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Romance / Drama

Attack of the Male Playboy'

"I have a strong problem I have to deal with. I problem I never thought that I would have to deal with.....I came to a new school, it wasn’t a huge problem given my family and how they travel around so much. I have traveled to three schools so far. Its been a long, hard childhood that I don’t rather like.′

’My problem is one huge mess you see, I am New to this Highschool, Otoke High is its name. And the leader of the high-school has an annoyingly, handsome son. Naruka Otoke.

Hes everyone’s model.

He had dark brown hair, almost black in the darkest of shadows, He has bright green eyes that say hello, and he had a bright smile that takes you off guard, But there is a huge problem with this person.....

He is the school’s number one player, And I am the next target of his fake affections. I no doubt have to say hes slept with over half the student body girls, some of them still eye him and his bodily curves. He talks silky and has always done so, But I do not want any part of it...

I have never wanted anything to do with perverts of his nature.

My name is slightly strange, It is a boys name. My name is Aki, It is supposed to mean something very bright and happy. But I am not any of those things. Not with my troublesome life and boring feeling of regret.

And Now I am a target of the school’s pretty boy. If anything life could get worse but I don’t think I want to ask for that. If I do I might just get what I didn’t really ask for, and that would be this jerk that everyone calls,


I think he’s just an airhead with to much time on his bitter and cruel hands.


Is dead to me.′

It all started on the first day of my transfer, I remember having a horrible sense of dread when I entered the room.

I was very right about that.′

‘Oh look at his beautiful complexion.’

‘And How he loves us so...’

" Loves me... you mean.′

" No way, he was looking directly towards me, I call him next.′

It was like this every morning in this classroom. Class 2-A... life like this was a normal sense of my school life. Why? Well. All the girls had their fascinations, But when those fascinations became reality, they couldn’t help but scream happily.

What was this reality?

Otoke Naruka.

Not only was he dead center rich in every way, he was also the most popular boy in school. He had no shame and even his uniform screamed, ′ Eat me.′ Apparently, the girls loved this.

He loved this.′

Naruka leaned back in his seat but then flashed one of his award-winning smiles, a smile that sent everyone’s heart aflutter and had most of the girls bleeding from the nose in hopes of being his next late night victim. Yes, Naruka was a player, he was the player of all player and he loved the title.

Loved it...

" Ladies. Ladies...′ He softly smiled, his blackish brown hair shifting to the side as his piercing green eyes said hello to them all, ” It’s alright. Because I was looking at you all. My beautiful flowers..′ he kissed his fingers and the girls drooled and squealed happily.

Yes.. He knew how they all acted, every last one of them was a perfect match for him. It depended on which mood he was in. If he wanted a short one, a tall one. A sexy one, An Innocent one.. he got what he wanted. Not just because his father owned this school but because the girls practically worshiped him.′

It was a play-boys paradise.′

He stretched, showing off his stomach and then smirking to the side leaving some girls to go weak in the knees and whine out with expectation as to what he could or would do to them.

They were all selfishly perverts waiting for him to ravish them in one lick, and he loved a good challenge when it came to women.

In fact, Once the school bell rang the girls whined out and flooded to their seats, He, of course, leaned back and placed his feet on the desk, not a care in the world. The teacher was wooed by him as well, he had a lot of aspects in this school that he loved. Of course, he hated school but he loved playing them all like the strings on a guitar.

He loved them all; But only because they satisfied his hot needs in the late night hours of the night. He liked it when they were sassy enough for him; He loved spicy women.. He smirked and bit the end of his thumb when the teacher smiled at him but then looked at the class softly,

" Hello to you all..′ She smiled a bit and then chuckled, ” We have a new student today, so please welcome her.′ She smiled and Naruka slowly smirked, another piece of pie on his plate.


He slowly smirked but then paused when a girl with long brown hair entered the room. Her hair touched her well-defined hips and he felt his eyes scan her luxurious body. Her chest was slightly flatter but her eyes made up for that.... Just picturing her cooing for him made him smile...

" Class, this is Kenji Aki.′ She smiled and the boy felt his eyes widen with shock...

She ...


A boys...


He almost laughed but covered his mouth as some girls on his side snickered and giggled behind their hands, Oh perfect. His prey was a girl with a boys name, she probably had self-confidence issues. Like he said, he loved a good challenge when it came to it.

But then she talked and he felt himself blanch.

" I am happy to meet you all.′ She spoke sharply, her voice was curt and he felt his eyes widen... She sounded like a girl that was trained under a prison guard. Her eyes were suddenly harsh and when she bowed it looked like she was strained and wanted nothing more than to leave.

She was either a really bad person on the inside or really shy.

Either way, he loved both.

