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Against Magic?

By Roxine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

1. Surprise

I was sitting at my office typing away at my keyboard, longing to go home and practice magic. But I can't in the office because of these uptight- well, whatever.
"ahem," I heard my assistant say, "s-sorry madam Roxine... b-but you have an a-appointment with t-the mayor at 6 p.m tomorrow... and I know how much you hate him."
She stared at the dart-ridden picture of the mayor on the wall of my desk.
"haha," I deadpanned.
I checked out the schedule that my assistant, Rose merry-weather, gave me... something in my schedule surprised me,
"ahem, Rose... I never heard anything about a cocktail mixer! also call me Roxine, Rose"
"S-s-sorry... your father w-wanted me to surprise you b-because the mayor and his son w-will be there," She stuttered.
I groaned. My dad, the owner of imagine electronics : an electronic 'services' company, is the worst father ever. All he talks, thinks, even DREAMS about is business. He's Money CRAZY! I wish I had a more supportive father... I told Rose to leave and take the day off (dad is gonna be so mad at me) and finished up my work. I went back home, although my father would not allow it... I can't stand staying in that room bored, without my magic.
Ugh dad is gonna be mad... he's always been strict...ever since mother died... Mother...

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