Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 9

Messing with the furry strawberry keychain at the zip of her black Gucci sling bag, she swung on the roller chair outside her CEO’s room. Hot pinky glossy lips twinkling under the lights. Icy sensations sensed at her jaw as her big, round earrings tapped on it, responding to the inertia. Sticking her elbow on the Polo luggage beside, she stared at her watch, and then to the numberless clock hung on the wall.

“Uhh..Come on..” she nagged, pounding her teal stiletto heels softly on the ground.

It was getting late, for her. Though everyone else in the office just started with their tasks. Echoes of their hurried footsteps, sounds of papers running down the machines, aromas of coffee beans being ground crawled the space. But her frustrations decreased as she paused and focused at the painting on the turquoise wall.

The light shone on her, striking at the stains of sweats drawing down her neck. Glitters worn off. Eyes squeezed at the power of her voice hitting the peak. Applauded by the sea of crowds, accompanied by the tiny sparkling lights.

Starry World, Stella’s 5th World Tour, it wrote.

Just like Kyle, she was a singer. A singer with a very bright future.

“Stella!” A bald man in his mid-30′s, swirling the black Americano in his personal mug, greeted her. “I thought you are going for a vacation?”

“M’rning, Carl,” she waved her hand. "I heard Mr. Wesley wanted to meet me.”

He arched his almost colourless eyebrows. “Really? I never heard anything like that.”

“Maybe it’s not really that important,” she shook her head, rejecting the coffee he offered to her.

He shrugged, lifting his cup to a certain level and knocked it in the air, indicating the end of their conversation.

Just then, the door linking to her boss' room was being moved from staying stagnant.

It was Alex, her manager.

“Stella, enter,” he widened the gap for her to step in.

He was sitting in his usual spot, legs stretched out, crossed on one another. “Stella,” he called. “Meet your new manager, Kenny.”

Slacking her jaw, “W-what? New manager?!” she shot a puzzled look at Alex standing by the door, eyes dodging to meet hers. “What about Alex?” her index finger pointed at him," What’s with the sudden change?!”

He glanced up from his paper works and shot her a sharp look. “It was him who wanted to ask for a leave.”

“Alex?” she walked over to him so fast, almost seemed like she ran. “What’s wrong?” The eyes hiding behind her hazel-brown contact lens were dancing in concern.

He sighed. “Sorry. Stella. I need a short break.”

She furrowed her brows and stood on her toes, hand clasped on his bulky arm. “..What’s wrong?” she repeated, but with a soft whisper this time.

He laid his five fingers on her head, pushing her back on her feet, “Seriously..” he laughed, “Nothing really... I just needed to rest. You’re too famous. And, I’m too tired.”

As though his words penetrated her chest, she swayed back a few steps, “.. You’re abandoning me?”

“Oh Stella come on!” Alex pulled her closer, to where she was a couple of moments ago. “Kenny is a really nice guy. Way much friendlier than I did when we first met.”

" But..still...”

“Nice to meet you, Stella.” Kenny pushed his round spectacles up the bridge of his nose, “I heard from Alex that you needed to go Kyle’s place today.”

His deep and hustle voice shocked her. “..Nice.. to meet you.. Well.. erm...do you know where?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Kenny said, whirling the car keys in his finger, “Let’s go.”

Stella nodded with a forced smile and followed him awkwardly behind after giving Alex a goodbye hug. There was something mysterious about this new manager assigned to her. And Stella sensed it. The big plaster on his face was the main thing rising the curiosity. Of course, it wasn’t the only one. Scars could be seen crawling out on his forearms through his long sleeves as he swung them.

Numerous bruises, stitches everywhere.

He must have felt her stare because he immediately pulled down the edges of his sleeves. Stella shook her head, blinking away from him upon his act and continued to walk towards the parking spot. Whatever it was, today was supposed to be stressless and questionless.

“Maybe his background was really hard,” Stella murmured, trying not to have any bad impressions on him since they would have to stay together for quite some time.

As soon as the car started moving, she sunk her hand into her bag and took out a small red rectangular box. It looked like a gift. Smiling oneself, she clipped the end of the ribbon, pulling until it was freed, feeling the rise of her beats as the mystery was slowly getting exposed.

And when she separated the halves, her lips instantly curved into a sweet, loving smile.

The watch mirrored in her softened gaze.

It was the same as the one on her. A couple watch.

“For someone special,” she tapped on the screen of her Vivo V7, posting it on her Instagram (@stellakforever).

Instagram was the only place that she could express her hidden feelings because Kyle wasn’t an Instagram freak. While waiting for the responses, Stella faced the phone down on her lap. Only a little while was needed for the millions of comments to hit her picture.

A naughty sensation triggered at the end of her nerves as she felt the vibrations were ongoing, jerking the fine hairs on her leg. Unable to hold any longer, she pressed the home screen and thousands of notifications appeared just like what she expected. But instead of scanning her fingerprint, she swiped them away, having no intention to read any of them. To her, letting the world know only meant to let them know.