He slowly felt himself smirk darkly as he looked at her, but he was shocked when the girl sent him a dark look that screamed, ′ Back off pervert.′ he blinked, his eyes wide before he winked and bit his lip playfully... She slowly, and robotically snarled,
‘Go to Hell.’ rested across her face and he felt himself mentally shiver from the drop of temperature in the room. Oh wow, wow! He never thought girls came this feisty. He was starting to think he liked this a lot.

The girl suddenly went and sat down, she sat at the window. Too bad, she could have sat by him. he was in the front and had one of the best seats there; but he supposed that wasn’t going to happen, not yet anyway.

He waited for the bells to go off, he wanted to see this new female species that just walked in the door.

Aki meanwhile sat down, her eyes blank as she suddenly looked out the window and breathed out. Yet another school for her to be tortured in.. and what made it worse was someone; that had a lot of girls drolling behind him; was already making a pass at her.

It wasn’t a good thing in the least.

Not only did she hate showy guys who thought they could sleep and go, she hated the fact that his passes were already making the girls in the class glare at her.

Great, just great.

She came here for secrecy... She came here to get away from all her past, and for her father to get a good job transfer was hard in this prefect, But now she was already not fitting in and had some man who thought he could get into her skirt searching her body like a lustful fool.

She felt uncomfortable, and she now wanted to leave. She wanted to walk out and go back, and yet she knew that even a person like her could not go back to a place like that. She couldn’t go back, not if it killed her.

Poor like Aki was stuck here like any girl of her nature would be.
She shifted softly in her chair, her eyes weak as she stared forwards in a blank manner. The lesson was already boring but she said nothing.... She just had to get through school and maybe everything would be okay.


she just had to get through this lesson and she’d be okay, because maybe this idiot wasn’t taking all the lessons she was taking, and maybe she’d be freed from his grotesque staring.


Soon the bell rang and she stood up, grabbed her bag and then walked past the fool that already had girls drooling over him, he flashed her a charming smile that only made her narrow her eyes and then storm forwards,


She hated charming smiles, she hated it all.′

She started to walk forwards before he smiled softly,

" Welcome to our class sweet flower, you do seem to have the wrong idea of things here, I’m Otoke Naruka..′ he smiled softly and she felt herself slowly deadpan and then look at him with a blank stare. Did this idiot actually think she wanted to talk to him, much less look him in the eye?

What a poor naive fool.

“And I’m going to my next class.′ She huffed softly and started to walk forwards but he felt himself slowly shiver and smirk... Oh he loved her backlashes, they were so hot they left him melting right there in his seat.

“Your a feisty one arent’ you?” he did his best to smirk a sexy smirk... the one that got all the girls screaming happily and cooing for more, he knew this had to work...

It had to.

But when she looked at him again he was shocked to see the very flames of hell burning in her eyes, almost inviting him to burn for eternity.

" I am who I am, Why don’t you go back to your harem of girls and leave me be you little manslut!” She snapped but then huffed, she fixed her strap on her bad and then walked out..storming past all of the girls who were screaming at her and saying, ′ How dare you!′ But he was slightly intrigued.


Pffttt.... The first time he had ever heard that one before. He smirked and leaned back in his chair, wanting nothing more than to laugh as he ran a hand through his hair. This girl was already something he wanted to follow him.. like a baby chick wanting its mother more than anything. He wanted this girl to hotly follow him, And he wanted her to hotly follow him into his room-

" Otoke-san?” One girl whined and he looked up before smiling softly and then cupping her chin... But before he led her into his room, he had some others that were already ready for the picking.′

She was already mad and infuriated, she was pissed off and slightly growling as she stormed down the hall and tried her best to refuse to even listen to that sicko’s words..... OH! HOW SHE HATED PEOPLE LIKE HIM!

She was already annoyed and this wasn’t even the last class of the day, she still had one... One little class that she needed right now, more than anything. She needed to go into her ecanomic class.

Aki slowly moved her way down the hall and sighed out as she walked into a more laid back room, it had fake manicans and heart monitors, it was white of course; a clock clicked in the corner of the room. Some other girls and a few boys were already flooding into the area.′

What type of economics was this!?

She suddenly felt herself relax as she sat down her back and slowly wiggled into her seat. She was tired already from dealing with that pervert, and right now she had too much time on her hands then she wanted to spare.

Aki pulled her hair back and then wiggled a bit in her seat with excitement, this was the one class she wanted to take more than anything.

She breathed long and slow and saw the teacher walk in. He was a shorter man with a wise old look and spectacles. He stacked his papers slowly and carefully leaving her to squirm softly; she then blinked when a blonde girl sat down beside her.
She was adorable; that was Aki’s first impression on the short girl with wide blue eyes and a bright smile. Her lips were pouty and when she looked at the girl her eyes went wide with happiness,

" OH! You must be new here!!” She giggled, putting a hand to her mouth as she suddenly squirmed softly in her seat, ′ My name is Mai Otoke!” She beamed and stretched out her hand, Her short, puffy blonde hair bounced and it only took a few seconds for the girl to notice her last name...

