Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 27

She descended the stairs, shifting most of her weight onto the pole. Creaks mustn’t be heard. Each step was tapped with only the tip of her toes. Her heart was hammering so loudly, turning her breaths into unsteady gasps. Slowly, she reached the end. Pressing the wall, she slid her head slightly to scan the current situation. The guards were there, standing solidly with their hands tucked behind their backs. Not realizing the presence of her far beside. She pulled in her head quickly and leaned against the rocky wall separating the stairs and the room. How? she thought, looking at herself being so weaponless. Panic in her spiked to the highest level as the silence creeping in the air was not interrupted. She ran her eyes around, trying hard not to release any single noise.

And they stopped at the sight of a metal stick sleeping in the midst of the dust underneath the steps. It seemed to be abandoned. Despite the dirt nor the trashes, she crawled in and dragged her body until she could reach the only weapon she found. A puff of relieve escaped from her mouth voicelessly, blowing away the foreign particles below her chin.

The stick was tight in her grip.

Her face twitched for a moment when she got up and saw the amount of mud stained on her shirt. She wanted to pat them off, at least a little. But her hand hovered. Afraid the flapping could attract the unwanted attention. Bare with it, Evelyn, she told herself.

Holding the bat over her head, she peaked for one last time. The men were the same as before, not showing any changes in motion even if it was just a small move. One against two. There were no turning backs, or rather she didn’t think of turning back without getting the lady in the cage out with her. So that she could clear the bits and pieces of her guilt. And with a huge step, she embraced with the exposed danger right in front.

She threw herself at the opponents, pushing them off their solid defense at the door. Their eyes were open with shock and confusion. But it only lasted for merely one second. One of the men reacted instantly. He caught her by her leg, tossed her onto the wall like she was nothing. Damn! Lending force from the wall, she kicked and surged forward. With a slight turn of his body, the man dodged her attack easily. He carried her weight above his head in return, and slammed her hard on the ground. She heard crackings coming from the inside of her body. The pain struck her. Lumps of mass fell from the ceiling thanks to the attack.

Instantly, an idea flickered in her. She swiped the particles with her foot, shoving into their views. Some got on their faces, some had in their eyes. Seizing this chance, she lunged and sliced them as rough as she could, with the bat in her hands.

They collapsed.

Flinging the metal stick stained with blood at the edge like she was not the reason for the red liquid to be there, she stumbled to get back on her feet, tripping over the two bodies. She pulled off the thick bunch of keys hanging at the waist of the lying guard. Hands trembling in fear, so fast that her five fingers almost seen as one. The skeleton glided from her clutch, clanking loudly onto the floor, drawing the echoes across this room hidden beneath the soil. Picking it up immediately, she pushed open the small block at the door and looked beyond.

Clover was in there.

I’ll bring you out. Shoving the key into the hole, the lock didn’t seem to be unlocking. Thin, thick, small, or big, they were just not matching. And the patience in her was running out.

“Come on....” she hissed behind her gritted teeth.

Time was rushing her. The mix and match method wasn’t helping. Placing the set flat on her palm, she shut her eyes and buried her fingers in them. She ran her touch sense along the different stems, until her instinct told to draw out the one she was feeling. Evelyn fixed her stare on it. With thousands of prayers lifted from her mouth, she hoped desperately this would be the right key to the lock. And she pushed it in, turning it slightly to the right.

The head bulged. Yes! It clicked open.

She slammed the door to the wall, dashing to the young lady on the bed. But her pace slowed down, the moment she saw her looking straight at her.

Clover blinked a couple of times.“...Aunt...E-evelyn?” she moved her body, as if afraid of her coming closer.

“....If I say I’m here to help...” Evelyn approached her slowly. “...will you trust me again?”

She didn’t respond. Nor did Evelyn speak any further. Bustling over the same set of keys, she meddled with the locks tying her down. When it was only one, she almost went nuts. Now that there were four, she wondered deep within how was she going to get all the four the right ones.