Suddenly, the rhythmic vibrations of her phone, followed by a customized ringtone shook her. The gift tottered on her lap, escaping to the car mat through the gaps in between her thighs. Kenny turned to the back immediately hearing her sudden gasp. But she gave him a thumbs-up and gestured him to continue focusing on his driving. Her phone was still ringing. Shivering in excitement, she pulled over the green button, while bending down to reach for the treasured object.

“Stella, you here yet?”

“Be there in a short while, Kyle,” she said, releasing silent heavy, unsteady breaths through her mouth.

“Okay then, see ya!”

Kyle’s voice over the phone was enough to make her insane.

She was so in love with him.

“Hey, Kenny,” she said, “please speed up a little.”

“Alright,” he replied and the car dashed 2x faster.

His house was the same the last time she saw. Elegant-looking glass windows, huge personal swimming pool at the side, long porch almost seemed like an uncovered tunnel underneath the layers of customized florals. Tiny buds had grown into such beautiful, blooming ones, surrounding the walk away.

He was standing at the doorstep. Head down on phone, body against the grey rocky wall. He didn’t notice the shadow of her car. Kenny attempted to make a soft honk but Stella stopped him.

“Don’t,” she said under her breath, revealing her leg in the eyes of the Sun. “I’ll go in myself.”

“Stella! Wait!” he stopped her. “Can I.. go in with you?”

She turned, flashing him a puzzled look. “W-what?.. ”

“...I just.. wanted to show my respect.."

Stella hesitated for a while. But she was too lazy to think about anything else. "As you wish," she concluded, wearing the bag over her right shoulder, leaving Kenny a huge achieving smile on his face.

Walking to the door, her heart was slowly beginning to lose its constant rate once more. The side profile of Kyle had always been another captivating yet seductive part of him, sinking her into her lost thoughts about owning him.




He was hot.

"Stella!" The mention of her name from his mouth was quick to pull her back into the reality. He outstretched his arms, waiting for her to come into his friendly hug.

“Oh, Kyleee~” she immersed totally in his cuddle.

“How are you, Stella? It’s been a while, isn’t it?” Kyle moved her flying fringe to the back of her ears, "Really miss you, girl," he expressed.

“Yeah. 6 months," she sniffed his sleeveless shirt, hiding her overwhelming happiness hearing his longing for her. Miss you too, Kyle.

Kyle broke the embrace, pulling her arm. “Enter first, I’ll serve you with some tea.” He paused a while when he saw a different face of her manager. “..Your new manager?”

“Yes. Kenny his name," she said.

“Alright, Kenny. Do enter along.”

“My pleasure, Kyle,” Kenny bowed.

Suddenly, a bright BMW i8 appeared outside his gate before he could make another step in.

TGH 11.

He froze.

Danise’s car.

“Yo bro!” Danise's voice greeted him from afar.

“Danise! Where have you been all night long?” he exclaimed. “Where’s Clover?” he extended his head to look any other figures coming up from behind.

“She didn’t want to come back so fast! So I brought her to my place!" he yelled, making sure that Kyle could hear his message.

“W-what? YOUR PLACE?!”

“Chill!! Oh my god! I’m a good man, okay?”

“Clover!!” Kyle screamed.

A ladylike shadow appeared a few seconds later. Walking heavy heartedly towards the main entrance under the guidance of Danise, Clover didn’t have the courage to look at Kyle in his eyes. She still remembered how she embarrassed him on the stage. And also, Brandon. Trying her best to avoid eye contacts with Kyle, she scanned the house, looking for Brandon. He must be still angry at her, for ruining the event.

Was she supposed to be called lucky?

Because there were any no traces of him.

“Clover..” Kyle repeated once more when she was within his reach. Without any second thoughts, he pulled her into him in one move, a little bit too aggressive.

That motion shocked Stella.

“I’m.. sorry..” Clover apologized, “Kyle..”

He patted her, “No.. don’t be..” consoling her like how a brother would do to his sister for making a mistake. “Meet my loyal friend, Stella!” Kyle introduced Stella as soon as he freed her from his arms.

“Hye, Stella. I’m Clover, Kyle’s personal assistant.” Clover planted a sweet smile, extending her hand for a shake.

Shadowing the boiling green envy in her, “Ah.. personal assistant?” she gritted her teeth. “Nice to meet you, Clover.”

“Alright. Come on, let’s get in. The sun is biting me.” Kyle said, shoving his guests into his house.

And suddenly, cold shivers ran down Clover’s spines the moment she tapped on the doorstep. Her face turned pale at the instance, looking around to find the source of her insecurity.

“Careful!” Kenny caught her from stepping in the air, ”Clover."

She jerked, “Oh. Thank you so much...Erm...w-w-” Her voice trailed off as she turned to look at him. She wanted to ask for his name. But his face wasn't new to her. Despite the glasses and the plaster, she could feel a weird familiar, cold sensation tingling.

Clover was very sure that they have met before.

But where?

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