Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 3

Fright took her over, wobbling the muscles on her cheeks, slipping the liquids swimming in her widened eyes. Hair dampened by the oversecretion.

What happened to the thought of having escaped?

“Damn!” Brandon cursed, banging the wheel for the tenth time. "Out of my way! Out of my way!!!" he shouted at the cars in front, gripping onto the steering, turning it to where ever he could.

The upbeat song playing on the radio, he pushed the on and off button, mumbling about how annoying it was for the song to be played at times like this. Veins could be seen bulging from his arms as he steered. Sweats were running down his jawlines so much and if a bowl was placed underneath, they could at least fill up half the space. He took a side peak. Those cars kept reemerging after each sharp turns, leaving him no choice but to keep speeding.

“How did they know you’re in here?” Kyle questioned, feeling the crawling tension.

Clover parted her lips to claim her innocence. However, none of her words found their ways out. Her voice box was jammed, blocked by her unstoppable hiccups. The messages which were supposed to be delivered orally, ended up delivered emotionally. Backing away from his demanding gaze, she submerged her face into the coat, covering the noise of her cries though it was filled with the metallic smell of her blood.

Kyle moved over - lifting his hand to pat on her head. But he stopped at the last step, flapping his gesture in the air, hesitating if he should do it. “H-hey..Don’t.. Don’t worry... You’re pretty safe in here.”

She didn’t inch. Seeing that just by ‘saying’ didn’t help out much, Kyle finally rested his ‘floating’ hand on her long silky hair. “Right, Brandon?” he asked, trying to ease the uncomfortable breaths around.

"Shut up, Kyle,” he grumbled, still focusing to get rid of the trackers. “I don’t even know why am I doing this.”

“I don’t even know why am I doing this~" he mimicked.

“You better come up with a good excuse for not turning up for the show later,” Brandon rolled his eyes. “Useless brat.”

“Shaddup,” he tsked. “You just need to worry about how to get them offfff."

Sliding his palm into the back of his pocket, he took out his phone and began dialing. A zoomed-in image of a youthful man where his face was smudged with tons of make-up, appeared on the screen as he pressed the green button. ‘Little D’ displayed at the top of the image. He let the dialing sounds be on loud in the air for a few moments until the other line picked up his call.

“What’s up, bro?” A deep rough voice penetrated.

“Danise, do me a favor,” Kyle said, putting his phone by his ear.


“Replace me for the ‘You’re My Perfect Star’ TV show today.”

“W-what?! W-Why?”

“Why not?”

“Your fans are going to be mad at me for stealing your spotlight.”

“You aren’t stealing it. Just replacing.”

“But why?!”

“Just do it, dude. Bye.”


Tut. 30 seconds. Short and nice.

Kyle rubbed his phone onto his jeans, clearing his stains, “See? This is what you call a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

“Yeah yeah. Whatever,” the driver pulled a face.

Glimpsing through the tinted windows, Kyle took a moment off the situation(though the timing was really bad) and let his mind flew with the speed. His lips curved up a little- seeing his faces in the middle of the roads. Ambassador of China’s Global Tourism Organization, ambassador of China’s International WildLife Organization, ambassador for multiples fashion brands.

Tears and sweats he shed to materialize his dream paid off. But they weren’t enough for him to be who he was today.

Fate demanded more from him.

And he gave without realizing.

Everything is the same, he thought, except ..us.

Suddenly, a blinking light flashed from the corner of his vision, grabbing his focus back in the car. And he turned right in time to catch it blinking for the second time.

He definitely saw it.

It was from the furry coat.

Eyes turned wide in shock, Kyle snatched it away immediately, jerking Clover. “W..w--wh-” she staggered, dropping her hand on the mat to centralize herself.

“I think I know why they know you’re here,” he said, pointing to a flashing tiny red spot planted deep inside the material of the coat.

Brandon’s hazel brown eyes widened at the sight of it. “A tr--tracking device?!” he freaked. “Quick, Kyle! Get it out of the window! Now!”

