Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 5

It’s Monday, the day when the prank will be carry through, I walk out of class and that leaves me free on hallway, I walk towards Zoe’s locket and she walks to where her locker is, she opened the pink door, then I see it. Zoe’s face all covered in blue ink with a lot of gross things that I put right there; she lets out a scream and tears begin to fall out of her brown eyes “Who did this?” everything stops as soon as her angered voice is heard.

“Who the fuck did this? Was it you Anderson?” she asks yelling at everyone but everyone remains silence “It was me” he suddenly says arriving where all the drama was “Baby, how could you?” she asks him with tears in her eyes, she puts her arms on his chest “Don’t touch me Zoe” he says “Then you will suffer the consecuen-” she is cut off by principal Henry “What is going on?” his deep and rough voice is heard and soon everyone starts going back to class “Look what he did to me” I roll my eyes at Zoe’s try of drama.

“Oh no, I didn’t do it alone” that fucking asshole wouldn’t dare “Then who else did it?” the principal asks “Ms. Anderson, I thought you would already know Henry” he says “Leah, get out of there” Henry says and I get out of my hide place raising my arms with a smirk placed on my lips “I admit it, you know Henry at first I thought you would be smart enough to think I did it, there is no doubt there” I tell him then grab his tie and play with it.

“But let me tell you something, with him I am not doing pranks again” I say making a face “Get over it, honey” he says and I roll my eyes “Let’s go Nick, I think that our parents wouldn’t like to wait” I say linking my arm to his.

We have been waiting for a freaking hour for them to get out of that office “Oh my god Le, tell me this is the last time that Henry will call me for this” My dad says getting out of Henry’s office “I don’t promise anything” I say hugging him and he shakes his head “This unbelievable” he tells me and I laugh but pull away from him.

“You are an asshole” I hear someone say and Nick laughs “Mom, come on I am your son, you can’t call me an asshole” he says and I turn to look a beautiful women with dark brown hair but hazel eyes, she didn’t seem like his mother “Just shut up, your father will kill you if he knows about this” she says then some guy begin tu run towards where we all stand “Good morning Mrs Thompson” I say and she laughs and tells me to call her Katherine “You are leah, huh? You seem like a really good girl” Nick chokes on his own saliva.

The guy that was running stops by Nick and then it hits me, it’s Jake Adams, Nick’s best friend a guy with a tall frame, skinny but somehow with muscles. He owned a drak brunette hair and eyes that matches with it.

“Hey Katherine” he winks at her “Hi Jake, I am sorry I have to get going but Leah tell your mom I say hello and that she is choosing well about the company thing” that hits me like a truck, his mom knew my mama “Wait, what-” with that she turns on her black heels and walks towards the exit “Leah, I have to go please behave” my father says kissing my cheek.

“Hi, I am Jake” the brown eyed boy offers my dad his hand and my dad shakes it with a smile on his face then turn around to get out of hell “I am Leah by the way” I tell him and he nods indicating me that he already knew me “Everyone knows that” he says then start talking to Nick with a smile on his face but Nick has an annoyed face.

“Jake, shut up” he says and I try to hide the smile by biting my lip “Leah, I love your best friend. Sarah is my lover” I face palm at his statement; he laughs and then begins to talk about Sarah. I motion Nick that we can leave, he nods and with that we leave Jake talking all alone.

I’m about to go back to class but the bell rings indicating that it’s time to go to chemistry, let’s see my partner.

I open the door and plop down next to Sarah, she gives me a warm smile “Hi” I say putting out my chemistry folder when I put it on my desk Ms Jacobs enters the classroom.

“Well class today, we’re choosing our partners to the rest of the semester” voices around the classroom begin to listen, students discussing about who will be her or his partner.

“Don’t hope that you will choose it I will do it for you” she says turning around to grab the list of all of us “Who do you think you will be with?” Sarah whispers on my ear “Honestly, I don’t know” I say shaking my head.

Partners are annoying guys/girls who sadly, are stuck with you and your comments by the rest of the year, because that’s how she does it, before Ms Jacobs came, evryone would change their partners each week which is what great.

I shake my head “What?” Sarah asks “Just thinking” I say and she chuckles shaking her head “Wha-” I am cut off by Ms Jacobs “Ms Anderson on the table of the corner” I grab my bag and my folder.