’O-Otoke?” She whispered and then girl blinked, her eyes wide before Aki smiled weakly and then shook her hand... Great.. the one time she wanted to get away from that idiot and she got stuck with his sister!?!

Just the nerve of her first day.

" I see you’ve met my brother...′ The girl suddenly smiled.. it seemed strained as if she had some rough feelings about her own sibling as well, ” Don’t worry!” She suddenly lit up,” We live together and all but my brother is only my half one! That’s why we look totally different!” She seemed to smile and Aki felt a warmth from the girl’s special smile. It was like it was just for her at that moment... she wondered if this girl knew charm like her brother. But she had a feeling this was completely genuine, and even though Aki didn’t feel like she was a good judge on character...

She didn’t mind Mai.

" Well Nice to meet you, Mai..′ She smiled softly, ′ I’m Aki Kenji.′ She smiled and to her shock, Mai smiled brightly,

" Kenji-san! I’ll call you Aki!” She seemed to be beyond happy, and Aki was shocked they were already forced into first name basis... She was nothing like her brother but she sure did move fast like him.

“A-Alright..′ Aki forced a soft smile and then lit up when classes started. She was intrigued by it all... Sure there were some hard names to remember when it came to... Well... It seemed it was medical training today? But she felt herself smile brightly at the moment. She looked down to take some notes but then blinked when she saw Mai’s phone number written on the side of her page...

She smiled and then softly came her, her phone number. Mai lit up...

Maybe the first day wasn’t so bad, this Mai girl was really sweet....

Maybe it wasn’t so bad.′

Naruka sighed out heavily as he stretched and entered his large house.. his little sister had already gone out to god knows where and for once he didn’t bring study, ‘Partner’ Home with him. He was too tired.... mostly because he had been thinking all day of a way to get that girl on his side...

And his side alone.

He smiled to himself but then followed a muffled noise on the inside of the large mansion, He ignored servants as they bowed and welcomed him home.. and he softly knocked on his father’s study and poked his head in.

" I’m Home..′ he muttered and the man looked up and nodded before going back to his conversation.


Naruka sighed out heavily and then softly shook his head as he backtracked and then climbed the long stairway up into his room.... Once up there he walked in and then fell onto his freshly cleaned bed. His maids usually cleaned his sheets after he had a guest, His father didn’t even seem to notice all the girls he brought home.... At least he wasn’t affected by any diseases by now.

Not that his father would notice, but he got it.... He was busy of course.

Naruka sighed out and then pulled his bag over as he opened it up and then slightly slipped two large books onto his bed.. he shut his door and locked it before sitting down, pulling out his pen and then starting on some notes in history.

He scribbled them down a bit one by one and then looked up at the time... He sighed. Today was the same as before he supposed, and he wondered what his sister was doing, Even when they didn’t talk much at all.

He breathed out softy but then turned a page in the big book he had, reading away. He then spotted something and then wrote it down before pulling out his phone and then flipping it open. He stared at the numbers.. all the numbers for the longest of time and then breathed out as he dialed a number and waited.


Alrighty then.

He dialed another and had a boy answer right away,

" ‘Ay’ Man.′ The boy smirked on the other side and the boy smiled a bit,

" Hi there Fujki.....′

" Hey, what type of honey’s you got with you today?” The man smirked and Naruak felt himself arch his brow and then look around his empty room.. he remembered what his maid looked like..... Scrawny and wearing a horrid uniform.

" Ah.... I’m taking a break for today.′ he shrugged it off and he heard the boy whine out as if disappointed with his lack of female companions.

" I see... Slowing down?”

" Well no...′ Naruak arched his brow but then leaned back against his bed... This idiot, whenever he called it was girls this, girls that. He rolled his eyes softly, Sure he liked girls just as much as the next guy, Heck his track record said so... But there were sometimes he’d like to talk about other things.

If there was anything better to talk about.′

" Look, Look man.. Me and my new girl, we kinda busy... Ya know? So.. Call me later... ” The boy seemed to smirk and then hung up.. Naruka breathed out blankly and then stared at his phone screen with a blank look,

" Thank you.... You little..′ he sighed out heavily but then tossed the phone aside as he stared up at the ceiling... The only thing he could think about was that new feisty female..The way her hair tossed a bit and the way her body swirled from side to side... He wanted to Meow but then again...

Even if he did he was alone so what was the point in that?

He paused and then bit his nails softly, Well... She was a tough one. He figured that maybe he’d just have to be as tough as her.... cornering her maybe would be nice, giving her a nice taste of who he was...

He’d like to do that for her.. and then maybe.

Maybe she’d be the kitten in his trap....′

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