Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 9

“It’s weird to see you at school” I laugh at Logan’s statemen, I open my locker and take a notebook out from it, I close it and turn to see him with a mig smile “You know, I didn’t expect you to actually have a heart and go” I say sarcastically, he chuckles in response, the bell of school rings and I tell Logan I would see him at lunch and go straight to Chemestry class where Jake is waiting for me at our table, I found him on his phone and I sit beside him “Hey” I wave at him and he waves back with a smile on his face.

“Good Morning class!” the weird voice of Ms Jacobs it’s heard around the classroom, everyone answer at her with a lazy good morning, like seriously, I love chemestry and all but I am just not in the mood for it “Well, I see everyone has a very good vibe for today” he sarcasm makes the classroom fall into deep silence, she begins to make an introduction about the new subject, everyone kept silent, that never happens.

You see, every class that we have had with Ms Jacobsa since we knew her, she would beg us tokeep silence, but today is different, everyone is in an awkaward sinlence even Jake is silence, the time passed as everyone took notes and payed attention, but she speaks breaking the silence “Okay, may someone of the whole senior class tell what the hell is wrong with all of you?” this is the first time I have heard her swore,.

“You have been really quiet” and it was truth everthing kept a really deep silence, no one answer “Jake, why have you been quiet?” she walks over our table and asks him “I don’t know teacher, I really don’t have anything to say” he answers playing with a pen and smiling “You are not this quiet” she says and then I talk “But that doesn’t mean that he can’t stay silence” she rolls her eyes at me and then go back to class.

Fifth and six peiod flew by then lunch came “You are going to sit with us, right?” Abbie asks me as I throw all the books into my locker “Of course, who else?” I say with a smirk and the hear loud heels across the hallway, I roll my eyes expecting her to come “I am really surprised you didn’t come earlier” I say closing the door of my locker with a lot of force.

“You know, when Marcus called me, I reañlly couldn’t believe it” she says lokking at her fake acrylic nails, I gritted my teeth, the anger already building up inside me “When he told me that the bitch mother was death, I laughed, really hard” she says and I am really ready to give her good punch “Don’t let her get you” Abbie whispers like she is reading my mind “Yeah, listen to her-” she laughs and I dug my nails into my jacket “-But you know what was funny? That bitch now knew how losing someone felt like” she says with flames on her eyes.

People start to come around us “How pathetic of your part Zoe, you think I didn’t lose him too, be grateful that the prostitute of your mom is still alive, I am actually really grateful that my mom held the image of victorious woman” I say with a challenging tone and a smirk placed on my pink lips as I walk around her “But why called her prostitute if I have you” I whisper in her ear as I pick a lock of her hair, I can see the hurt that her eyes hold.

“Shut the fuck up” she says slamming her heel onto the floor “Why Zoe? Because I am saying the truth? Or maybe because you can’t stand hearing the truth? That your mother once was a really famous slut” I say then the whispers start around the hallway “That your lovely mom just wanted the best fo you, so she did it, how beautiful of her, right? But then she found him, your father, a really rich guy who-” she cuts me off “Stop” she yells and I look at her with amusement.

Then I feel it, she slaps me across the face, with that I lose it and tackle her to the ground with my legs each one at each side of her hips “You think it’s funny my mother’s death, Zoe?” I say putting my arm on her throat “I don’t regret about anyhting Leah, I don’t regret having you as a friend, getting pupular because of that competition but mostly important-“she says with a raspy voice but pauses to place a smirk on her blood red lips “I don’t regret having sex with Jordan before you did” the fisrt punch is thrown, because she said it, she pulled the trigger.




I don’t regret about anything, just like her, because everything makes me write my own story, makes my life hell or heaven, but how would a writer be awriter if they don’t have an interesting life, where would they get their inspiration from? Nowhere, because how mom once told me ‘An amzing story begins with the worst begginning’ maybe it was truth after all fisrt it comes hell the heaven.

I am going to make her face look like shit, she never worked for anyhting things would be always at her feet, but I am grateful for that, for not becoming a spoiled boy, one that everything I ask for would be give to me, without thinking it twice.

I feel someone grab me by my waist then carrying me in bridal style , I feel tired but satisfied “Everything will be alright” I hear them saying but the dark and the pain doesn’t let me identify their voice.

I feel them get me away from the crime scene, my knuckles hurt and feel bruised from punching someone so hard, but I think I just sent someone to hospital. But I thank you mom, because you thought twice to give me things and you made me work for it, but you know what the problem is?

