Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 29

Blackmailing. Sex assault. Rape. Kidnapping. Possessions of deadly weapons. Jack Lee, along with all of his men were charged. The pride of the nation’s treasure vanished. No longer the famous lawyer, but an old-perverted sex addict. Police seized his house, properties. His luck went the downhill. Unlike Evelyn. Because of her words of truth, the proofs she had, and also her act of turning into a witness, her sentence in jail was decreased.

Though DreamMare achieved success through the short way, citizens were beginning to accept its nature after obtaining news from the media, saying that the owner repented. Raymond and the remaining staffs worked hard to protect their pastry shop. Menus and services were upgraded. Kyle’s fans too paid a visit when they came to know DreamMare was started up by his family. He even helped out in the shop, together with Brandon, Danise and Clover, making DreamMare a hot spot to be stepped in by other celebrities and fans.

“If you were late by a second, the bullet would have pierced through my head,” Kyle nagged, giving Danise a sidelong look.

Danise locked the bi-fold doors, rolling out his tongue. “But I wasn’t.”

Kyle stood up from his cushion, “Damn you, idiot!” chasing the retreating and then running Danise around the small room.

“Oh come on Kyle!” little D chuckled, hiding behind Clover, panting. “How old are you already to be playing silly games like this?!”

Putting his palms on his waist, “So unlikely of you to be hiding behind a girl~” he teased.

“Clover is my sister,” Danise pulled his knees to his chest, glancing over her shoulder like a small little boy, “sister should protect the brother.”

Sipping in the iced plain water, other than shaking her head looking at the immature men in front of her, Clover could only laugh. Siding anyone wasn’t going to put the game to a stop. It had been a while to feel this free. She thought she would never be able to get a hold of this feeling again. But Kyle made it possible for her.

“Thanks, Kyle,” she murmured out of a sudden, drawing question marks on them in the middle of the 'catch me' battle. “...for everything.”

He flashed a warm smile, sitting down beside her, and silently Danise crawled away, reaching for the door, giving them a private moment. “It has always been my pleasure to make you happy,” he grabbed her hand, putting it on the spot where she could feel the beats of his heart, “do you know what I’m trying to say?”

“...It’s your pleasure to make everyone happy. You are a celebrity!” she said, trying to pull back from his clutch.

Kyle tightened it immediately. “No. They are different,” he drew in his face, whispering on her lips. “Can’t you sense my love pouring out for you?”

Almost losing her balance, Clover pushed him behind slightly. He wasn’t inching, but was rather getting closer and closer. “Kyle.. it’s awkward...” she uttered, fighting to stay still on her seat.

“My heart is yearning for you, Clover Hon,” he ignored her request to increase the gap. “So much that it was difficult to breathe without you by my side.”

This time, she pushed him hard and finally got out from his half cuddle. She moved to the next seat, leaving Kyle hovering in the air. Gulping down her saliva, she felt her cheeks burning in red. Seeking for a chance to escape into the wide space outside, thoughts were running everywhere in her mind. She needed to breathe.

“I’ll go and get more water.”

Kyle locked down her hand. “Why are you running away?” he sounded hurt. “Why not give a chance for our story to start?”

“Because you are a celebrity,” she pursed her lips, “... and I’m a nobody.. oh wait-- an ex-sex slave to be more accurate.”

“A celebrity should have the rights to love whoever he wants to,” he argued. “Clover please, let me light up your life. Let me protect you. Let me love you with all my might.”

“Don’t you feel disgusted being with me?” Clover stared into him, hoping to look at his inner thoughts, ” even I’m disgusted and ashamed at myself.”

Pulling her waist towards him, shortening the distance between them once again, “To embrace the present, one should never linger with the past.”


“There’s no but when it comes to you and me,” he stroked her pink lips, “together, we will make everything possible.”

And he planted her a long, loving kiss.

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