“Did it hurt?” Clover asked, looking at the fresh cuts and bruises on her. “...what happened?”

Yes. She hated her. So much that she thought she could pull off her skin and let her burn in pain. But it was just a thought. Despite the hatred, part of the sunshine in her childhood was indeed filled by Evelyn. She took care of her like Clover was her own child. It might be because it was part of her plan. However, everything was real in the eyes of the small, innocent girl, which had grown up into a young, matured lady.

Seeing her in such agony lured out her tears. At that moment, whatever grudge Clover had on her vanished like it never existed.

The kindness planted in her never failed to draw a smile across her face. “It’s worth it. Let’s get out here first,” Evelyn muttered, moving on to the remaining lock at her leg. One more to go, before they could flee for their lives.

She flapped her fingers in the air and straightened her back, erasing the growing numbness generating down her nerves. The last lock was different than the previous three. It was heavier, tougher. The gap on the lock even shaped in an unusual pattern. Again and again, she tried. But disappointment hit her. Uneasiness was surprisingly spiking up. The time had been dragged too long. They needed to leave already. Betting on all her available lucks, she strained her eyes and sensed for the oddest key stuck in the bunch.

The one with a needle-like end, rusted glassy body.

“Please,” she hoped, hesitated for a brief while before inserting fully. “No more time to fail.”


“Clover! Run!!” she grabbed Clover’s hand and ran towards the exit.

The only path to reach the light was the stairs. It wasn’t wide enough to fit in two people at the same time. Evelyn took the lead. Clover followed closely at the back. The strange chill was still in the air, blowing gently over her exposed skin. She shivered, rubbing her arms and quickened her pace. And then, Evelyn stopped suddenly. Her body muscles vibrating in sight. Clover stood on her toes and glanced over her shoulders.

Ceiling. Why is she pushing the ceiling?

A gleam of illumination glimmered the stairs they were stepping on. Clover looked ahead and twitched her eyes as the gap was widening. The ceiling wasn’t a real thing. Just like how they portrayed in movies, it was the exit and also the entrance to the hidden pavement located down the house.

Through the gap, Evelyn ran her eyeballs like a professional spy, scanning the space they were about to enter. Nobody at the moment. She hopped up from the stairs immediately and extended her hand back in the darkness to reach for Clover. She grabbed it with a slight smile, leaping into the different surrounding. Instead of the chill, warmth was present. It somehow loosened up the fright in her. Coming up fully away from the ceiling, she paused and studied around. At the piles of documents, the tidiness on the bed, the ancient drawings queued along the walls.

The image of the disgusting man floated in front of her mind. So this is how your room looks like. Totally wasted to be yours.

Evelyn urged from the balcony. “Clover! Fast!” She looked past the transparent windows and waved her hand, gesturing her to speed up.

Tearing her attention away from the place, “Sorry, sorry,” she murmured. But something fell from the side, distracting her path. “Oops.” Clover hopped over while sliding a look at the image printed on the surface of the solid.

It hit her, turning her face pale instantly. She floundered upon reaching the point.

“What’s wrong?” Evelyn asked, holding her from slumping, “hurt anywhere?” she flipped her body front and back, checking if Clover was perfectly fine.

“Jack Lee, national’s treasure.”

Evelyn froze.

Clover repeated, ”Jack Lee, national’s treasure.” She made a move, cornering the woman at the balcony. “You know him from the very beginning, don’t you, Aunt Evelyn? It was him, whom you helped to destroy everything I had, isn’t it?” she asked, forcing down the hunk growing thick in her throat. “You knew he wouldn’t be here right now that was why you came, am I right?”

She looked away from her piercing stare,” L-let’s get out first, Clover...”

“Answer me.” She wasn’t backing away.

“Yes.” Her voice was firm. “I know him. I helped him. But I regretted,” she reached for Clover’s icy cold palm and squeezed it tight in her wrap. “I really regretted a lot. He seduced me with money, Clover. And I needed money to make DreamMare work. ”

“You needed money so much that you could betray your own conscience.”

