Is This Fate?

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When Nova and Allie's parents die they don't think life could get much worse. They soon realise they were wrong when there older brother Brandon, who is supposed to be dead, comes back into the picture. Add crushes and friend drama to the mix. Nova and Allie are in for one hell of a year.

Chapter 1

“My mother and father lived a great life. They thrived and spread kindness and love wherever they went. They taught my twin sister Nova and I that to be kind doesn’t mean to expect anything. It means to be glad and happy that someone else’s life may have been made better. Let this not be a day of sadness for the loss of them but rather a day of celebration that their lives were long-lived.” My twin sister Allie just finished saying. I got really nervous and started to freak out. I just wished that I could have stopped that fire. That I could have prevented it. But no. Fate had different plans. Fate decided that it was time for my mother and father to leave. Fate made the decision that I have to live without my parents. The two people, besides Allie, who completely understood me. I looked up and saw Gran walking towards my mother’s grave.

“Kathryn Elizabeth Aniston was a strong and willing mother. She married Jonathan James Aniston in 1973. She had 3 beautiful children. Her oldest son Brandon Arthur Aniston died two years ago from a car accident that the family struggled to believe. Her youngest twin daughters are here today. Allison Marie and Nova Carly Aniston. Come here, girls.” Gran motioned towards us. Allie grabbed my arm and pulled me towards my mother’s grave. “Say something dear.” She whispered to me. Allie squeezed my hand and I started to speak. To say the words I have needed to say since the day I found out they were dead.

“My mom and dad were and are very important to me. When my big brother Brandon passed away last summer; our parents helped us get through his death. When I had my first kiss my mom told me that one day I would meet someone that I would look at and see all of there faults. All of there mistakes and all of there wins. I will understand them completely and utterly. I will be able to look at them and say that I love them. Without a question or doubt in my mind. So with that, I leave here today with an open mind and an open heart. Ready to take on whatever fate decides is my path.” I say and start to cry while Allie held me in her arms.

“It’s going to be okay.” She whispered to me.

I know that everything will be okay. I just can't handle the idea that fate can decide whether or not I move on. Or whether or not I am worth love. My whole life my mom and dad told me that every person, no matter what they have done, deserves to be loved. In the end, their actions are just that, actions. They mean nothing unless you let them. Most people would argue with me and say that actions speak louder than words. Yes, that's true but you never know what someone is going through and judging them because of something they did without even knowing the backstory is like saying that the cake tastes bad without even trying it. I have tried and will keep trying to move on but this, this life, my life revolves around fate. The one thing that keeps me alive.

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