Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 24

The Misery of the Kind

10 years ago, there was a born-leader, leading the world. Tremon Hon was his name, founder of the Blue Sea.Co, a well-known trading company in Malaysia. Married at the age of 29 with his wife, Veronica, together they built a happy family and had a child by the name of Clover Hon. Things were on their side back then. Tremon was good in everything. He wasn’t arrogant nor selfish, and always cared for his workers. But there was one good value in him which destroyed the perfect life he had. And it was, too softhearted. His great amount of properties captured the green eye of his female staff. She tried her best to get close to him, and used his kid as a lure to plan her strategy. She couldn’t overcome her lust to be rich. After creating a warming relationship with Clover, she tricked her to plant an eavesdropping gadget in Tremon’s room. The small little girl knew nothing and obeyed her. Since then, all the information, finances, were stolen by the greedy lady, causing the slump in the company. She betrayed her boss, Tremon Hon, just to feed her greediness. Tremon couldn’t withstand the betrayal and ended up losing his life. Veronica followed his steps, leaving their daughter all alone. Clover had nobody to go to, but to live with her relatives. She thought they would help her. However, she was sold as a sex slave to fulfill their needs for money.

And the name of the evil who caused the fall of Blue Sea.Co was... Evelyn, the creator of DreamMare.

“And the name of the evil....” The phone screen was wet with his tears, escaping to the floor through the gaps between his fingers.“...Evelyn?” His body was shaking. “Mom...Was it really... you?”

The curtains hung at the windows were swaying along with the wind, which Kyle had no idea how did it barge into his house. Strikes of lightning flashed across the purple sky. Kyle held up the blinds, glancing far in front, into the loss. And within a second, sounds of the rain came pouring down, falling into the drains, knocking heavily on the grasses. Those bloomed flowers were sinking, almost kissing the mud.

Just then, a car was entering the porch. Brandon at the driver’s seat. He dashed into the covered area immediately as soon as he got off the car. Splashes of water with the mixture of soil hit on his legs, dirtying his shoes. He was mumbling about how expensive they were while dashing into the house immediately before getting attacked by the rain again. Pushing open the door, Brandon came in with his singlet stained with the droplets of water.

“Oh my godd!” he complained, ” you can never guess the weather!”

“Everything is so unexpected,” Kyle said, giving him a dry towel. “How can we win when it comes to guessing and expectations?”

Wiping himself, clearing off the remaining water got stuck on him, “You’re still not over it, aren’t you? I took three days off for you. Just in case you need it.”

Kyle threw his phone to him. “Read it.”

“Misery of the Kind?” Brandon drew in his brows. tossing the towel over his left shoulder. “I told you to not look at those articles! Why won’t you listen?”

“I needed to know at least a little, Brandon,” he laid his back on the sofa. “So that I can think of what to say when I meet Clover next time....” If there’s next time.

“W-why..." he gave a peek at the screen and dropped his hand down with a heavy breath, "Why are you torturing yourself, Kyle?”

“How can I be like nothing happened when I already know the truth?!” he snapped, looking away from overwhelming concern in his manager’s eyes.

“Clover wouldn’t want you to be like this.”

Kyle sighed and got up, shutting himself in his room. The one and only place where he could take down his mask and be the weakling nobody knew of. To escape from this hell on Earth was to forget. And to forget was to sleep. He jumped onto his bed, curling into a small ball under his blanket. Memories of Clover staying in this room once again provoked the tears in him to leak. Drips fell into his pillow soundlessly. If evaporation didn’t exist, perhaps by squeezing the tears from his cushion, it could fill up one liter. He just wanted to bid goodbye to this world for a short while, but it was taking so much of him just to clear his mind.

“I love you,” he hissed. "Clover... though I know I deserve none of yours back.”

Suddenly, the ringing of his gadget pulled him back into the reality. He slammed his hand onto the mini table placed beside his bed, tapped the surface a few times, searching for the source, before flipping the phone over to see the caller ID.

Little D.

Without wasting much time, he immediately swiped the green button. A bad feeling was growing in him. “Danise? What’s wrong?!”

“Clover’s gone!”


-3 hours ago-

Holding the passport in her hands, her eyes hid layers and layers of longings. Her luggage was still sleeping in the cupboard. Piles of clothes on the bed were waiting for her touch to keep wherever she liked. Though she had always wanted to be away from Kyle and his circle of friends, she couldn’t deny she was reluctant to leave. Clover turned and stared at the clock. 4.00p.m. Danise was not back yet after going out for the second time. He told her to stay put and wait for his return. Sorry, Danise. I can’t keep my words this time.

“If I don’t leave right now,” she swallowed the thickening lump in her throat, “when can I leave?”

