The No Name Girl

By wonderwillow All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

meeting the characters

Priscilla Swanson-The nerd who is invisible almost she only got one person who ever notice her.Nathan is her best friend. She is bisexual, but has a more lean to females more.

NathanRoth-He is publicly gay everyone in school knows him from his YouTube channel that he is famously know for he is the best friend with Priscilla. Some times he will dress like a female. His parents support him no matter what,

Ashleigh Chaney-She is the popular cheerleader that everyone loves and wants to date. Her parents are rich people who own a music record company and owns a a mall along with a makeup company. Her family is well know along the town Tweebrook as the wealthiest people and “kindest” people. Her family is well know along the town Tweebrook as the wealthiest people and “kindest” people.

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