“I am already regretting it!” she snapped. “I couldn’t do anything else but to bring you out right now, Clover. Let’s go. I only managed to lure him out for an hour. Come on...” Evelyn showed her the thick string linking the pole to the ground floor. “Please, Clover... let me do something for you.”

Clover smoothed her index underneath her eye, shoving the unwanted liquids. “I hope I don’t see you again,” she hissed, crawling out of the corner, reaching for the rope Evelyn used to climb up a while ago.

“You probably won’t,” she said, sliding down her body.

“Why?” Clover asked, taking the next step after her.

“Cause I’m going to the police. I betrayed the old man. And he’s going to come after me. Before he could do so, I’m going to confess everything.”

The sudden loud engine of the car trailed off their remaining words. Clover’s lips was still parted open when Evelyn pulled her away and ran as far as they could from the house. Going through the bushes, hopping over the sleeping branches and sticks, they dashed into the mini woods without any glances at the back. Jack must have seen their shadows. Because it was barely a while when the tapping of the tough, hurried footsteps echoed through the air. Evelyn held Clover’s hands tight in hers. The sounds of their paces were approaching. Quickly, she tossed Clover down the slope and her rolling towards the same spot. Behind the tall wild grasses, they hid. Every second seemed to take forever. Evelyn patted on Clover’s back, motioning her to bend down lower. Those men were there, scattered, scanning the place for the figures of the two ladies. Slashing the greens with their hands, kicking the trees.

They waited stagnantly in the bushes, stopping their breaths as they sensed the men were getting nearer. Too afraid to make any movements. Peaking through the tiny gaps between the leaves, the blackies were moving further from their hideout. Huh, Evelyn relieved silently. The chance to flee brightened a little. Taking a second look before making their next act, now- she mouthed. Clover nodded and stood up, stepping softly on the dried leaves laid all around. The run started once again, slapping the breeze across their faces. Together, hand in hand. Front path couldn’t be challenged. They took the other way, though it was a wonder where could it reach. Anywhere didn’t matter, as long as it wasn’t here.

But everything shattered the next second.

“Where do you think you are going?” His voice was heard. “My lovely ladies?”


There wasn’t any need to turn. It could only be him.

Jack Lee.

It didn’t take a while for them to be dragged into the similar darkness once again. Jack tied Evelyn to a cross. Her eyes hid a thousand of unspoken guilt, looking at Clover on the bed, barely moving nor struggling to free, as if already given up hope on escaping.

“You betrayed me,” he hissed, sending a slap across Evelyn’s face, “slut.”

She held her gaze on him. “You ruined DreamMare. And ruined me. I don’t have any reasons to help you anymore.”

“I see...” nodding, ” so you purposely missed the meetup yesterday to lure me out today...” he crossed his arms over his chest, walking towards the other direction, “all for the sake of her? Wait.. wow! You actually knew she was with me! Marvelous!” Jack continued, clapping his hands with full of sarcasm.

“Don’t you dare to do anything to her!” though she tried to sound hard, her voice did the complete opposite.

He laughed, hitting the four cracked planes with the vibrations. Laying his butt next to Clover, he stroked her tenderly, from her hair, down her neck, and pausing, pressing on her curves. Sex, was clearly reflected in his horny eyes. Clover gulped down the thickening saliva, hands drew into fists. She couldn’t do anything but to let the old man sniffed and messed around with her body.

“Jack!” Evelyn shouted, lifting up some of his pressure on her breasts. “Please...no...”

A smirk was formed at his lips. “I wanted to slowly embrace her, slowly discover her shapes...” he pulled off his shirt in a glance, “but you quickened it. This is your price for stabbing me, Evelyn. Open your eyes, and witness this beautiful scene about to come.”


He parted his legs and cupped Clover’s face, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She tried to shoo him away. But her disagreement to obey to his orders was turning him on. The muscles on her face were shaking, and tears were sliding. He was mingling with her tongue, drenching her lips with his saliva. Disgusting. Running his kisses on her neck, collarbone, an immediate terrifying sensation shot up to her mind, when she felt his fingers sliding into her cups. He was itching her bare nipples. She heard him chattering about how they were getting hard after his touches. Clover pulled up her legs to toss the pervert from her. However, she could hardly reach. The chains tying her down were too tight. Too short.

