Destined To Be Yours

By Yuki Thapa All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


'I love you Yuwana to the moon and star.'' He confessed to me. I was so happy to hear it and I also confessed to him. ''I love you too Alorn." It was the best day of my life. The person whom I have care and love had finally confessed to me and we are gonna be together. Remembering that day made my heart clenched and tears dropped from my eyes. The person who meant everything for me is in front of me but I couldn't give him the answer he had wanted to know.It made me feel vulnerable that I couldn't protect our love. I am the cause of this pain and I can't tell the truth. '' Why Yuwana why you did this? You didn't think of us while taking such step. ''He told me with pain in his word. I wanted to hug him and wipe his tears but I couldn't. That day I had made our decision for both of us and it wasn't easy but I had made it for the good. Hope Yuron will forgive me. ''It was for the best of us.'' 'I told him and he was surprised to hear my reply. '' You are selfish and I regret crying for you.. ''Before he could finish his word I went outside. I also regret ....................................... What does she regret? Will they clear their actions and reunite? Read to find.

Chapter 1


The sun rays falls directly in my room creating the darkness fade in bright light.Today I am feeling lazy to wake up and I am remembering my dream.The dream of someone who is unknown to me and creating havoc in my mind.I don’t know the meaning of this dream but it’s a strange feeling that I am going to face him soon.My chain of thoughts is broken by my sister’s yawning.My sister and me share same room and bed.We are like dog and cat at one time and friend at another time.We don’t show our love but our love is stronger than anything.

Her hand reach my cheek and I slapped her hand away and made my way to my bathroom.I finish my business and wear shorts and t-shirt and went downstairs.My mom was cooking breakfast and I greeted her “good morning, mom”.She return my greetings and gave me toast and bread.Meanwhile my sister also join us wearing her school uniform.My sister study in class 10 and I am in my college.My classes start from 11 so I have 2 hours to get ready.After finishing my breakfast I went to my room and finish packing my bag.I went down and study for my Physic test.My college is full of exams and test.This thing is creating a lot of tension in my life.Well I love to study but all time exams are not my favourite. I study for half and hour and went to my room to get ready.I wear my uniform and went downstairs.My mom was in the kitchen so I told her good bye and went outside.My college name is UNICOL,it is top school here and people find it strict.We can’t wear makeup ,bring mobile and other accessories.Well we are treated as a kid and if we are found to violate the rule then there is severe punishment.It is 45 minute away from my locality.At morning I take local bus to reach there and in afternoon I walk to my home.

I finally reach my college and the students are moving to their classes.Today I got late due to the traffic jam and I need to rush to my class.My class is in second floor so I don’t need to climb long stairs but it really makes me tired when I am late.I reached my class before my teacher comes and the periods pass by. I enjoy the classes as my friends were making fun and finally the test began.My test was good and I expect good result.My day went like this and I bid goodbye to my friends and walk in the direction of my home.I have to pass through main road and a street.I enjoy my way back to home.Usually I go to home alone but sometimes I meet a boy.He is my classmate and we don’t talk much but when we meet eachother in the way , we walk together.Today I am not expecting anyone to walk along me but a voice interrupted me.
“Hi,Yuwana.How are you?”

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