Being Your Everything

By iris0winters42 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


*************************** he slammed me against the wall and pinned my hands above me. all my attempts to free myself were in vain as he was twice as large as me . First time in my life , I was actually fearing him . The foul smell of alcohol hit me breaking my thoughts. His grip on my wrists was becoming tight by each second , it become so tight that I thought the blood circulation in my hands has completely stopped. It was hurting me . I could feel tears were brimming in the corner of my eyes, but I will not let them fall. He can't have the satisfaction of hurting me. "ANSWER ME!!" He screamed so loud that my ear drums almost burst out . He was scaring me like hell. Now I couldn't control my tears. But he seemed unaffected. His face was emotionless. i was already scared and the fact the alcohol was taking control of him has scared the shit out of me. Before I could figure anything out , his lips were on me. Giving me a bruising and long kiss. I tried to push him but he had steel grip. suddenly he harshly pushed me aside. like something has awoken him. "SLUT" saying this he left me there crying and broken .

Chapter 1


Well today is an important day for me .I guess . Here I am standing in front of the mirror, seeing a totally different girl , with a face caked with makeup . Yet it looked so elegant . With my white-cream gown and simple jewellery I looked graceful . I know it’s going to be difficult for me, but I guess this is what my mother wanted for me.

It’s totally a different experience. How i am gonna live my life with a person I have never met . Yes, I have seen him ,in a magazine,he’s really hot but I haven’t even heard his voice . Plus my father’s too forcing me into this marriage. Not that he has some kind of attachment with mom but according to him i’ll earn him some money.

My father has never been too nice , to care for others , even his own daughter. He drastically changed when my mom died. Well I can’t remember what he was like , before mom’s death , but I definitely remember some memories in which my father was a hero . My hero.

But suddenly he changed. He started to abuse me. He started drinking and it got out of control.

My train of thoughts was broken with a knock on the door.
“Come in ”
a maid was standing there.
She gave me a pair of heels , beautiful 4 inch heels making my 5′8 inches frame more taller.
She told me that my father was ready and I should hurry up.
I nodded and she left . After a final touch up and giving a final thought to my future . I finally left the room.
I saw my father standing there smiling widely , it was creeping me in a way because he has never smiled so genuinly.
We heard that the music has started and I am just some minutes away from my new life.
There I was walking down the aisle, I kept my gaze down .
When I reached in front of him .
I stole a glance. My breathe hitched.
He was looking sooo hot.
I couldn’t get my eyes off him.
In a black three piece suit , neatly gelled hair , bulging muscles, and atleast 6′3 towering height, he looked something inhumane.
How can someone be this sexy.

I realized I was ogling him like a desperate woman.
A blush creeped up my cheeks.
My father gave my hand to him and whispered something that I couldn’t catch.
My soon to be husband finally looked at me.
I was expecting admiration , adoration or nothing else but a genuine smile . But he had a straight face like this is some business deal.

This was strange and it hurt me a bit but I brushed it off.
Soon the priest started speaking the vows .

I heard a small ” I do” from zackary and he slipped the ring in my finger.
The priest asked me

“Do you Angelina Sanders take Zackary Nicholas Knight to be your lawfully wedded husband ?”

It was a strange yet beautiful feeling.
It was difficult for me to say those words which will change my life.
I always dreamed that I would marry someone who will love me , trust me , spoil me , pamper me , and here I am marrying a man that I barely know .
This is so ironic

I realized that everyone was waiting for my answer.
“I do ”
And I too slipped the ring in his finger.
The rings were not too fashionable . They were simple yet elegant . Just like I would want.


After the cake cutting , the food was being served. There was so much variety in foods . There were at least six types of cuisines . And I could tell by the arrangement , he had spent millions . My father said this is not going to be a big wedding . I even thought ,by that my father meant a court marriage. There were at least 300 people in the wedding. So I assume that in a normal wedding there are even more people.

In my memory, I’ve never been to a wedding. Usually , my father alone went on most of the occasions.

People were enjoying , some adults were drinking champange while the children were drinking juice and playing around running in the hall. The sight was so adorable.

Zackary was with his friends, they were nice and friendly . Zackary haven’t talked to me this whole evening.
I sure am a bit uncertain about him and this wedding. But I even deny my parents wish.

Now it was the time to dance. I was felling awkward about dancing with zackary.
First I danced with my father . People were watching in awe.
I was feeling uneasy by the attention I was getting.

He moved a bit closer and whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine
" I want you on your best behaviour from now on and you don’t have to use your brain just do as I say ”

I always feared his threats , they were never empty.
Before I knew I was dancing with my husband .
He looked so imidiating and handsome. Whenever I see him blush creeps up my cheeks.
He placed his one hand on my waist and now I could even feel the heat radiating from my cheeks.

I couldn’t help but feel that he is just dancing unwillingly. He isn’t even dancing he is just merely moving.
Soon people start to join us.

As soon as the area was filled with people dancing around, he left me , standing there alone .
Probably looking like a fool.

It hurt me . I was just on the verge of crying my heart out . But I controlled.
For the sake of this ceremony.


It was the time for farewell . Mostly girls cry at this time.
But even if I want to cry , I couldn’ t.
There was no happy memory with my father , I could cry for .

We sat in the car , ready to drive back home.
There was an uncomfortable silence
In the car . It was a tiring day. Before i could know , I slowly drifted into sleep .

I woke up when I realized that the car came to a halt.
My mouth hung open at the site in front of me.

His house was so amazing .
It was not just an house it was a villa.

It was two story and probably it was equal to ten houses like mine.
I have a habit of walking around in the evening. But I don’t think that I have to even step out of this house.

It had a pathway around the main home .
The view from this building was to die for.
“Are you planning to settle in ”
A cold voice broke my thoughts.

I looked up to see zackary standing a meter or two away from the car.
His voice devoid of any emotion.

I quickly stepped out of the car .
I should stop making a fool out of mysel

Zackary was already stepping into the house. I saw the chauffeur taking out my luggage from the car . He was a middle aged man .

I quicky ran off from there to match zackary’s speed.
Once inside the house , the interior was as beautiful as the outside.
Zackhary was marching really quickly, I even didn’t had the time to adore the interior.
His one stride was equal to my three strides. There were a number of servants standing there , some of them doing work

After all this , atleast I expect an introduction to his staff or a tour around his house by him. I doubt that he knows I am behind him.
He was just going to step up the stairs when his steps came to a halt.


He turned around to face me.
His next words broke all my expectations completely and I realized that he was no different from my father.

“Take it” he said as he took out some papers from some drawer.
It was clear the papers needed my signature. He gave me a pen and i signed it quickly not understanding what was it.
Now that i had the papers in my hand i took a moment reading them.
Uh oh my god!!
He has transferred -$50,000,000 .into my account.

" Now as a gold-digging bitch you are ,
I expect that you are the happiest now. Today I realized how shameful you women could be. Don’t you have any self respect bitch. I told you we could negotiate but no . Don’t you understand , I don’t want you in my life. Wasn’t I clear after that message.
Fucking Slut ”
He paused for a moment , it was so shameful to listen this in front of all his staff. What will they all think of me.
What is he talking about?
" Now you will never cross my path unless it is really really important.
Marcy show her the room”
The last line he said to one of his workers. I didn’t even realize till now that I was crying.
All the workers were staring at me like I was their ‘talk of the month’ .
I was feeling so ashamed.

Is this a new beginning?

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