Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 22

Blasts flew and shot up the sky, bursting into fireworks of different patterns across the grey clouds, scattering the flakes. Misty fogs crept in and blurred the spotlights. Moving images of snows falling, piling up on the thick branches of trees, were flashed onto the background on the stage. Petals of lovely, white roses fell along gracefully, tapping softly on the ground, as a metallic circular swing fixed in the middle of the cloudy stage was slowly descending from the top. White fluffy-like feathers glued around flipped at their edges, responding to the dropping inertia.

A figure was sitting there in the cage, leg crossed on the other, staring at the audience despite the thick milky view.

Surrounded by white, dressed up in white,

he was the perfect definition of an angel.

“Sorry for the long wait,” his deep sexy voice pierced through the layers of murk, “beautiful.”

Thunderclaps immediately filled up the atmosphere followed by the familiar high-pitched screamings. The audience were hopping in their places, with the balloons tapping in their hands, bumping into the borders separating them from reaching the stage. Excitement was burning. Fan boards kept being shoved upwards, lightsticks twinkling in the dark non-stop like they never needed a battery.

The mood was up.

“What a beautiful night today,” Kyle stepped out from the cage, ” isn’t it?”


He chuckled, and it echoed through the mic in his hands. “Hmm... what shall I do first?”


“Hmm?” he stood a little bit more in front, closer to the fans.


“Ahh... sing?”

Kyle got down the stage, whispered to one of the lucky audience sitting in the first line of the VVIP seat, “What song you wanna me sing today, pretty girl?” he asked, messing with her dangling side fringe and sniffing it in his hold.

That girl literally melted on the spot. The dreamy look on her was the hashtag of the day. #Icantbreathe

Kyle was too close, and it took a few seconds for her brain to come back into where her body was.

Forcing herself to step back a little, “... Let me light up the darkness in you..” she said finally with an off-pitch in her tone.

“Okay,” he winked, extending his leg up the wood. “I’ll light up the darkness in you."

Kyle flicked his finger and the beats began.


Ever since the day I met you,

I knew that it wasn’t a mistake...

Noises within the crowd dimmed as soon as his sole, solid musical voice came clear. Underneath the night sky, there stood the star on the stage of his own, shining so brightly as if the whole world belonged to him. And in front of him, laid the thousands of fans. ‘Kyle Lee’, displayed on the electronic gadgets, scrolling sideways with no intention of stopping. Flashlights from the androids were waved, illuminating the diamond-shaped twinklings. One by one, lighting up at different sides, creating a magical view.

Thank you so much, my treasures, he thought, in the midst of singing.

Fading of the track was a sign of telling the ending of the song. Dropping his hand at the last note, Kyle shot a winning smile at the audience.

“What’s next?!” he threw out his voice.

per the lence...

“Pear the lens? I don’t think it’s my work though,” he joked, walking closer to the middle of the ‘M’.

wish the siren...

“What??” he flipped his palm outwards and placed it at the side of his ear. “There aren’t any of my songs on siren...”

Whisper of the silence!!!

The grip on his hand tightened for a second.

Shaking away the growing sickening emotions, he wrinkled his nose, “I thought of keeping it the last,” Kyle said tightly with the heavy lump in his throat, hoping he didn’t sound too cruel nor cold.


Whisper of the silence!!!!!!

They repeated.

Louder, stronger.

Brandon tensed. He barged in his head through the side of the curtain. The shudders from his fist were shaking the black curfew. Lines of the cloth could be seen strangled inside his grasp. Kyle was standing in the middle of the stage. He wasn’t responding to their request. Brandon immediately exposed his foot into the eyes of the public. Perhaps to drag the time for him to encounter with the song. But before he could extend the other, Kyle’s voice turned on.

“...Really..” he pursed his lips, “Whisper of the silence?”

Yesss!! Their excitement said it all.

He shrugged, “Well, if that’s what you asked for.”

Pulling up his diaphragm to kill off his uneasiness, he glanced at the pianist and nodded, telling him to get on with the song they requested.

