Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 28

He was there with a cup of coffee, resting his head on the massage chair, alone. Blowing away the heat of the drink, he rolled his eyeballs, looking at the house lived by the nation’s most famous lawyer, his late father’s elder brother. He had never been here. But he knew, it was more than what he could expect. The wind bell, with a fairy in the middle, hiding within the bars of the cylindrical steels, at the doorsteps were chiming, swinging along with the breeze. A huge Amethyst Geode was placed beside the 105-inch television. Sparkling beautifully in its purple tones. Many certificates, newspaper articles, magazines’ covers, were hung at a specific area on the wall. They shone even more brightly under the orange light fixed above.

His uncle was indeed very successful.

So successful that he was afraid, and hesitant to do what he was told to do before coming here.

“Oh my my my! Look who’s here!” Jack’s voice shook him.

“Uncle Jack!” Kyle stood up, extending his arms for a warm hug.

“Kyle! My boy!” he chuckled, tightening his cuddle on him. “Life’s good? I heard you just had your concert not too long ago.”

He only returned him with a smile, and said nothing much in return.

“What’s wrong, boy?” Jack asked, squatting down to meet his nephew’s lowered, sunken eyes.

Kyle sighed. “Raymond said mom has been missing,” he stared at the air bubbles popping inside his cup, “...I’m worried.”

Don’t worry much, she’s not dead yet, deep inside him, Jack thought. But instead, ’WHAT?! MISSING? Did you lodge a police report?” he acted to be freaked out, just like how he was supposed to be, since they did share some sort of blood relationships.

“Yeah. But there’s still no news yet.”

Of course, she’s here down there, with my sexy, he smirked silently.

And Kyle saw it.

He clenched his grip on the cup he was holding. So tight, almost spilling the brown inside. Jack noticed and immediately reached out to take it from him. He squeezed Kyle’s hands, eyes showering him with overflowing kindness and concerns. How much Kyle hoped for them to be true, but the smirk vanished everything into mere dusts. The hesitations, doubts he came here with were gone. What he saw in Kenny’s room were real.

His uncle was not a good piece of thing.

It was time to start the plan.

“U-u...uncle J-jack...,” Kyle lied on the sofa, legs stretched to the end, putting on sorrows and aches on his pale face, “... do you have headache pills?” he requested, pushing both his hands to the sides of his head, “... I feel like.. my head is nailing me from the inside....”

“Kyle??" he moved closer to lay him in his arms. "You okay? ... What’s wrong suddenly?”

“I don’t..don’t know...Ouch!-” Kyle crouched in pain. He needed to make it as dramatic as possible to get him out.

“Kyle!!” he dropped his knees to the ground, holding him from tripping. “Aww mannn.. ” he tsked, glancing around his house, “I don't have pills... f*uck!"

“ It hurts...” Kyle grabbed his uncle's arm, fixing his desperate gaze on him, "Unc...uncle.. J-jack... it... it h-hurts..."

“Okay okay. I get it. I’ll go get for you. Wait here, I’ll be back really quickly.” Jack said in a rush, taking the car key from his pocket and exited through the main door.

The slamming shut of his car, and the left behind screeches jerked Kyle awake from his fake attempt to be sick. Immediately, he took out his phone and swiped for the images Danise sent him. The basement is below his sleeping room, Danise’s voice echoed in his head. Pushing all the doors he could find, he searched for the same layout, just like in the picture. Bathrooms, kitchen, study room, dining room.Where the hell is his bedroom? Kyle ran, turning everywhere, knocking into corners, almost bumping down the home accessories.

And he stopped, with a wide smile flashed across his face. Yes. This is it.

There was a room at the other end wasn’t closed properly. Just by looking through the tiny gap, it was an instant reaction to know it was the same room as what was showed to him.

Stepping in, the door creaked, drawing still the fine hairs behind his neck.

“You can’t feel scared now, Kyle,” he mumbled, “Clover is waiting for you.”

The link to the basement lied beneath the tiles. Stomping on every step, he paid full attention to his ears, searching for the right one. It wasn’t showing up. The tiles looked the same, none attracted him in anyway other than being slightly too reflective under the fluorescent lights. Puffing the strands of fringe from his face, he leaned against the wall, biting his nails. Kyle was starting to get devastated. Things weren’t going according to the plan. Glancing at his watch, time was slipping away and he barely started. He smacked the table beside, hating the fact he was so useless.

Right then. his pinky tingled at an icy cold shock.

It was a small tinted glass planted inside a square table.