Just like what he was told to do, the coat flew with the speed of the strong moving inertia. That was too abrupt. The right-behind car had to brake suddenly. Remaining cars kissed one another without any pauses, giving the chance for Kyle and the gang to get away smoothly.

Bump! Bump! Bump!

A smirk curled on Brandon. “Aha! Serve you right!” Brandon said, driving away at full speed, drawing their shadows out of his sight.

“Finally...” Clover breathed,” They are... really gone..”

“I told you,” Kyle flashed his gentleman smile - the one that his fans would be dying hard to get. " They won’t catch you this time.”

“Thank you so much, Kyle,” Clover smiled back at him.

So this must be why your fans love you so much, she spoke in her mind.

Now that everything was settled, Kyle’s perfectly-defined features were slowing making their ways into her view.

Big, round dark brown eyes. Obvious jawlines. Thin, pinkish lips. High cheekbones. Sharp, pointed nose. What else?

One word-Modellic.

Clover was stunned by his captivating features.

“So...” Brandon’s voice slapped hard on her face, breaking her admiration. “Where are we going?” he pulled his car over to the side road, lifting up the handbrake.

She knew his question was referring to her. Well, who else if it wasn't her? “Ermm.... Just.. drop me off anywhere...”

“Anywhere?” Kyle rose his eyebrows.

“Yes. Anywhere,” she tried to sound confident. “And I shall look for a way out by myself.”

“What do you mean by that?” His voice filled with care and concern.

No, Clover. Don’t waver. He helped you out too much. Now it’s time to be on your own. Glancing the surroundings -having no idea which part of the Earth she landed on, she stretched her fingers to click open the door. “I think I will just get down here.”

“Hey! Wait!” Kyle grabbed her arm from his seat. “Where are you going from here?”

“I’m sure it will lead me somewhere,” she said.


Wrapping his hand in hers, sending her warmth across his body, she mumbled, “Thanks Kyle. For helping me. For saving me... ”

“You’ll probably do the same if you’re in my shoes.”

“Maybe?” she chuckled, pulling her arm away from his grip. “Okay. You better get going before anyone sees both of us ‘tangled’ up together.”

“Good one, girl. You’re incredibly right,” Brandon said. “Come on, Kyle.”

The sun was high up in the sky, radiating its heat everywhere and there they were, in the middle of a deserted road. Kyle was reluctant to release her. He wanted to listen to his manager and let her go to wherever she wished to. But he couldn’t go against his principles. Being brought up in a middle-ranged family, he was told to protect despite their looks, ages or colours.

No words spoken and they remained stagnant with their eyes staring into one another. Only the wind was doing its job perfectly well, blowing their hairs, filling up the awkward atmosphere. Things were starting to look weird. The harder she tried to break away from his grip, the more he tightened it. She felt his muscles tensing, not knowing what to do.

Clover could have continued with her act but she was losing it. Her vision was blurring -energy to stay awake was fading.

“Kyle.. Go,” she faltered, praying hard he would not realize her current state. “Don’t worry about me...”

It was Kyle of all people, how could he not know?

“.. Your face doesn’t seem so right..” he said, stepping out of his car to hold her in a more secured state.

“No.. Kyle,” using her remaining energy to push him away. ” Don’t..”

“KYLE LEE! GET BACK IN THE CAR! FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!” His manager stomped his foot on the brake, saliva was spat across the air.

“Kyle.. Don’t.. Do--” And there she dropped, straight into his embrace. Safe and sound.

“I knew it,” clutching her by her waist, he brought her back up into the car.

"Kyle Lee, ” Brandon said behind his gritted teeth. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Saving a life.”

“And damaging yours?”

No response. Staring at the unconscious girl in his hands, he stroked her long fringe and tugged them behind her ears. He didn’t know if it was right or wrong. All he knew was that he couldn’t just leave her alone.

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