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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 10


I came out of the bathroom and looked toward the bed expecting Rebel to be asleep but she outside the balcony window wrapped only in a blanket. Her black hair cascading down her back. The moon shining down and causing a midnight shine on features.

I walked up to her and places my hands on each side of her, boxing her in. I placed my chin on her shoulder as we looked out into the city. She leaned back into my body and we stayed like that for a while, just listening to the world spinning around us.

“Lucifer?” She said quietly after a moment. I turned to kiss my way up her neck. She tilted her head to give me more access.

“How did you start a BDSM club?” She asked.

I froze. I expected her to ask me anything but that. Sighing I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against my body, enjoying the warmth of her.

“It started out with a friend. We got into talking. We enjoyed sexual domination play. After a few years we decided to put our money together and created one. We have millionaires to locals who joins but it’s kept on the down low. Everyone’s identity is safe.” I explained.

“How long have you been doing it?” She asked.

“Ever since I was 21.” I admitted.

“So can anybody join?” She turned to look at me nervously. My eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes but we do background checks for the safety of everyone.” I stated.

She chewed her bottom lip. After a moment she spoke. “I want to be a submissive. I want to join.”

Jealousy and possessiveness roared to life inside of me like an ugly monster. The thought of her being dominated by another made me sick to my stomach. I moved one of my hands to grab her by the back of her neck.

“You will not join. You are only mine.” I spoke dangerously low. My gaze went down her body. “That body is mine to look, touch, and taste. No one else.”

The possessiveness in my voice was evident but I didn’t give a shit. I couldn’t share her. Hot red jealousy burned through me as I crushed my lips on hers to show exactly who she belonged to.

When I pulled back her blanket has dropped even lower. My gaze moved to the curve of her breasts.

“Wait.” She said in a sultry low voice, placing a hand on my bare chest. I arched an eyebrow.

“Stop. I won’t allow you to do anything to me. I’m saying no. You don’t even know me. You don’t know where I am from. Who I am. What I did in my past-”

“Then tell me.” I stated.

She blinked in surprise. “N-no.”

I arched an eyebrow again. “Then how am I supposed to know you?”

“I don’t want you to know me. I don’t want to get involved with you.” She said and pushed against my chest. I let her go and she walked back inside to go grab her dress from the ground.

She moved to slip it on over her body. I should let her go. She was right. We shouldn’t be doing this. She doesn’t want to know me and that’s how I like it but it bothered me.

It bothered me that I knew nothing about her. It bothered me that she wouldn’t tell me anything about herself. She was pushing herself away but I didn’t want her to which confused me even more.

I was still deep in my thought when I noticed she wasn’t in the room any longer. I ran out the door and toward the elevator. It closed the minute I got there. Our eyes meeting briefly.

Fuck. Leave her. Forget her. Don’t go after her.

I turned back around and headed back to the hotel room to get dressed. When I was done I headed over to the club. I needed a drink and I needed to prove to myself that I can still sleep with another submissive and be okay.

When I arrived at the club I pour myself a glass of whiskey before walking inside the white door. People were touching, licking, sucking. Sexual satisfaction can be heard in the air.

“Macy.” I commanded to a regular submissive. She crawled over to me on her hands and knees.

“How can I please you, master?” She purred, her eyes sparkling with anticipation.

“Unbuckle me.” I ordered as I tossed back the rest of my drink. She moved to do so but her perfume was burning my nostril. The sight of her blonde hair was unattractive now. The only person i saw was Rebel.

“Fuck.” I growled in frustration. Macy mistook my words and quickened her pace in removing my buckle. I grabbed her hand to stop her.

“Did I upset you?” She asked.

I removed her hands and turned around. Walking back out of the club. Fuck. Rebel got me so fucking crazy.

I went home, angry and frustrated.


I got into work at 6 pm the next day. A part of me dreaded seeing Lucifer but a part of me yearned to be with him but I couldn’t. My life was too complicated. I was suppose to stay away from the bad life and Lucifer was bad.

Helen waved at me as soon as she saw me. I walked over and placed my purse behind the counter.

“Hey.” I mumbled.

“Girl, you look horrible. Rough night?” Helen asked.

“No. Just tired.” I responded and moved to tie my hair up into a loose bun.

It was a busy night. Helen and I worked the bar without breaks when it neared one in the morning it began to die down. Again the air in the room changed. I knew when he was in the same room as me. I refused to look. I moved to wash the glass cups in the sink.

He was probably near because Helen freaked and was gone. Out from the corner of my eyes i saw him sitting there at the counter watching me. Once I was done I wiped my hands and moved to leave the bar but Lucifer stopped me.

“Give me a glass of whiskey.” He ordered. I placed three ice cubes in a glass and pour a bottle of his favorite kind of whiskey.

Walking over to him I place it on the table without looking at him. “Look at me.”

My eyes flickered up. “You want to play boss and employee? Right now you are under me. Mine. I can do whatever I want with you.”

I clenched my thighs as my body was responding to his commanding low voice. The intensity in his eyes was heating me up.

“I looked you up, Rebel.” He said after a moment and blood ran cold.

“W-what?” I stammered.

“Took me a while. I wondered why I couldn’t find anyone by that name but I eventually found you, Rayna, isn’t it?”

Fuck. I’m in trouble now.

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