Hope flickered in Kyle once again when he slid it up and a black button was inside. He pushed it despite not knowing what it was. It might be a fire alarm or a water alarm. But he needed to try. He waited for a while, for the changes to occur. And when the block was lifted up, a rush of relief hit him. In a glance, he sank himself into the hidden path, on the way to free the girl he loved with all his heart.

Running down the stairs, his paces paused, getting a glimpse at the dark pavement. Guards were there. Kyle then picked up a rough stone and threw it far across the opposite direction, attracting their attention to leave the spot and go after that sound. As expected, the guards stiffened at the noise. One of them nudged the other person to seek the source, while the staying one shall continue to be on standby in front of the cage.

Sliding in from the side, Kyle drew in a deep breath and surged. “Clover! Are you in there?” he shouted, backing himself up against the sole guard outside the door.

The familiar voice snapped her. “Kyle...?” she muttered softly, as if she couldn’t believe that she just mention her name. “Kyle!! I’m here! Kyle!!”

His sudden attack jerked the remaining guard. Before he had the time to react, Kyle immediately cuffed him by his neck and planted a fist deep into his face. It was too light. He wasn’t knocked off. He turned his body 180 degrees, suffocating Kyle, and kicked him flying across the space. Kyle fell hard on the ground. Blood was reporting. His eyes jerked wide the moment he saw two figures in the room. Mom.....? Ignoring the metallic taste at the back of his tongue, he gritted his teeth and stumbled to get back on his feet. Lunging another attack, he jumped on the piles of brick and lengthen his legs fully in the air. He cupped the man’s neck in between his ankles and twisted it. Saliva oozed from the man’s mouth. He was out in the game.

But there was another man, coming into view from another side. Immediately, Kyle snatched the bat from the hand of the unconscious man. As if he was used to this scenario, he ran towards the foreign shadow and slashed the bat down his head. The guard blocked it with his arm. He dodged it surprisingly. Kyle held his weapon too tight. The man pulled the baton, yanking the young boy onto the wall, crashing hard.

“Kyle!!” Clover screamed from where she was, witnessing the entire scenario. “Kyle you alright?”

“Shut up! B*tch!,” the man warned, kicking the cage with the ‘steel’ leg of his. “he’s gonna die anyway.”

Sparkles could be seen igniting at the edge of the bat as he dragged, sending screeches across the tensed atmosphere. Evil grin was formed on him, approaching the prey fighting hard to stand. He stretched his neck as he walked, warming up before ending the life of the little boy in front of him. Holding up the bat up above his head, he drew in all his force and push it down with all his might.

“Wait, Andrew.” The owner interrupted the attack.

Immediately, as obedient as a dog, the Andrew man dropped the weapon and stood beside, back to guarding the gate. Jack stepped down the stairs with a packet of pills in his hands.

“Oh my my my...I thought you said you aren’t well?” he arched his greyish brows, shooting the question to his nephew.

Kyle was silent.

“I thought you would be different than your mom,” Jack pointed to the woman tied to a T, “cause you’re my nephew, so you would have a part of my senses.”

“But no,” he continued. “When they said it was you who stole Clover from the airport, I was so disappointed. Why are you being such a busybody? You have your celebrity life. Go ahead and live it without messing up other people’s business!”

“Let them go, uncle...” Kyle begged, crawling to his feet, staining the shoes with his blood. “Please stop this whatever crap that you are doing behind.. huh?”

He flapped his foot, yanking him away. “I know you like her," he pointed inside the cage, "Well if it’s other girls, I can help you. But if it’s her, I’m sorry boy. It was a desired sex at first sight. When I saw her being sold on the Internet, it was an instant reaction to buy and keep her on my bed 24/7.”

“You weren’t like this before, Uncle Jack...” he muttered, “Remember how you used to bathe me when I was young, played with me and even supported me when I wanted to chase after my dream.”

The cold gaze in him disappeared for a brief while and love came upon. “Those... were the past.”

Seeing the slight changes in him, “We can make it into reality again!” Kyle said lightheartedly, hoping to pluck off the evil thoughts buried in his Uncle Jack.

“Reality? Reality is cruel Kyle. That girl’s father cheated on me,” he hissed, remembering the past trauma he locked behind his mind. “And I trusted him wholeheartedly because I thought our friendships were real.”

“You already had your revenge. Why are you still torturing her?”

“If I knew she was their daughter, I swear I would never touch her. But it was too late to know,” Jack shrugged, walking towards the lockup, sticking in his fingers in between the bars. “My penis yearns for her.”

“You’re a lawyer! You are supposed to protect the weak and fight against the strong!”

