The Memories Of The Spice Girls

By Mint Minty All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


A girl joins a new school she becomes friends with two girls who are classified as the school geeks. But they're not the only one wanting to look out for her, three popular girls want to take her in and make her their's. What happens when she rejects them?

Chapter 1 The new girl


Melanie was a shy, 16 year old girl who doesn’t talk much since her mother died. She has grown up without knowing her mother. Her mother died when she was only 3 years old. Her mother was Mrs. Mary Peterson, she was well known for her masterpieces of art work. Melanie’s father, Mr. Peter Peterson was known for building race cars. He was quite famous for the race cars he built for the people on the race track that always seemed to win.

One day, on a fine sunny morning, Melanie Peterson was going to her new school. Her school’s name was CTHS or Castle Tower High School. She didn’t want to go, but she had to since she stayed with her father and he was always working.

On the first day of school, Melanie wasn’t quite sure if she was going to fit in. “Dad I don’t think I will fit in and make friends, what if they call me names?” said Melanie worried. She was quite sure there were going to be mean kids there, that was why she had left her old school. Her friends at her old school turned their backs on her and joined the “Mean Girls Group.”

“It’s gonna be fine Melanie, all you have to do is show them the real you and just be brave and stand up to those bullies!” her father replied in an unsure way. When Melanie left the car she felt butterflies in her stomach. The whole school looked at her in amazement. She had no clue why the boys acted as if they wanted Melanie to be their girlfriend.

Then, a girl named Jane Anderson bumped into her. The boys started laughing “Oh! I’m so sorry, are you OK?” asked Jane so worried that she was the girl everyone didn’t like. Jane was a 15 year old girl with straight A’s that went crazy over boys, unfortunately, the boys didn’t like her.

“Oh! I’m fine thanks, hey are you Jane Anderson, the girl who is supposed to guide me around the school?” asked Melanie brave and confident for the first time. “Yeah, that’s me, you must be Melanie Peterson” replied Jane. When they got into school, Melanie was amazed that she even blurted out that the school was so unique.

“Hey Jane, how was your holiday in Iraq?” asked Fern wanting to hear the story. Fern was a 17 years old rude girl with a bad attitude. “It was awesome; I couldn’t believe I went to that country! They still have a war going on! Oh! Hey! This is Melanie, the new girl in our class. We will be looking after her and not let the “Spice Girls” take her away from us. That way, she doesn’t become too popular and show off and be mean to people like Isabella Roberts, Lizzie and Sandra. Those mean girls will only stand up until they lose their balance and fall, usually after breaking up with their boyfriends.”

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