Angels and Strangers

By Christopher Perkins All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Twas early May 1816, Napoleon had just been exiled to St. Helena after his attempted seizure of power in France. The world was certain peace would finally last, and a secret order of Magic users would see to it.The GrandMaster of the Order, 42-year-old Ebenezer Cooke, the Earl of Scarborough, and one hundred thousand Wizards across the world would carry out quests that would ensure peace was held throughout the world. His Daughter, 17-year-old Mara Cooke, born with the ability to access the same magic that for the previous two thousand years had only been accessible for men, but her Mother, 35-year-old Lucy Cooke, bade her keep it to herself, for the men would riot if they found out. However, she felt the need to train herself in the ways of the Order so as to not cause harm to those around her should the need arise. That would change when the 17-year-old Christopher Todd would enter her life, and change her perception of magic and the Order in general.

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