Simply Bittersweet, Book Two, Wine Tasting Series

By londonmichelle All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Giselle and Ryker can't seem to get enough of each other and risk so much to keep their intimacy a secret. When her step-mother starts trouble at the family picking party, Giselle wishes she was anywhere but there. Ryker tries to be there for her, but is Giselle willing to take the chance of losing what relationship she has left with her father for the man that could be her only salvation? DISCLAIMER: This book contains very mature content and is meant only for adults.

Chapter 1

He placed a kiss on her forehead. They stood, facing each other in front of the steps to her step-mother’s house. They held onto one another. Giselle, hoping for more time with him, didn’t let go.

“You have to go inside,” Ryker breathed just above a whisper.

“They’re not home yet.”

“Yeah, but they will be soon.”

He kissed her one last time before stepping away. She slowly stepped backwards up the stairs watching him leave.

Inside, she felt alive, reborn, on cloud nine, even. His touch was addicting and she was hooked. Everything about him made her toes curl. His muscles, his face, his voice, each one affected her in a different way all culminating to a single high. The way his fingers traced her skin, offering a jolt of reinvigoration.

She floated up the stairs to her room and closed the door. She disrobed and climbed into bed. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but after the night she just had, she knew she’d sleep well. She stared at the ceiling in the dark, barely able to see the silhouette of the fan hanging over her. Her eyes were getting heavy and she could still feel Ryker as if he was in her bed with her. She could feel his hands dancing across her belly. She could feel his breath on her neck. She closed her eyes.

At the overlook of their pond, she leaned against a tree. Waiting and watching, sitting still as the stones around the water’s edge. She didn’t dare move.

“He’ll be here.” She reminded herself out loud.

Out of the water, she saw his head appear and then his body. Soaking wet and stark naked, he slowly stepped through the water. He climbed the overlook with ease, barely exerting any energy. The water dripped off the ends of his hair, creating rolling droplets on his shoulders. He leaned over her offering his hand. She stood and followed him in silence. The only sounds she heard were their steps on the fallen leaves and the breeze through the trees. He led her to the edge of the overlook, turned to her, and jumped backward into the water. His eyes locked on hers until they were submerged.

She took her clothes off, laying them on a large rock, and jumped into the water after him. She felt her way through the water searching for Ryker. His hands found her. With each one on either side of her neck, he gently pulled her head above the water meeting her lips with a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced to a melody only the two of them knew.

Their hands grasping, desperate for one another.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, holding herself to him. His erection firmly in place, nestled between her lips. The point of no return. He eased his way into her, gentle not to overload her cave. He kissed her neck.

“Oh, Ryker.” She called out as he inserted himself further inside of her.

“Giselle.” His voice was close to her, almost haunting.

She moved up and down his massive rod in slow deliberate movements. With her legs locked tightly to him, she took every inch, crying out with pleasure.

“Giselle,” he said again.

This time his tone raising as he said the last part of her name. He sounded more like he was asking a question than praising her. She stopped to stare at his perfect face. He was enjoying himself. He pushed his rock hard cock deeper inside of her. She began to ache as she came closer and closer to her climax.


The booming yell of a man’s voice, that was not his own, ripped out of his throat.

She was alone in her room.

The ceiling fan rotating above her bed brought her back to reality. Her head was swimming. She laughed, a little embarrassed, at the apparent thoughts she had in her mind. Ryker had climbed inside of her and set up shop. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, even in her dreams!

“Giselle, I’m not calling you again!” Her father was yelling outside of her bedroom door now.

“Alright, I’m getting up!” She yelled back.

Her father’s sudden daddy act was getting old. If you want to see Ryker, keep your mouth shut. Her inner voice was harsh, but spoke the truth. She couldn’t make waves with her father. She had to fly under his radar.

She quickly dressed and headed to find her father. Amber was scowling in the kitchen as Giselle walked in. Her father, not looking any more pleased than his new wife, stared at Giselle. They know! Her mind was racing. How did they find out? Just tell the truth! Her mind’s childlike thoughts started a panic inside of her. She stood in the doorway, trying to pull out her innocent persona.

“What?” She said as she sat across the table from her father. “Is everything okay?”

“When you’re told to get up, we expect you to do it.” Her father’s voice was more calm and his face had started to relax.

Amber rolled her eyes and turned back to the stove, obviously upset by Giselle’s mere presence. The sounds of clanging metal, slamming doors and drawers, and constant angry sighs filled the kitchen.

“Can I help you with something, Amber?” Giselle offered.

“No, you can’t even keep your shit out of the living room.” Amber fired the snide remarked across the room.

Giselle didn’t say anything else. She sat in silence. Amber slammed a plate down in front of Giselle. The food sloshing onto the table. Giselle cleaned the food off the table and flicked it back onto her plate.

“Do you have something to say?” Giselle’s patience was gone and she was no longer willing to play nice.

“Why are you here?”

“Excuse me?” Her father chimed in. “She’s here because she’s my daughter and she’s allowed to visit whenever she wants.”

Giselle stood silent. She had walked into something that wasn’t directly aimed at her. Amber and her father must have already been fighting. The tension in the air was palpable. Amber’s disgust was being sprayed around the kitchen like a skunk trying to ward off predators. Her father tried wafting the fumes away, making Amber’s attempts less effective. Giselle had walked into an alpha showdown and she wasn’t going to wait to find out who will come out on top.

“I’m just gonna go.” Giselle excused herself as she started to leave.

“Giselle.” Amber’s salty voice called after her. “My family is going to be here today for a picking party. Don’t embarrass me.”

“What’s a picking party?” Giselle turned to her father, avoiding conversation with Amber.

“It’s where everyone comes to help gather grapes for the next batch of wine. It’s a family tradition.”

“Got it. Stay away from your family. Can do.”

“Oh, no, Giselle. You’re part of this family too.” Her father scowled at Amber.

Giselle nodded to her father before she left the room. She jogged up to her room. She could still hear their argument. Although muffled, she was able to pick out some hateful comments about herself. She treaded lightly when she left her room, walking on eggshells to avoid any confrontation.

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