I walk towards the desk where a person is with his or her hoodie, it looks like a girl.

Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl. “Hi” I wave at partner, I hope she is friendly, I wouldn’t want a girl who does not socialize, because it would be awkward “Hi” A familiar voice say to me and I freeze before sitting “Ms Anderson, is it something wrong?” Ms Jacobs asks me and I shake my head in response “Please, sit down” she says and then continue doing the partners “You have got to be kidding me” I say “Honestly sweetheart, I think the life wants us together” Jake says and I roll my eyes.

Is he always that cocky?

I ignore him then start to watch how Ms. Jacobs put everyone in their new places with their partners “What about you and Nick?” he asks and I turn to face him with shock written all over my face the he wiggles his eyebrows like some kind of waves.

“You are too weird” I say then take out some notebook to write my name in the back; have you ever been that bored that the only thing you have to do its write your name? Well, that’s what I am feeling right now “Oh, believe me, I am not” he tells me and start playing with his pencil then out of nowhere he raise his hand.

“What Mr. Adams?” the teacher asks in annoyance “I have to pee” he says making the teacher cringe and frown at his words “Just, go. I don’t want any pee here” she says waving her hand then Jake gives me thumps and I immediately know what it means.

As I watch him get out of the class, I turn to see that Ms. Jacobs is fixing some problem about two guys then I take my chance to let out high pitched scream “What happened?” she asks me with concern all over her face, I make a face and she lets me go out of the classroom.

Outside the classroom, Jake receives me with a high five telling me that, that was awesome, I laugh at his comment “Vantages of having an uterus and a vagina” I tell him making him smirk “I love them” he says and I ask “What? Uterus?” I almost choke on a laugh but he shakes his head then tell me that wasn’t his answer.

My phone buzzes and I answer it “Hello?” I say “Le, how are you?” my mom what an irony “Good ma, you?” I say with a smile and the asshole doing faces , I smack him on the side of his head “Good, honey, I have to ask you something” she says making me frown at her words.

“Sure, what is it?” I ask with a smile “Hve you thought about the decision?” my simle drops when I hear the question “Mom I-” I don’t know what to say “You forgot about it, didn’t you?” she asks “Yes ma, I am sorry” I apologize, ma is gonna kill me “Leah I need all you attention on this, is your future company, not school, you are turning eighteen in almost four weeks, I really need your help” my mom says “Yes ma, I am really sorry, it’s a hard decision” I say again, I don’t know how to deal with this anymore “Yes hon, I know” she says in agreement.

Is good to know that your mother supports you, but we both don’t have exactly the perfect relationship of mother and daughter “Thanks Ma, I got to go back to class, bye, love you” before she could responf back I hung up “What decision?” I meet with a confused Jake “None of your business” I sing “Oh hell yeah” he says “Go and ask your future wife” I say walking “Oh no, she is too busy... fucking me” he says bursting out in laughing.Jerk.

“Oh look at that, two minutes till lunch. We should go back to class” he says looking at his expesinve watch, why are they that rich, I mean, ma is rich but Dad not that much, Ma’s because of her company and Dad is a famous lawyer so it’s not a big deal.

The sound of the bell burst out my ears, I go to reach my locker to put back my chemestry folder “You know, that I like your friend over there” he says pointing over at Sarah “Her? Oh no buddy, no chances with her” I say smiling and shaking my head at the same time, Sarah and Jake? never gonna happen “Come on, we both know she likes me back” he says smirkng “There is one difference between thinking that someone’s hot and like” I wink at him “Touché” he says nodding his head and winking, maybe he is not that bad.

“Oh! Look at your future husband” he points at Nick I narrow my eyes because there would never be a chance about me liking him more than a friends, I mean it would be totally awful and a complete mess.

He walks over the hallway with a grey t-shirt that hugs his chest perfectly and some black jeans, when he turns to see me, a smirk appears on his face when he sees me a smirk takes over him.

