The Story of Us

By myonlysinwastodream All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Poetry

The beginning

Heavy traffic, how erratic

We’re amassing sexual tension here

With a sensual whisper in my ear

My head pressed against yours

How sexy is your voice that lures

“Baby, do you love me like I love you?”

I was strangely rattled, that much I knew

And yet the answer timidly escaped my lips

“Yes” I uttered gazing at you with lowered lids

It was a sweet short kiss we shared at the back of the bus

The beginning of “us”

I was filled with wonder, my mind began to wander

It was but a mere couple of days before

You hinted we could be something more

Who would have thought that could become reality?

You said it so seriously, with such finality

“That could be us...but you chose another path”

What could I say to that? I gave an awkward laugh

So much has happened since

My much awaited prince

So lean in, give me a kiss

Let us bask in our bliss

These are our glory days,

living in a love-induced haze

Let the happiness perdure

I must reassure you, my feelings are pure

Your lovely smile is of such delight to me

My giddiness is easily visible for all to see

The safety of your arms is enticing

An afternoon curled up with you is deliciously calming

Lazily murmured words, our darkest secrets, our hopes and dreams

A future with you, most perfect is how it seems

Baby we’ve come a long way

And every day spent with you is a perfect day

A prince and his princess, slaves to their senses

Simple acts of kindness,

fuel a love that is timeless

A treasure hunt with which our love was sealed

Scars of old, with you have been healed

I have lowered my walls and shield

My secrets and quirks are revealed

I cannot deny what my heart seems to shout

And yet there is no doubt

What this is all about

Yes it’s true, I have fallen for you, you’re not someone I can do without

You must know I love you, only you

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