I didn’t think twice before making Zoe’s face crap “I promise” I heard before falling into deep darkness.

“Leah, run!” Nick screams and I start running towards the woods, my feet are killing me, heck, this fucking heels are killing me, I shouldn’t have done that, I am a fugitive. “Stop, lady, stop. If you don’t want us to use violence against you” one of the cops shout behind me and I stop and hide behind a tree.

I hear voices and see flash lights and shadows that reflect on the pale leaves “Lady, you hurt one person, that left lots of serious injuries besides you stealed things from a supermarket, please come out and the charge won’t be an expensive one” I breathe heavily, then start running again, I start getting lose until something shoots me in the ankle “Shit!” I feel pain in my ankle, and I feel the rest of the cops walk behind me.

“You are under arrest, Leah Anderson” he puts me on the handcuffs on my wrist, he turns me around and helps me to walk towards the police car “You fucked up, honey” I hear him say, the sigh in deception...

Two days ago...

I hear a female voice “Why are you defending her? She screwed it up with that Nick” she says “She didn’t do anything bad” another male voice says “She left Zoe unconscious, for god’s sake!” it’s Sarah, Sarah is arguing with someone, I hear the door slam “Sarah, wait” it’s Logan, he is here “I know you are awake, honey” I open my eyes and let them adjust to the bright light “Where are we?” I ask him “In my cottage” he responds “Fuck, my hands hurt” I say sitting up the massaging them “Maybe because you beat the shit out of someone” he tells me giving me a knowing look.

“You are exaggerating” I say shrugging, I walk around the room and see that we’re in cottage “Exaggerating, Leah? You were unconscious after punching that slut” he exclaims, I walk to the window and stare at the outside of the woods, this is a cottage, maybe is his or Logan’s “You used to kiss that slut everyday” I say then turn around to see his lips in a perfect smirk “Jealous, honey?” he asks walking towards me.

I let out a whistle and laugh “You wish” I say, he walks closer to me, being inches of my face, he leans in until our lips are centimeters apart and our breath is mixed, but I stay still, a confidence washing over me. I lean closer that my lips brushes him and his breath stops “Nervous, darling?” I ask with the smirk taking over my lips instead of his “If I could, I would have kissed you twenty seconds ago” he whispers “Then why don’t you do it?” I ask.

“Because he wouldn’t want me to” he whispers and I can smell his mint breath from here, he is perfect, the way his blue orbs expand when he says something serious is incredible, he has his walls just like I have mine, so I don’t hope him to open up, I don’t put too much hope in people like him, because I just lost it a long time ago. But he is hiding something, what did he mean by he wouldn’t want to?

Like I have very clear that Nick is someone handsome, with that killer body, those arms, his hair and those eyes is what amaze me the most, he is attractive, the worse part? He is aware of it, I wrap my arms around his neck and give him a hug that takes him by surprise “Yeah, I bet that too” I say, he wraps his arms around my waist “You still have to face Sarah, she is really mad, Leah” at the sound of my name coming out of his lips, I pull away.

“She is overreacting” I say and he gives me a pointed look, I glance to my knuckles and they couldn’t be more bruised “I will go and talk to her” I tell him and go out of the room closing the door behind me “You’re awake” I find another pair of blue eyes but this time they are darker and electric ones “No, shit. I am one of your illusions” I say sarcastically, he walks closer to me “Then you are the perfect one” he says stepping forward and I step back.

“Ew, your cheesiness is going to make me puke” Nick yells and then Jake appears out of nowhere “His ugliness makes me want to puke, you guys keep going with your amazing meeting” he says winking at me and enters the bedroom where I was before “You shut up dipshit” he yells and slams the door behind him.

“Okay, so where were we?” he asks dipping his hands on his pockets “Nowhere” I say turning around and walking downstairs “Leah” I shift my head to a side looking into his eyes “You shouldn’t have done that” he comments and I open my mouth to say something but decide to keep my words to myself. I stand there in the living room watching Sarah sitting there in the couch “You screwed it up really bad, Anderson”

That is a bad signal, we’ve never had a serious argument in our eighteen years of friendship, we have always had a really good communication between us, that nver let us go farther than that, but this, this is really bad. She stands up and walks over where I am standing and smacks my forehead “You are so stupid” she looks at me with anger in the eye.