“You don’t get tired of the view, do you?” he asks me making me roll my eyes at his cocky attitude, I hold my folders with two of my arms crossed “Well, I kind of do, when everything you see is always the same” I tell him making Jake chuckle beside me “Well, love birds, I think we should get going. I am hungry” he says patting our backs as he holds both of us at each side of him “You are weird” I mutter and Nick raises his eyebrows.

Jake enters the cafeteria and Nick takes the chance to whisper in my ear his whole hot breath taking over the zone “I have a surprise, see you after school” he tells e and I roll my eyes.

“You wish asshole”I say pushing him away from me as we reach to the cafeteria “Where are we sitting today?” Jake asks Nick “I don’t know you tell me” Nick says glancing over his next victim, a cheerleader. Player.

“You go and hook up. I will go and bother my future wife” Jake says confidently walking over my table as I roll my eyes and chuckle ignoring Nick and walking along with Jake “Hi Le-” Sarah stops when she notices Jake by my side “What are you doing here little piece of poop?” she asks in annoyance “Miss me, beautiful?“he says in amusement with a smirk “Whatever” she rolls her eyes and sit back on the table.

”Why did you skip chemestry? you love that class” she asks confused and with concern at the same time “This idiot decided to skip class” I say smacking the side of his head “Hi friends” Abbie says taking a seat “Are you going to the game tomorrow night?” Jake asks me.

“I don’t know” I say eating my sandwich “Oh look your boyfriend is coming” Abbie says pointing at a really hot Logan entering the cafeteria with his perfect white teeth and a flirty smile “He is not my boyfriend” I say with a poker face “But he said that he wants to-” Sarah is cut off by Abbie slapping her hand over her mouth “Jake is here” she says and Sarah nods “Hi” he says kissing my cheek “Why are you doing that?” I ask him and Jake chuckles behind me “Because I am your friend?” it sounds more like a question “Does that mean that you can do that?” I raise an eyebrow and he blushes “I was kidding, hi” I say punching him on the shoulder.

“Don’t you think that sometimes you act like a boy?” Sarah asks and I raise my head and shake it “No,why?” I say as my mouth is full of food “Who acts like a boy?” A famaliar voice asks “Your ass” I snap at him “Chill honey” he says in a calm voice and I roll my eyes “We were saying that sometimes she acts so mean” Abbie says and Jake raises his hand and says “I agree with that” everyone in the table nod “Yes honey, sometimes is not sexy” he says in agreement.

“Well, I am happy about how I act” I say not caring about the statement that my friends just did “We love you Le, but sometimes you must be kind” Logan says “What do you think about Diego being better than Dora?” Jake asks changing the subject “Of course not, she is better than Diego” Sarah says starting an arguent all over the table.

I glance over at Nick, he is someone that never shows his other feelings, normally you see his cocky part, but how he does that. You can see he is someone who does not like open to people, that fucking walls. That I have too.

“What do you think Le?” Logan asks with a smile “Huh?” what were they talking about? “About my poop” Sarah says and give her a confused look “About Dora being better than Diego, you fool” Abbie says answering my question.

Finally someone “No the thing is that he is better than Dora” Nick says “Well she is better but- Oh my gosh, guys have you seen Dora with puberty?!” I exclaim, yesterday I was doing some zapping and I saw Dora with puberty “Oh shit! Really?!” Jake asks with emotion and I nod my head multiple times “And Diego what about him?” Logan asks “Oh yeah him too, the show is about them both, is called Dora and her friends or something like that” I say with enjoy “But damn, Diego must be hot!” Abbie yells and all the cafeteria freeze with Abbie’s comment, after a minute all of them come back to what they were doing.

We burst out in laughing “Yes,he was, I hoped I would’ve seen his abs but his hair was a new style” I say and I watch Logan laughing along with everyone in the table.

“You coming? you have been so zoned out today, honey” he says offering me his hand and I noticed that the whole cafeteria is empty, nodding I grab his hand standing up “Nick, can I ask you something?” I ask looking into his blue ocean eyes “Sure what is it?“he says “What are the intentions of your company?” I ask, I don’t know if I should’ve asked but I need to know “Honestly I don’t know” he says shaking his head not showing any emotion and in that momment, I know that Nick Thompson is lying to me.

“How do you know he was lying to you?” Sarah asks, right now, we are on our last period, PE. The best period where I can put all my anger on a lap or on a ball, interesting, isn’t it?