Pausing for a little while, Jack knelt on the bed. Clover thought he stopped. But no. He laid his body on her once more, hugging her fully in his embrace. The mattress was shaking. He was hitting his cock against her vagina. There was a weird reaction coming from the inside of her. What is wrong with me? Suddenly, she felt an expansion on her chest. Jack’s eyes turned wide at the sight. Dancing his fingers in the air, he groped and tasted them hungrily. Clover froze. Her bra was unclasped, breasts were exposed. He circled her nipples with his active tongue, pleasuring his mouth. Yummy, he moaned.

“Please stop already....” Clover cried, arching her spine.

“It hasn’t even reached half yet, sexy girl,” Jack mumbled, sucking on her tits.

His mouth was still on her breasts when his hands were reaching for her pants, finding for a space to get into. And he entered without any difficulties. Stroking her panties, his fingers patted softy on the spot hiding behind. Clover was triggered instantly by that touch. Jack chuckled looking at her expression.

“Oh my my my...And you said you hated it,” he teased, “when your body is desperately seeking for me.”

Crawling in between her legs, he sniffed her legs along the way. Her pants were blocking. He pulled it down a little, revealing the triangular shape of her beauty. Pink laces - the linings, and mini ribbon sewed in the middle. Jack grinned evilly, burying his nose into the yet to be exposed hole. Clover once again jerked by that sensation. She hated it. But it was a joy for the man, having a young lady to feed his sexual desires. After sniffing, he extended his tongue and started munching on her panties, and slowly deepening.

“No!” Clover shouted, as he was trying to make her completely naked. “Anywhere, but there...” she muttered, disgusted by herself to actually allow the man to play with her assets.

Jack laughed. “This spot is the best,” he said, fingering through her panties. “Look, even your pubic hair is seducing me.”

“Please...” her eyes begged for mercy.

“Then where?” he asked with a crooked smile. “Upper or lower. You name it, I’ll compromise with you,” running his finger under her chin, “since you’re such a good girl.”

Clover gritted her teeth, cursing him to death for the millionth time. She didn’t give him any answer, in fact she didn’t know what to say until he poked his index into her. “U...u-upper,” she stammered.

“Yes, M’dm,” Jack slurped in his saliva, and fixed his stare on her two bulges. “I’ll do my best.”

And the torture was back on the move.

Jack rubbed his nipples against hers up and down, kissing her sternum, then to her breasts. He let out a lewd moan, loving the sensitive sensation. Caressing them in his hands, he began to swallow it wholly in his mouth, one after another. Licked. Sucked. Bit. Kissed. Yet, he still wasn’t over.

Just then, a voice pierced through, interrupting his enjoyment.

“Boss, there’s a visitor for you.”

“Tell him or her I’m not free!” he snapped. “I’m not done in here!”

“But he said he has something really urgent to speak to you.”

Jack furrowed his brows, lifting up his body from Clover’s. He tsked. “About what?”

“I don’t know. He only said that he is your nephew.”

Nephew. The word pricked through his mind. “Okay. Give me a few minutes. I’ll be there.”

“Yes, boss.”

Jack turned and looked at the half-naked girl lying on the bed. His eyes ran a full scan on her, pausing at the seductive areas. He was reluctant to stop meddling with her, especially when she was still strong enough to make him erected. However, he needed to check the situation up there. Well, stopping here didn’t mean he was bidding goodbye to his long-waited sex. The nights, her virginity were all his. Just a brief delay wasn’t going to change anything. Planting a kiss on Clover’s forehead, his hands reached for the abandoned bra at the side. He put it on, clasping the back, pulling down her shirt. And then he slid up her pants.

“I’ll continue later,” he whispered, licking the side of her neck, “Wait for me.”

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