Early Harvest, Book 3, Wine Tasting Series

By londonmichelle All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Giselle and Ryker's relationship continues in this fast paced erotica. Giselle must decide if she's ready to cut ties with her father over a man that could possibly be her soul mate. But first, she should find out if her feelings are even reciprocated. Is she merely the early harvest before the prime picking or is she the one thing that Ryker desires more than anything else in this world. DISCLAIMER: This book contains very mature content meant only for adults.

Chapter 1

She stretched across her bed. Her arms and legs reaching the edges as she exhaled a deep, heaving breath. Giselle felt rested, relaxed, and slightly sore from the last couple days. Still, she wanted more.

From the point of waking, Ryker was already on her mind. She reached up underneath her pillow and pulled out her cell phone. She had a text message from him. What opened up on her screen was one of her favorite parts of Ryker, his stomach. She studied his abs, each sculpted perfectly, framing his belly button. A promising trail led her eyes toward the bottom of the screen in between the toned v-line of his hips. His tanned skin, spattered with shadows under each and every muscle, contrasted against the plain white background. With her finger, she touched the screen just below his belly button and pulled the picture up further. Nothing more showed. Figures, she thought to herself.

She replied back with a quick omg and can’t wait to see you before locking her phone screen and moving to the edge of her bed. She listened for any movement in the house and heard nothing.

A light green color inside her bag caught her eye. It was the outfit she had packed on the off chance of actually having somewhere exciting to go. She pulled the green halter top out of her bag and pulled it over her head. The black skirt that she intended to pair with it peeked out at her through the zipper. If I wear that, dad will definitely suspect something, her mind echoed. Instead, she decided on a pair of jean shorts. She bounced cheerfully into her bathroom, brushing her teeth and hair, then lightly painted her face with some makeup.

She sauntered down the stairs, scanning the rooms as she passed through them. Her father and Amber were both gone. Bounding down the front porch stairs, she made her way through the vines and crossed over toward the winery so that she could pass without being seen. She side-stepped in front of the old cellar that she had fallen into before, sneaking into the back door of the winery. She saw Ryker near the large barrels. His tight fitting jeans hugged his ass. He was topless. All of his muscles flexed and contracted with each movement. She watched him from the door. Sweating and lifting, he moved the large barrels from one side of the winery to the other. Each twist, each curl, each time he bent over stoked her fire. Secretly watching him excited her further. He was her forbidden fruit and she wasn’t supposed to have him.

But she had and she was ready for more.

He turned in her direction. Her stomach flipped from being caught. He winked at her as he lifted the next barrel and moved it to another location. Her body began to burn and ache. Ryker glanced in her direction every chance he could to make sure that she was still watching him. She tried to sashay closer to him, her hips swaying with each step. Her strut caught his attention. He watched her, nearly drooling. He dropped the barrel he was carrying on his foot. A loud scream ripped out through the winery. She froze. She was the reason he was in pain. She was trying to distract him and it worked, but she hadn’t wanted him to get hurt.

“Ryker, be more careful!” Amber yelled from the balcony above. “Those cost money!”

Slinking backward, hoping to avoid Amber’s view, she retraced her steps toward the large back door underneath the balcony. She turned to exit the winery and smacked right into a solid figure.

“What are you doing out here?” Her father asked, staring at Ryker.

“I was looking for you. When I got up today, no one was at the house.” Giselle covered for herself.

“I’m not stupid, Giselle.” He said, his eyes laser focused on Ryker. “What do you want?” Her father’s impatience and disbelief was apparent.

“Are you busy today?”

“Yes, extremely. We’re preparing for the early harvest wines.” Her father glanced at her quickly and then back at Ryker.

Giselle quickly looked over her shoulder, their eyes locked. He was watching her and her father. This will never work, she thought. The way they look at each other is a dead giveaway. Anyone with half a brain will know what is going on between the two of them.

“I just wanted to let you know that I was going out for a while.”


“I met a guy a few months ago and he asked me out,” she lied.

“Giselle, you’re old enough to make your own decisions.”

His face showed his inner struggle while Giselle watched him think about what he had said. She looked back at Ryker, once more.

“Not him!”

Her father’s voice echoed off the walls and through the winery causing a few people to look their direction. Giselle’s cheeks flushed a bright red. She dropped her head in defeat. She knew that he would never allow them to be together.

She walked away from the winery and back into the vineyard. A sinking feeling bottomed out in her stomach. She used to be her daddy’s little princess, but since he married Amber that had changed. She watched her feet as she walked. She knew that if she continued this relationship with Ryker, she would never be able to get back in her father’s good graces.

“Why are you even fightin’ for this?” She asked herself aloud.

She searched for the answer inside her mind. Her teenage hormones caused an infatuation with Ryker. She knew it wasn’t love, not yet at least.

“I just want to see what’s there.” She spoke to herself once more, satisfied with discounting any more amorous feelings.

She took each step carefully, checking over her shoulder to see if her father was going to chase after her. At the porch, she realized that he was too busy with Amber and the winery to worry about her feelings. Anger and spite took over. He didn’t care about her or her feelings. The only thing he seemed to care about were his appearances with his new family. She had been warned not to embarrass them plenty of times during her short visit by both Amber and her father. Why did she even care anymore? I’m never coming back here after this summer, she vowed. She pulled her phone out of the back pocket of her shorts. She texted Ryker.

Meet me at the store.

I can’t, I don’t get off for a while. He sent back.

Fake sick and I can be your nurse.

She received a winking smiley face in the form of a semicolon and parenthesis, but no words. She exchanged her shorts for the black mini skirt in her bag. She replaced her flip flops and gave her hair a tousle before heading for the back door.

Once out, she quickly walked in the direction of the dirt road. There were barely ever any cars on this road, unless they were going to the winery. She paralleled the road for a while in the trees until she had put some distance in between herself and the driveway. Before heading out of the woods and onto the road, she stopped to listen for vehicles. With no sound but the wind in the trees above her, she stepped out of her cover.

Excitement ran through her body. Her belly began to flip and flutter. She rubbed her hands together after they started to sweat. She felt her emotions starting to peak, her body well aware of the encounter she and Ryker were planning. That familiar ache deep in her belly grew stronger with each step. Her fingers tingled, as flashes of Ryker’s naked body holding her and posing her in the ways that he had over the last couple days flew rampantly through her mind. A vision of his wanton eyes embedding into her memory reminded her of how he lusted after her. Each memory flashing before her was like an out of body experience. She watched herself with Ryker, like a spectral being floating above, as their bodies intertwined.

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