Angels and Demons: star crossed love

By amber All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter one

I was running through this foggy and misty forest. I don’t know what I was running from but I felt that this creature was a very dangerous thing. “Come on little angel, you can’t hide from me. No matter where you are I will find you.

I heard this deep and scary voice tell me. It sent shivers down my back. I turned around and stopped running. It was quiet, too quiet. All of a sudden I feel someone grab me from behind.

I felt a warm breath on my neck and warm hands on my waist...the next thing he says scares me….. He leans down and I feel his warm breath on my neck kissing the hairs as he wisphers in a soft tone.


I wake up sweating and panting from that strange dream.

“Time to get up Naya’il.” I heard my mom say.

“Ok mom!” I shout back. Today was the day I get to see what kind of wings I’ll get. Everyone in my family has white wings. Your wing color depends on your rank and job that you’ll be doing.

I got dressed and walked down stairs and to the kitchen where I saw my brothers and my dad all sitting around waiting on my mom and me.

“Ok guys let’s go.”

We head out of the house and to the angel court and stand there waiting for the elder angels to come. The elders were the angels that were with our Father of creation when he made Adam and Eve, and when they were guiding and guarding Jesus when he was born. The elders are very wise angels who have been here for centuries and are who we go to for guidance or when an angel is getting their wings for the first time.

They arrive and announce it is time.

I start to feel a tingle in my back and suddenly, a pain so bad grips me in a tight hold. I feel as if my back has been put on fire and is being ripped open inside out. I scream a blood curdling scream and fall to my knees. After 2 minutes of this the pain finally stops and I hear gasps from everyone. I turn to look at my parents crying and looking disappointed at me. “What’s wrong..what happened..” I ask but no one answers. I run to look into a mirror and what I see shocks me. I see a pair of wings that are as black as the night itself. I turn back and look at my parents and then finally an elder speaks up.

My child, I am sorry but….you can not stay here anymore.”

I was crushed...the one person who I trusted turned their back on me.

I felt a push on my back, and I started to fall.

I landed in a dark pit and saw all types demons that you would never dream about even in your worst nightmares. I saw a demon who stood out to me. He had black hair as black as his soul. His eyes the color of night. When you looked into them you saw your fears and pains. You saw nothing but madness and damnation. His wings were leathery and as red as fire. “Where am I” I asked him. “Welcome to the Fallen, little angel” I looked around and I saw people shackled up and some working till their hands bleed. Others were tortured by the faces of their past.

The man in front of me speaks “Why have you come down here little angel?”

“I didn’t come by choice” I answer back.

Do you know who I am little one?”

“No I don’t,should I?”

I am the DEMON KING little angel. This is my home.”

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe this is the first fallen angel in front of me.

Rumors are that the first fallen was trying to take over our heavenly Father’s position and tried to overrule him. The war was a bloody one at best and lots of angels died that day. After the war the the first fallen lost and was deemed to eternity near the earth’s core.

I asked him his name.

My name, little angel, is Aoqeurum (Ao-qr-um), what is your name?”

“My name is Naya’il. And I’m here because I was kicked out of heaven due to the color of my wings.” He asked to see my wings and I showed them to him. He walked around me in circles,studying me. Finally he stopped in front of me and he said “little angel, do you know what your wings mean..”Feeling movement to my left, I turn to see it was Aoqeurum standing next to this white milky orb. I walk slowly over to him and sees him looking at me expectantly. I hesitantly peer into the orb and feels myself getting sucked in. I fall onto soft grass and take a look at my surroundings.

I see tall beautiful trees and kids running around this beautiful house and people are talking and laughing and having a good time. I walk towards the house and as I get close to it I see this couple. I see a girl with beautiful silky black hair with rosy cheeks from blushing. She has a smile on her face and the look of love in her eyes as she stares at the man next to her. I look towards the man but can not see his face because it’s blurry. I hear his voice and as I listen it sounds familiar and his hair was a nice black color also.

This is nice and beautiful is it not, little angel?” I hear Aoqeurum from beside me as I look at the couple in front of me. “Can you see the man Aoqeurum? I can not.” He smiles and turns to me and nods his head. I look up to the sky and get a sense of danger coming. A dark and sinister evil. The clouds slowly turn black and the sound of thunder cracks in the background. I look back at the couple and they are looking right at me. I stop for a minute thinking they could see me. They jump off the porch and run at me looking blank in their faces and I move out of their way as they run towards this man who looks like he’s covered in black goo and he’s smiling at them in a hateful way.

As I continue to watch, I see the couple run and attack anything that moves. They kill with deadly skills and are so in sync with one another it’s almost like a dance..a deadly dance. I see a monster of someone’s nightmare come from behind and raises his fist but before I could finish I was pulled out of the vision. “NO! YOU MUST SEND ME BACK I HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!” I turn towards Aoqeurum and push him. “I can’t little angel. You have already seen too much and besides the future can always change.” He responded back to me in a calm manner. I turn around and walk out of the room. “Well then, until we find out who is to help me go on my quest, the only thing we will talk about to each other is the quest.”

I head towards my room and lay down in my bed falling into a deep sleep.

I was sitting in a throne room and looking at my people dancing, laughing, and talking. Enjoying the activities and eating food. I looked out above the crowd into the night sky. I stare at the twinkling stars and see a shooting star. I close my eyes and make a wish and smile softly. “Hello, my love. What did you wish for?” I smile and turn around and hug my arms around his neck as we slowly sway to the fading music,coming from the ballroom. “Now if I tell you it won’t come true”. As we were swaying outside to the music, there was a loud commotion coming from the ballroom as one of the guards come in covered with blood. I hear my husband ask him whats going on but right before he speaks there’s a loud sound going off in the distant and the palace shakes as rocks fall from the ceiling. “Go gather the men and protect the children and women!” My husband pushes me into a room and kisses my head and looks at me in a way I know that tonight will be the hardest night that we’ve ever hd. He rushes out of the room and leaves me there sitting in the dimly lit room wondering if he will ever walk through those doors again tonight.

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