Whisper of the Silence

By Linda Lsc All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 18 - Flashback

Located in the centre of the city, glowing despite being shone by no lights. Big, royal-like swing gates guarding the main entrance. CCTVs planted at each possible corners. It looked like a glasshouse. The three floors were linked by a flight of curly white stairs fixed at the side, surrounded by the garden of flowers. An extended open-air homy bar was placed at the second story of the house, accompanied by few tables and chairs. A really good place to just forget about everything and stare at the blinking stars at night.

Under the bright sun, she leaned on one side of her leg and pressed the numbers at the keylock. It opened automatically right after. Just like she was one of the owners.

“Hey, sweetie pie~” she pushed her palm against the side wall looking for balance, while taking off her sandals. “Look what I bought for you!” Hands packed with goodies.

She was their trustable friend, dependable workmate. Because they treated her like their family, she was given the honour to enter the mansion nor to live as she pleased. Password, weak spots were all at the tip of her fingers. They had completely let their guards down on her, not knowing that a relationship worthed more than 10 years could be bought by...


“Aunt Evelyn!” the 8-year old little girl climbed onto her like a koala bear, demanding a cuddle, dropping her grocery bags on the floor.

She chuckled, wrapping her in a warm embrace. “Your birthday is coming isn’t it?” she patted her head, messing the perfect look of her hair. “Look here, chocolates!” Evelyn took out packets of them, putting on the table.

“Wow!!” Clover snatched and hugged them tight to her chest, “You know me the best, Aunt!”

“Where’s your dad?”

Jumping around the coach happily with the boxes of sweets, “He’s out for some business talks,” she said, “You looking for him, Aunt Evelyn?”

Use that girl to steal the information. The evil voice repeated in her head.

Glancing around, her gaze stopped the moment she saw the solo picture of the successful Tremon hanging on the wall. The CEO of a trading company. He was in suits, looking ever so smartly. Next to it was the picture of their family. Clover was still a toddler in the picture, sucking on her pink pacifier. Are you so cold-hearted to crash this family, Evelyn?

She hesitated.

1000000 yuan, Evelyn! Do it!

The nervousness in her spiked up to a whole new level. Evelyn gulped down a huge lump down her throat. She sucked in a long, deep breath. “Clover...could you.. d..do me a favour...?” she muttered hesitantly, eyes hitting everywhere but the girl.


A red light flashed on the gadget as she flicked it open before giving it to her. “Help me to put this in your dad’s room,” Evelyn poke her nails into her skin, focusing on the pain than the tremblings.

“What’s this? What’s with the red spot?” the young girl asked innocently, cupping the tiny object in her hand. “Oh my godd...It’s so small!”

Evelyn tensed for a little while before faking a familiar smile. “Not for a young kid like you to know. Stick it under your dad’s table, kay?”

“Sure!” she hurried up the stairs. “Ah!” she paused her steps, “Aunt Evelyn, do I need to tell dad about this?”

“NO!” she snapped.

That scream shook the room. Clover's hand was jerked, slipped off the object instantly, falling down the stairs step by step until it reached the ground. Clover stood there, at the intersection connecting the lower with the upper, pinching the sides of her pants. Eyes wide with fear and senses of unbelievability. She was startled in fact. To her, Aunt Evelyn would never increase her volume. Especially not in front of her. But now, it felt as though she wasn’t the aunt she knew, rather..a distinct figure.

Evelyn must have realized she scared her. Picking up the thing on the ground, she walked to her and put on the kind, Aunt Evelyn invisible mask. “No, Clover,” she said again, softer this time.

Smiling like an angel, she opened her palm, dropping it inside. “Your dad is too busy to know mere stuff like this.”

“..Aunt Evelyn... you scared me....” she let out her voice, interrupted by her sobs.

“Sorry, darling,” Evelyn crouched, pulling Clover into her hug, “I.. didn’t mean to..”

Thinking the scenario a couple of minutes ago was nothing but a mistake, the eight-year-old girl chased it away from her mind. She didn’t like keeping bad images of people she cared about.

Maybe Aunt Evelyn was too tired, too stressed up because of her works, she convinced herself.

Hence, with those naive thoughts of hers, she slipped into her dad’s room. It wasn’t locked.

And just like that, the source of the tiny red light was fixed underneath her dad’s desk.

Safe and sound.

She didn’t know that this move of hers... was going to ruin her princess life.

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