And the track began.

Can you~hear the whispers of my silence?

It’s whispering my hidden love---

It was a beautiful song. Too beautiful for it to be so sentimental. Locking his gaze onto the youthful crowd, he scanned for her presence without realizing. The image of her smiling flashed across his mind, fading into reality. He saw her. Sitting in the middle, hair tied up in a bun. She was cheering for him, like how a fan would do. He heard her screaming his name, hands waved in sync with the remaining fans. For a moment, happiness struck him down, as easy as abc.

But it was only for a moment. Clover vanished into the thin air, slapping him hard with the fact that he had lost her.

Did you come, Clover? His heart was yearning for her. To meet her. Even if she didn’t want to meet him, he just wanted her to be there for a while and know this was the song he wrote for her.

The crowd was enjoying everything he did. But hardly the performer. Barely ending the first verse, Kyle’s voice was already choky- thick with secretions. Tears ran down his face, dripping silently onto the glowing floor, challenging the muscles of his cheeks to keep up with the fake smile that he had been wearing since he stepped onto the stage.

As expected, he couldn’t bring himself to sing it live.

The mic slipped off from his clutch with a loud stinging soundwave, twitching the ears of the people present. Right in the open, Kyle crouched and buried his teary face into the circle of his folded arms.

He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Silence crept in. Buzzes of anonymous voices floated around soon after, demanding answers to the current situation. But, nobody knew what was wrong with Kyle. Even the crews weren’t doing anything and let the mess carried on (until they actually figured out what to do). Though the recorded version of his singing was left playing, though it was the same voice, it felt so empty.

“Kyle Lee! What are you doing? I thought this was your concert?!” Somebody snapped him, shouting from the crowd.

He jerked his head, turning everywhere he could to look for the right spot. Blinking, wiping the stains off his face, he got up waveringly on his feet.

“I didn’t come here to see how sucked up you’ve become, Kyle,” he hissed with a hint of ache. This time, the spotlight managed to look out for him.

The eyes of the audience were no longer on Kyle, but on the screen set up on the stage. A young man in his mid-20′s hiding underneath his cap was featured.

Danise, he mouthed. It must be him. No matter how much he tried to disguise, he can never hide away from his eyes. Kyle was fighting the urge to run to him, to ask him where was Clover. He could feel his feet going against his orders to stay still. Cracking his knuckles onto his pants, he turned, glancing right into the direction linking to his pal’s voice. And that was when the lady next to him took the attention.

She was with a huge floral hat. Her face wasn’t revealed. Pulling Danise to sit down, Kyle was triggered instantly by her action. He wasn’t sure if his feelings were right. But something about the lady was getting on him. Slowly, Kyle walked up to their seats. The screamings once again lifted the mood as Kyle got closer to his fans. Thousands of hands were extended to touch him, hundreds of notebooks were shoved at him, hoping to get his autograph despite the chaotic situation.

All he did is smiled, and continued with his pace, though to reach them he needed to pass through several more obstacles. There was no time for any fan service right then. He locked his gaze on the lady beside Danise.

“Just one time,” he muttered. “Please?” The lady beside was attempting to leave.

“You told me we could leave according to my likings, didn’t you?” she argued, trying to push through the human border Dansie was making.

“Please,” he strengthened his hold on her. “I don’t want to see you sad.”

“Then please...” she breathed, “let’s go back.”

Faster, Kyle! Danise screamed in his mind, as the lady slipped through the tip of his knees to leave.

“Clover.” The mention of her name from his mouth made her froze on the spot.

Also, it was a name that Kyle’s fans were aware of.

What? Clover? Which Clover??

Wait...Clover? As in C-l-o-v-e-r H-o-n?! The SCANDAL?!

What is she doing here?! GET LOST B*TCH!


Of course, the crowd remembered her. A lady that hurt Stella and brought miseries to Kyle. How could they even forget?

The bashes were starting once again. Clover was pulling the tip of her hat lower to cover her face, while the other hand pushing Danise to make way for her to leave. She had enough of stabs, enough of letting her pride being stepped on because of the same family, that destroyed her family.

