Twin Alphas are a lot to handle

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Romance / Humor

Chapter 1

They were close behind me. I could hear the footsteps behind me. My wolf only sensed fear. I had been running all of my life but something was different. I felt like I had known these forest paths. It was strange since I have never been here. A felt a huge set of paws land on top of me and I was soon facing to face with a pack guard. His face looked like he was extremely mad.

“I’m bringing you in,” He mind-linked.

I felt a sharp pain in my side as the world faded black. When I woke up I could hear faint voices talking.

“What will the Alphas’ think of you bringing him in here,” A voice said.

“I know that the Alphas’ are desperate so I thought that they would want HIM,”

“They aren’t desperate enough to take a filthy rogue,” A voice said.

That’s all I will ever be. A filthy rogue. A traitor. A toy. Someone who is only good to produce pups. All names that people have called me. I heard a door creak open and I glanced up to see a guard.

“Come with me. We’re going to the Alphas’” He snarled.

He picked me up and dragged me to the Alphas’. A tall figure walked out and looked down at me. I stared up at him.

“Is this the white wolf?” He asked almost spitting.

I quickly gained my composure and stood up. I looked him directly in the face as I slapped him in the face. He recoiled and glared at me. The pack guard looked at me like I was insane.

“Get him out of my sight NOW!!!” He shouted.

I was dragged off by the pack guard and thrown into the prison cell. I groaned as I stood up and dusted myself off. I was wondering who that was because there was no way that it was an Alpha. An Alpha causes any wolf to fall to their knees. This just seemed like some beta. I looked around at the jail cell and I noticed that there were some cobwebs on the walls. I knew that people mostly kept me around since I was a white wolf. In the world that we live in a white wolf, male is able to produce pups. My first supposed lover only used me because he wanted a strong heir. I barely escaped. I have avoided others because I know that people just want to use me and don’t actually love me. I felt an angry presence enter the room. I looked up only to come face to face with an Alpha. This time I was sure that it was an Alpha.

I stumbled back as his warm breath hit my face. We made eye contact for a few seconds before I quickly looked away.

“I heard you slapped the Beta,” He said trying to hold his laughter.

“Yeah?” My voice cracked. That was strange since I almost never felt scared.

“Hmm, He’s going through a lot of stuff but you have some guts,” He smiled.

“So, Are you here to free me?” I asked feeling hopeful.

“I can’t do that,” He replied.

“What?!” I said angrily.

“For starters, you’re a criminal who has trespassed,” He smirked.

“What if I make it up to you,” I said as seductively as possible.

“Tempting but I think I’ll pass,” He said turning his back to me.

“Wait! What’s your name?”

“My name is Mason,” He said.

He quietly left the cell and was soon replaced by a pack guard. Great! I was trapped in a cell without a hope of escaping. The alpha seemed relatively nice. The cell door was flung open and a guard walked in. He carried a haircut razor and cut my hair. I looked in a shard of glass on the ground. My dark black hair was long on top while the sides were cut extremely short. I groaned. More prettying up to impress more people. Honestly, I was sick and tired of being treated like a princess. I looked up to see Mason standing there.

“Heh, You look cute,” Mason smiled.

“You!” I snarled.

“Aww what you don’t like your haircut?” He asked touching my cheek.

“I liked my hair perfectly fine before,” I whimpered.

“Well, today is your lucky day,” He smiled evilly.

“And how is that?” I asked hoping he would release me.

“You get to move in with us,” He smiled.

Great. More people to please.

I felt myself being dragged into what I assumed was the Alphas’ house. I looked around. The walls were eggshell white and looked to be the original walls of the house. Everything in this house seemed so vintage and I wondered if it had been passed down through generations. I was soon facing the other alpha. They both had brown hair that looked soft. I strangely wanted to wrap my arms around this alpha and never let go.

“I’m Aaron,” He said in a low, husky voice.

“I’m Micah,” I avoided eye contact with him.

Soon Mason came around the corner and stood next to his brother. The two of them looked almost identical besides the fact that Mason had a scar under his left eye. They both had sun-kissed skin.

“How old are you?” Mason asked.

“I’m 19, how old are you?” I asked.

“We’re 21,” Aaron responded.

Geez. They’re old.

“What do you need from me?”

“We need, erh, want you to be our mate,” Mason answered.

“HAH! After you kept me in a prison cell you expect me to run into your arms just because you requested it?” I laughed.

Mason looked a little taken aback when I said that but Aaron looked pissed at me.

“Listen here, you trespassed and trespassing is a crime punishable by death. Be grateful that we are giving you a second chance,” He snarled.

“I’d rather die than spend any time with you,” I growled.

“Fine! Go rot in a jail cell and see if I care,” Aaron shouted.

I felt a strong grip on my arm as I was taken away by a pack guard. I saw Mason slumping over while Aaron was trying to comfort him. I felt strange, I actually felt guilty for what just happened.

I returned to the cold jail cell. It was dark and I struggled to stay warm. It was going to be a long night.

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