He made a couple of sharp turns and revved the engine harder before he turned into a modern looking building. He pulled the car into a garage and parked it. He came out and walked over to my side. When he opened my passenger side he put his hand out for me to take but when I refused he growled in frustration and grabbed my wrist again.

“Stop, Lucifier! You can’t be doing this to me!” I shouted. “I don’t need to explain anything to you!”

He pulled me to face him, his hands were now holding onto my arms. “You do need to explain to me. I am your employer. I have received false information from my employee. I could fire you, Rebel.”

I lifted my chin defiantly. “Then fucking fire me. I don’t give a fuck-”

He crushed his lips onto mine harshly. His hands tightening around my arms that his fingers dug deep into my shirt. I pushed against his chest until we broke apart. I slapped him hard across the face and moved to do it again but he grabbed my wrist, twisting me around so that my back was pressed against his front. One of his arm held onto my hand that hit him and the other wrapped around my neck but not tightly.

“Let me go!” I tugged on the arm that was on my neck.

“Stop, Rebel! You don’t get to do this. You lied, Rebel.” He shouted. I stopped my struggles. I bit my lip and thought about my past. The reasons why I decided to change and start a new life.

“Leave me alone, Lucifier.” I said defeatedly. “You don’t want to know about me.”

He relaxed his hold on me. “When did I say that to you?”

I felt like crying. I felt like no matter how much I ran from my past, sooner or later it was going to catch up to me and with Lucifer digging up my past it proved to me that I will never be able to break free from my past.

“Are you going to be compliant now?” He asked. I didn’t say anything. He dropped his arms around me and I took the opportunity to dash for the exit.

I can hear his feet pounding on the ground after me. I was just about to reach the exit when he hurdled his body towards me and we slammed against the wall. His front pressed again on my back.

His heavy breathing was uneven like mine. I pushed against the wall to push him off me but he pressed farther into me.

“Why are you so fucking stubborn?” He growled.

“I don’t need to tell you a single thing about me. You don’t like it, fucking fire me. I’m done. You know what? I’ll do us both a favor. I fucking quit.” I shouted at him.

“You don’t have a say in this. I do not accept your resignation.” He responded and moved to slap my ass hard. I yelped as he slapped again. Another hit against my ass cheeks got me yelping again.

“Stop slapping my ass!” I demanded.


“Stop it or so help me god I will kick you-”

Slap! Heat spread throughout my body and shamelessly my core throbbed with delight.

“Lucifier!” I cried out.

“Are you going to listen to me?” He asked.




“Are you?” He asked again.

I hesitated in answer and I saw him raise his hand about to slap again and I shouted, “YES!”

He stopped and grabbed my wrist, pulling me hard toward the doors leading that I assume led inside the building. He took me up two flights of steps until he opened a door with a keycard and we entered into the main lobby. He nodded at the doorman before dragging me to the elevators. Once it opened we entered and he pressed the 10th floor and again used his keycard to scan. We went up in silence, his hand still wrapped tightly around my wrist.

When the door opened I was looking into a very beautiful modern looking pent. He stepped out and pulled me along with him. He dragged me to the white expensive couch and pointed for me to sit. I glared at him and he arched an eyebrow. I huffed and turned to sit down.

He stepped to the opposite wall of me and opened a cabinet revealing his stash of drinks. He poured himself a whiskey before walking up to me. He sat on the coffee table and stared at me as he propped his elbow on his knees.

The ferocity in his eyes made me squirm in my seat. I looked down at my feet before looking back up at him. What exactly does he want from me?

“You’re name is Rayna Johnson.”

The hitch in my breathing told him everything he needed. He nodded and sipped his whiskey.

“You have a record.”

I licked my now dried lips. My heart beat was escalating to extreme heights. God he knows.

“You were criminally charged with identity fraud but because it was your first offense and because you had a judge that was sympathetic towards you, you got off with three years of jail time and probation--an extremely light sentence.” He continued.

He knew.

I stood up unable to sit any longer. I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t see the look of disappointment or the accusing look in his eyes. I moved to stand by the window. He turned me to face him.

“You know what surprises me, I don’t believe any of it.” He stated quietly. “I don’t believe that Rebel--Rayna Johnson could have committed a crime. Tell me what happened?”

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