“It’s time to retire,” Jack signaled Andrew to open the cage, “Bring him in,” he commanded.

Kyle was dumped to the side, head being stepped, red liquid dripping from his nose. Evelyn clinched her fists, eyes red with fury, hands and legs were grappling to be free. The clinging noise from the metal chains drew Kyle’s attention. He drifted his sight to the girl staring at him. It was Clover. Muscles of her cheeks were wobbling, the tip of her pale nose was turning pink. She was worried. Him being in agony was a sight she never wanted to see. Despite the pain of his head nailed to the ground, he lifted up the corner of his lips, flashing a thin smile.

And it slowly faded as Jack neared her.

“Now, you guys are making me feel awkward,” Jack brushed Clover’ face, “So you do like my nephew, little girl.”

Clover pulled her chin and looked away from him.

“No no no, you were obeying to me nicely before I went out,” forcing Clover to look straight into his eyes. “Is it because of him? I knew it was because of him!” he exclaimed, sending a sharp glare at Andrew.

The man nodded and deepened his force on Kyle’s head. Veins were bulging out on his forehead, bearing with the burn. Andrew turned him over and strangled him with the five fingers of his. Kyle was fighting to breathe. His legs were kicking the air, battling to be freed.

“Noo.. nooo....” Clover cried, “stop..STOP!!!!”

Jack smirked, holding up his hand. And Andrew stopped the hits. “Kiss me.”


He unlocked the chains cuffing her limbs, dropping them onto the ground. “Kiss me,” Jack repeated, hugging her tenderly in his embrace.

Clover was startled. She turned, looking at the bloody Kyle. And instantly, she knew she had no other choice but to listen to his commands.

“Kiss me,” he urged, motioning her to get on top of him.

Swallowing in her pride, Clover shifted and climbed on his body. He perked his lips, waiting for hers. She hated it. The stench from his mouth was grossing her. Jack forced her down when she kept hesitating. Faster, my love -he whispered by her ears. Clover extended her neck, and planted her quivering lips on his. She only wanted to put it there for a second. But before she could remove it away, Jack grabbed her head and pushed it, deepening their kiss. A hot tongue kiss. He moved his lips away to gasp for breath and continued. He crossed his legs on her, rubbing his cock against her vagina.

Kyle tensed. Clover, he needed to save. However, his thoughts as though could be read by Andrew. He punched him right in the stomach when he was struggling to break free from his catch.

Jack surrounded the pavement with his evil laughter. “Sexy kiss, my love,” he teased, “Hmm.. how about a boob groping time?”

He buried his face in between the two mountains of hers. Clover twitched, remembering the same sensation she felt. Sliding his hand inside her shirt, he was touching her breasts. And his other hand was reaching for the clasps of her bra. Clover went numb. Not knowing what to do. To let, or not to let.

“Clover!!!!!!!!” Kyle finally broke free from Andrew’s control. He jumped onto the bed and pulled Clover away from Jack’s grip.

Kyle brought Clover and hid her behind his back. He scanned the door. Andrew was there, standing up after losing the combat with him. Jack jerked up from his lying position and rage was all over his expression. They retreated to the corner. Jack appraoched them. He laid open his hand, and a handgun was put on it. Pulling the hammer, he released a shot to the ceiling.

“I really don’t like killing, Kyle,” he said, flashing the head of the gun towards their direction. “Why are you making me to kill you?”

“S-stop, Uncle Jack. Let’s.. Let’s surrender to the police..”

He let out a fake chuckle. “Surrender? There’s no surrender in my dictionary.”

“You are really... killing me?” clearing his throat to sound louder, “Uncle Jack.... you... you are really so cold-hearted.. to kill your own nephew?

“It was you!!” he stuck the gun to Kyle’s head, “you ruined everything! Anyone who stands in my way, I will KILL.”

“I miss my Uncle Jack...” Kyle muttered.

“SHUT UP!” pressing the trigger, “don’t blame me, Kyle. There are things... where you aren’t supposed to know in the very first place.”

The abrupt noises of the multiple footsteps running above them dragged his solid attention on them. He furrowed his brows at Andrew, telling him to check out what was going on. And immediately, gathering the remaining energy in him, Kyle took the chance. He swiped away the gun with his leg and tossed his uncle to the icy cold ground. Jack hissed at the sudden attack. Getting up almost effortlessly, he ran and reached for the gun. Kyle caught him by his foot once again and slipped him hard. Dusts smeared his face as he slammed into the puffs of foreign particles.

“You've lost, Jack Lee,” Kyle said, pulling his hands to the back of him and locked them in his grasp.

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