“I think you are still exaggerating” I comment without care because she is overreacting, Zoe deserved it and no one will make me change my mind “I know that look” she says pointing at my face an I arch an eyebrow, offering her a challenging look “You don’t care and you don’t regret that you sent someone to the hospital” I nod, her small body walks around the living room.

“Tell me something I don’t know, Millers” I am annoyed and she clearly knows it “Now, you are the one who is mad?” She asks sarcastically “Of course I am, my best friend is on my enemy’s side” I move my hands up and pass them through my soft hair “Why are you defending her?” I exclaim, it’s true, she is my friend and she is supposed to be on my side not hers.

“I am not, I’m just stating the truth” she yells and I put a finger in front of her face “Don’t you dare to yell at me and don’t come with your bullshit about ‘I am not on her side’ , because we both know that if you would have had the opportunity of choosing, you would have chose her” I tell her and she slaps my finger away with fire in her eyes “Don’t be a hypocrite Leah, you think this is about you, all is about you?” She asks me.

I open my mouth but I don’t want to say it, the words can be a really powerful weapon, depending on how you use them, I never use them in a good context, but today she is mad and annoyed “I do, because if you were me, you would know what it feels like losing your fucking mother or even someone close t0 you” that hit her right in the gut because seconds later she slaps me.

“Get your fucking head out of your ass, Leah Anderson. Not everything is about your egoistic decisions that later will make me get you out of prison. But until you realize how bad you hurt her, you will know it” she says, walking out of the door and leaving me with my hand against the red cheek.

I go upstairs and slam the door shut, not caring if it wasn’t my room, I hear shouting outside, I look out of the window and see Sarah arguing with Jake but suddenly he walks closer to her, putting a soft strand of her blonde hair behind her ear she smiles at him and lean closer, when they were inches apart, I open the window and yell “Keep some for me Jake” He turns to me and a red Scarlett takes over his cheeks.

I smile and Sarah gives me one of the dirtiest looks ever, she mutters something and he nods leaving with her. I sigh and walk towards the bed, I hear the door opening “You think someone will press chargers?” Will she? She may hate me but I don’t think I have gone that further for her to press charges against me “Nick?” I ask him and he raises his head offering me all his attention.

His eyes find mine like a predator find its prey, but the difference it’s that he isn’t hungry and the lust it’s clear in that ocean eyes. No. His eyes tell different things, tell things that no one would like to know “Do you want me to tell you what I really think?” he asks arching an eyebrow “Well, why not? You know it’s better knowing other’s people point of view” I reply and he shakes his head with a smile that catches my attention slightly.

“I think she didn’t deserve and she has all the rights to press chargers” that comment makes me livid and it’s like he just threw me a bomb of anger “You must be kidding” I say letting out a soft but not funny laugh, he keeps his neutral face while I stand up from the bed I was laying on “You seriously think that” I didn’t ask it, I knew that he would judge me just because I punch someone because I am- “Don’t jump to conclusions Leah, you always do that” he says walking towards the window giving his toned muscled back as a view.

“You always do that and that’s what makes you get into trouble” he says looking outside at the deep and dark forest “If I get into trouble it doesn’t concern you, as far as I know it’s none of your business” I snap at him , he turns at me this time his jaw has hardened “I am just trying to help” I shake my head and say “No, you aren’t” His eyes are on fire just like my hazel ones, his thoughts were not fair to me.

“Then tell me why the fuck I am doing this? Because apparently now, you know everything” he snaps and points at me, his body is tensed “She is your whore and now she won’t kiss your stupid pretty face anymore, but don’t worry you have a lot of them to kiss your fucking dick” I snap and as soon as my comment ends a smirk grows up in his face.

“You think I have a pretty face?” he asks and I roll my eyes “Grow the fuck up, Nick” I mutter and he walks to where I am standing “Honey, I am just trying to help” he whispers and I shake my head then say one of my thoughts out loud “I don’t want help from anyone, it makes me feel like they are pitying me” he grabs my hands and intertwine his fingers with mine sending shivers all around my body.

“I don’t worry enough to pity you” he says and I snap my hands out of his hold “That’s good to know” I mutter and roll my eyes. My hand soon is on the doorknob “You want to go somewhere?” he asks me and as soon as that question leaves his mouth, mine replays “I thought you didn’t worry enough to go out with me” I turn around and wink at him, he rolls his eyeballs and I get out of that place without another word.

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