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Romance / Drama


Rahul is just like any other guy, living in London. Situations and circumstances are created as such that they led him to flyaway from his family to a new place, and among new faces. He finds himself entangled in love with a girl. Bound by restrictions she too falls for him.....but destiny played its game card. What he never thought would happen even in his wildest dreams, he gets separated from her. Now, he is a successful ceo and a father too. He has everything but why does he still feels himself incomplete? Will he ever be able to meet her? Will fate bring them back together?Will he ever get his happy ending? "He knew he was walking on thin ice, But he anyways did, Because he had made his decision, He will fall and rise in her love, Forever, Even if he dies." A story of a breath

Chapter 1


“Are you drunk?” I asked him, studying his features through the rear view mirror of the cab.

He is wearing a navy blue watch cap saying L.A. Cab Services and a dark blue colored shirt with black jeans. His eyes are pale and red as if he has not slept for days. His lips are colorless and dry. His right hand on the gear is shaking terribly.

“Just a little sir. I beg your forgiveness. I promise I’ll drive carefully.” His tone makes me shudder but then I divert my attention to the little boy Max who is sleeping peacefully with his head on my lap.

I gently stroke his beautiful copper brown hair, bringing a sweet and innocent smile on his lips.

I took Max on a week long vacation to Los Angeles.

It has been quite some time since we haven’t spent time together and I thought it would be a nice way to get a break from my work and get to know Max better.

I don’t want him to feel unwanted or not loved enough.

He is the only person I love the most besides........Heriana.

Heriana, my princess. The girl who stole my heart with one little innocent glance of her.

My lips pulled into a smile, remembering her beautiful face and those pouted lips of hers when out of the blue, a shrieking sound made me come back to reality. Protectively, I pulled Max closer to me, holding him tightly as I watched our cab taking a furious turn to the right and pushing both of us to the left with all the force.

I grabbed the handle of the gate with my one hand while the other still held Max closely. Droplets of fear were rolling down from my forehead while my lips were quivering in anticipation of what is going to happen next.

I looked down at Max who was blinking his eyes at first and then slowly widening them, realizing the situation he and I, both were in. I held back the tears that were making their way into my eyes and tried to speak but my throat was clogged up due to anxiety. We both were looking at each other, trying to give assurances and at the same time, sending goodbye pleads.

Suddenly, the gate crashed open pulling me and Max with it. My eyes were shut waiting for the impact while my hands were frantically searching for those two little hands whom I was holding a while before. However, soon everything got dark and empty.


What is happening?

Where am I?

Thousands of images were slowly making their way back into my mind, making me remember every pain, happiness, misery I have endured all my years. I tried to get a grip on my thoughts but my head was aching terribly. Soon, the present set in which chilled my body from head to toe.

Break.....Los Angeles.....Max. Where is Max?

I tried to open my eyes or move my hands or the legs but they just won’t move.

The whispered words around me became clear as I listened to people shouting and rushing towards me. The footsteps of the people kept increasing their pace while my head hurt like a bitch.

“OH MY GOD..........BLOOD..........WHERE IS 911............OH THE LITTLE BOY........” Someone says. My mind got stuck on that one little sentence said by someone in the crowd. I tried with all the power in my body to get up and search for Max but nothing happened. I pleaded like thousand times to those people to answer me but my voice never reached their ears.

What has happened to Max?

I was crying my heart out for my baby boy. I was pleading to that god in heaven to kill me but spare him. I tried to shout but no one heard me.

Slowly, unconsciousness claimed me and I found myself drifting away, seeking solace in the arms of Heriana.

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