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She was in love with Riley until one day he started to forget her, stopped giving her attention, forget her feelings and he might've stopped loving her and that's when she decided to let him go. She was broken and alone and felt miserable until Travis came along and told her everything she wanted to hear, she was scared to love again but she ended up falling for Travis and he ended up betraying her trust, once again she was left heartbroken. Riley came back in her life and all seemed right in the world once again, he was her first love and she wanted a future with him but did he want the same? Will things work out this time? Will Kiara finally find love and happiness in Riley?


Somehow deep down, she knew.

She always knew that time was precious and that it needed to be treasured no matter how it is spent or who it is spent with.

Kiara liked to think that it was some long-forgotten feeling about love that she had always wanted over the years, a long-forgotten feeling of love which she read about in books and watched on the television in the movies. A feeling which she dreamt of having.

She knew that everyone possessed their own ways to portray their love for others. Love is a powerful and permanent emotion with no control over it. Similar to how Kiara couldn’t control her love for Riley no matter what they went through.

Love is a commitment which needs to be nourished; it develops with time but without nurturing love, the best of it can fade away right before you. Sometimes you don’t even come to know it.

Love to Kiara was the way he arrived in her life, it was the way he took away all of her pain and the way he was there for her when she didn’t ask him to be yet needed him to be.

She vaguely knew what the meaning of true love was yet this was the closest she had come to it. She took the time to process her feelings and emotions. She could feel her heart beat grow faster each and every day but after a long time it started to slow down, flutter, and it eventually broke into pieces.

She watched the light in her own eyes flicker over the months, eyes which were full of love in the beginning were suddenly all faded away and became filled with pain and emptiness.

She heard the beating of her heart increase and bounce off the walls of her bedroom. The sharp pain in her chest hurried to a sort of nervousness, she wanted to be with him forever but could she go on like this? She wasn’t used to being alone, but it was something which she thought about and which she could learn to do.

The light from the moon shone down onto the ocean just a few steps away from where she was standing. She hurried her pace as soon as she saw him walking closer towards her, she felt just a little foolish for what she was about to do. She was in one of the toughest situations she had ever been in; she had no reason to be so paranoid but she didn’t want to be the girl to break hearts. Kiara couldn’t stay in a painful situation either, she was getting hurt in the process as well.

Falling in love is a choice which we make; it’s what your heart feels and tells you. Kiara was crushed by love after months of believing that it was true love, to figure out it was just first love.

After getting hurt and losing all of the trust she had for him, Kiara needed to make a decision. Will she give him a second chance at their relationship? Will it stay the same? Or will it be different and better, either way, the ending is always inevitable. She knew deep down that it wasn’t going to be easy for them and he might end up walking away! Kiara knew that sometimes a second chance is only to end things better, but with all the risks, Kiara was ready to face the future no matter what happened.

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