“Guys,” Kyle dropped a knee on the ground, stuffing up the mouths of others, “please... give us a couple of minutes,” and the second followed. It was a sight that nobody expected to occur.

“Kyle! Don’t kneel! Get up now! You’re a freaking star!” Danise got to his side and stuck his arm under his armpit to get him up. “You’ve never kneel to anybody!”

“Don’t, Danise,” he pushed his hand away gently, “Exactly, this is my first time kneeling. And it’s to show my seriousness.”

His fans didn’t say a thing. Only looking blankly into one another. No questions. No noise. The concert was stopped halfway. And there was Kyle pulling Clover out of the room, disappearing away from their sights.

Strolling along the streets lightened by the dim lights, the night grew even more gloomy. Kyle was still holding onto her hand. And Clover showed no signs of telling him to let go. She was losing her thoughts in the sea of darkness. To speak or not to speak, was a question she had been asking herself for the past few minutes.

“... How...How’s life?” he asked, after calming down his breaths for the tenth times. It was funny how things changed. The last time they parted goodbyes, he thought they were still friends. But now, they were nothing like before.

“Good,” she pulled her wrist away, realizing they were still in contact, letting his hand hovered in the air.

He faked a smile. “... Glad to hear that...”

“Well.. is there anything else? I'm in a rush to leave.” she brushed past him coldly, approaching the small bridge connecting the river. The moonlight reflecting on the surface was so captivating, but seemed so lonely and sad, as if it understood the story of both of them.

"I miss you, Clover.” he tucked her shirt, stopping her from taking any further steps. “So much.”

His words were simple and short. Yet, they stamped onto her heart like they weighed a thousand pounds.

“You don't have any rights to miss me,” she hissed under her breath, not expecting him to hear.

But he did. "What's wrong, Clover? What happened?" he reached out to touch her palm, eyes widened in shock to receive such cold feedback. "I thought we were still friends."

"...Friends?..." she dodged. "I wonder...if it was a mistake to step into your life."

“It was never a mistake. Clover, don’t you understand what is going on right now? What's wrong with you?---”

"I don't understand?! I understand it so much to the point that I wish I was dumb! I'd rather not to know the bullsh*t related to you!" she drew in her brows, folded her lips to stop them from trembling, "everything was a mistake, my mistake to begin with."

"..Clover?" he took a step closer, "You alright?"

“Kyle...” she fixed a sad, longing gaze on him, hating to be engulfed by his kindness again and again. “Our story was really never meant to start.”

“What do you mean by that?" he whispered, "It already did."

“Let’s put a full stop, Kyle. For a better you,” her voice was hoarse from the growing interruptions, “...and for a better me.”

“Can we don't?” he pleaded, blinking his tears away. “I love you, Clover,” Kyle pulled her into his welcoming, hungry embrace and planted his fingers deep in her silky hair, "I love you..."

The hug lasted for quite some time. Nobody inched to separate the circle of cuddle. Though his hug was not greeted by Clover, it wasn’t rejected either. Streams of tears could be seen falling from the sorrowful eyes underneath the glimmering stars.

“You can’t love me,” she took a step backward, forcefully breaking the hug. “You can love anyone but me.”

Far beyond, “Kyle! Big news!” Brandon could be seen running over, breaking into the moment belonged to them. "Big news!!"

Sensing Brandon's shadow, “It’s ....time to go, my little star." Clover muttered, retreating to the spot where she could leave, "I can't stay here any longer..."

“Clover!!” he pulled her wrist to his chest.

Breaking the grab, flashing a painful smile, “Don’t Kyle," she held up her hand, almost cupping his tearful face in her grasp, "let's end this whole damn thing in a friendly way."

And she left dashing before Brandon appeared fully in shape, with no turning backs.

From the other end, there was a black car with a lady inside, peeping, smirking at the entire scenario.

“Follow them, Kenny,” Stella instructed, slurping in her cup of apple juice.

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