Memories of Captive Love

By Kaizarhiede All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery

Remember This Day

Ryan walks into her apartment, tired as fuck from her day of work. She drops her bag by the front door and takes off her boots. She walks towards the bathroom and takes off her uniform, throwing it on the floor in there.

She walks into her bedroom, her fiancée on the bed working on her homework. She climbs into the bed next to her and cuddles up to her side.

“Skye, I’m working on my homework.”

“I’m just laying here, Dyl,” taking on a joking whiney voice.

“Have you showered yet?”

“I figured I’d wait for you,” she whispers as she snuggles in even closer to her.

“I’m not going to be done for a while yet.”

“Just wake me up when you’re done, then.” She lazily kisses Dylan’s arm and closes her eyes.

Ryan falls asleep rather quickly, exhausted from a long day of work.

Dylan continues working on her project for her class. A long paper about the uses of nanotechnology so far, what she wants to research with it, and what it could eventually create. A 5,000-word minimum paper and she's only 2,000 words in. She gives herself another hour to work on it, knowing she needs to wake Ryan for a shower.

After an hour passes she puts down her laptop, then nudges Ryan awake. She tiredly opens her eyes and yawns. “What time is it, Dyl?”

“Late. Now come on, let’s go shower.”

Ryan smiles and kisses the nape of Dylan’s neck.

“Mmm,” Dylan sighed, closing her eyes.

Ryan takes that opportunity to kiss her more. Dylan puts her hand over Ryan’s mouth to stop her, but Ryan only switches tactics. She runs her hands underneath Dylan’s shirt and up her back pulling her shirt over her head. She gently pulls the shirt until it comes off. Dylan grabs both of Ryan’s arms, holding them against the wall. “You know I’d love to continue this... but shower. Sleep.”

Ryan gives Dylan her pouty face but agrees with her. Dylan hesitantly lets go and Ryan only waits a moment before grabbing her and kissing her again. “Alright, let’s go,” Ryan whispers into her ear. Dylan backs off the bed so Ryan can get up, and as Ryan swings her legs over the side of the bed Dylan grabs her arms and pulls her up.

“Hey! Not so rough!”

“You ain’t ever gonna get rough from me again if you don’t get to the shower right now!”

“Okay, okay! I’m going!” Ryan walks towards the bathroom, Dylan right behind her.

Ryan undresses on the way, arriving naked in the bathroom. She turned on the shower as she feels warm arms wrap around her. She leans back towards Dylan, letting herself be enveloped by her. The gentle skin on skin contact makes her wish so desperately that they had more time together. Dylan moves both of them into the shower, underneath the cold water. Their skins erupted with goosebumps and Dylan began licking the water drops off of Ryan’s shoulder. Ryan moans at the gentle way Dylan turned her on.

Dylan pulls back and Ryan felt cold from the lack of touching. “Now, shower.”

Ryan looks at her and pouts but continues with her shower. After the shower is over, Dylan grabs a towel and dries off Ryan. She left her shoulders and higher untouched so she could use that as an excuse to kiss her. She finishes drying her and herself and they make their way back to the bed. Ryan got into her undershirt and compression shorts like usual and Dylan wears a too-large T-shirt like usual.

They both climb onto their sides of the bed, Dylan grabs her laptop to continue working on her schoolwork and Ryan lays close but not in the way of her. Dylan kisses her forehead and whispers, “I love you,” before she turns her attention to her work.

Ryan replies with a mumbled, “I love you,” her tiredness as evident as ever. She stares at Dylan, the memories of them meeting flooding back to her as they usually did every night.

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