Sucking in a deep breath, Clover took out her travel bag and shoved everything inside without any thoughts of having them in an orderly manner. All the accessories, shirts, pants, she dunked them in. Time was ticking. Danise might be back sooner or later. Any longer hesitations were going to stop her from doing what she was trying to do.

Just as she was about to step through the door, a heavy, rough, loud thump was heard. It didn’t seem like Danise’s. She hobbled, pausing in action. Stella? she pondered.

“Yes?” she pressed her palm against the side wall and opened the door a little, enough for her eyes to see, “Who’s out there?”

The half face appeared somehow relaxed her, withdrawing her alertness. It was better than a complete stranger. But she didn’t know that a complete stranger was better than a masked friend.


“Hey, Clover,” he pushed himself into the room, almost tripping Clover who was still standing behind the door.

“Ouch!” she cried.

Kenny didn’t come alone. There were four other men with him, each standing at different corners, enclosing her. It triggered a funny thought in her. I felt this before. Something was wrong. They were very familiar. She scanned around and stared at Kenny, hands tucked in his pocket, blocking the exit. And the moment his fully bared face mirrored in her, the scar travelled her to the day at the airport. She knew instantly she was doomed. The long-lost fear was back.

Oh god.

“So you do remember my scar,” Kenny walked closer, shortening the gap. “Right, little sex slave?”

“It was you all this while,” she hissed, retreating until she touched the corner of the wall. “From the day I worked as Kyle’s assistant, you had always kept an eye on me.”

Nodding his head, “True, true.” he said. “Boss sent me here just for the sake to have you on his bed. Once he set his eyes on somebody, nobody will ever escape.”

“Who’s your boss?” she slapped away his dirty hand trying to cup her face. “Why must it be me?”

“I wonder why...” he played along, “how about I’ll try and let you know?!” He locked her down, one leg in between hers, reaching for her most sensitive part. “Aww.. you must be a virgin.”

“Get lost!“Clover twisted her wrists to break free from his grip. “Don’t you dare to touch me!” she spat.

“B*tch,” he cursed, rubbing the spit on him. Grabbing the thick bunch of her hair and yanked her head in the middle of the air, “Do you really think you’re untouchable?!” he exclaimed. Kenny shot those men behind a sharp look.“Dunk her in the car.”

Immediately, the four shadows approached Clover at his command. They had their hands on her, ready to send her into the car. Right then, Clover saw a slight hint of escape in between. Crumbling hard on the floor, she crawled in between their spread apart legs as fast as she could, dashing towards the exit. They tried to catch her, but Clover was fast. She was almost there, to the path of light. Seeing the door unblocked, she got up to her feet and clicked it open messily. The creaking sound curled a smile on her. She made it.

...or not.

“Too easy, little one,” another man appeared from the outside, hindering her way. “We’re not gonna let the same thing repeat,” he had his arm across her struggling neck, immersing her with the cloth drenched with chloroform. Old method always works the best.

The grapplings died soon after. She passed out.

“Good job. Let’s go,” Kenny said.

Clover was draped on one of the men’s shoulders, hands dangling in the open. Kenny took the lead and led the gang frontward, studying around with full alertness. The corridor was rather empty. No cleaners nor any guests. Only the noises of their hurried footsteps on the thick red mat covered the awkward silence.

Upon reaching the basement, Clover was made to suck in the chloroform once more. She needed to be unconscious. They dumped her at the last bench in their hybrid car. Kenny loosened the strings of her shirt and tore away a large part of her pants, revealing her seductive skin. He skid his fingers along the cup of her bra, the linings of her panties. Too inviting for him to not turned on. He dropped himself wholly on her, feeling her sexy curves pressing against his body. Damn,she was making him horny. Kisses planted on neck, her lips. In a move, he removed his clothes and began slamming his hardened cock on the sleeping Clover. Her scent was driving him crazy. Kenny slid up her shirt and the view of her breasts filled his sight. He climbed his fingers into the cover. The sensation of her soft nipples was his take off point.

“No! No Kenny!” The man in front paused him from going any further.“Boss loves virgins.”

“I wasn’t going to penetrate her!” he snapped. “Just messing around with her two mountains.”

And he was back on her. He buried his face in between her breasts, feeling them squishing him. Licking her nipples through her bra, running his hands into her panties, fingering her, he knew she was sensitive. He could already imagine her on his bed, moaning for pleasure.

“Kenny! Let’s go already!” The same man voiced out again. “Send her to boss and you can have her the second night all you want. Stop wasting time.”

“F*ck you,” he cursed.

“Omg, your lusts are going to get you so much troubles.”

He rolled his eyes and said nothing.

Indeed, he couldn’t be the first. Dropping a piece of black sheet on her,leaving some spaces for her to breath, he moved to the steering. As long as no any weird sounds, the plan would end smoothly.

With a loud screetch, Kenny drove away, towards the place,

where Clover was going to lose her virginity.

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