“There was no emotion in his eyes” I defend “Maybe he was nt lying, maybe he didn’t know” sha says pointing some reasons “Or maybe he is good at lying” I say “Leah why do you always think, that everybody is lying to you? not all of them are Jordan” she says leaving me behind, I run faster.

“I am not saying that” I say groaning “Then what are you saying?” she is asking me for an explanation and I don’t know how to say it “It’s just that I don’t know if I can trust him” I explain “You are complaining for nothing” she says “You know, you are right, I am complaining for nothing, I am gonna leave it” I say not thinking about it anymore.

But honestly, I can’t help but have a bad feeling about it. I am going to ignoring, Sarah is right, I am stressing about nothing.

The bell rings “You are free now” Coach Harrison yells at us, God, I must like PE but I don’t like the coach that much “I hate so much this class” Sarah mutters under her breath “Do you need a ride Le?” she asks me, we both walking to the changing room “No, Nick is taking me somewhere, and I have no idea where” I say and she nods putting on her clothes, we both know since childhood, so we don’t care about seeing each other in underwear, I change back into my clothes.

“Poop, we have to do something like-” she says excited “Wow stop there it’s just-” I am cut off by Nick calling me “Where are you?” he asks “I am on my way, I see you at the parking lot on five” I hung up “I got to go but see you later” I say waving at Sarah not before she yells “We will have that chat later” I chuckel at her and walking towards the parking lot.

“Boo” I say on Nicks ear having some effect on him, I laugh at his face “It’s good to know that I have some effect on you, darling” I say smirking and he rolls his eyes “Shut up and climb on the bike” he says in annoyance “Awee, don’t be mad, my litte rich boy” I say playing with his nose and he sneezes.

I climb on his bike so does he “Make sure you wrap your arms around me” he says smirking, and little cocky comes back “Shut up” I slap him playfully on his arm and then wrapping my arms around him “You love me” he winks at me and starts the motorcycle while I shake my head at his statement.

I rest my head on his back as I watch the forest, I don’t ask him where are we going, because I know, he won’t answer. A comfortable silence on us, he, deep in thought, me, thinking about how the nature can be so mysterious yet so beautiful.

It’s like a puzzle, whenthey give you a puzzle the first thing you do is figure out which form or imgae has on it, but what happens after that, so form it but what for? To keeep glacing at it how beautiful it is, the thing about somehing mysterious is to figure out what is the story behind it. Because I can’t glance at someone and say hoa their life has been, you can tell by their attitude and modals with you.

“Are you not asking, where are we going?” he asks me “No, because you wouldn’t say anything so, I am not wasting my time asking for something that won’t have its anwer” I say giving a point “Smartass” he mutters and I smile.

“We are almost there” he says and I nod “You have been quiet” he says “I don’t like sharing my thoughts and as I see so do you” I say and he nods, again losing in his thoughts.

“We are here” we stop in the middle of nowhere “What are you ganna show me , the typical cliché cliff” I say chuckling “Nope, I am gonna show you something but better” he says waving at me to follow him we walk about ten minutes with a deep silence.

“Welcome to paradise, honey” he says pointing at all the sight in front of me, I take a deep breath and say “Wow” he nods in agreement.

“What do you think?” he asks me and I look into that eyes, that makes me melt, that blue is so light “It’s amazing” I give him a smile and we meet our gaze for a moment, me looking into those light blue eyes and him looking into my brown ones “Okay, so we should jump” he suggets “No, no and no. In your dreams rich boy” I tell him “Come on honey, it’s special” he says groaning “And how is that?” I ask him witha smirk “You know what I mean” he says like a baby and I laugh at his face.





“Okay now stop” he says amd I smile sitting down “How did you find this place?” I ask him turnig to him and I realize that he is already next to me “I was walking on the forest, you know and I just arrived” he says with no expression or feeling in his eyes “Well it’s a really nice place” I say looking at it once again.

“Are we gonna jump?” he asks me standing up “No, are you insane?” I tell him “Just in the bed” he winks at me and I frown and say “You are disgusting” he laughs and smirk at me “Come on just once, I swear, it’s safe” he promises “Are you sure?” I ask him being scare about what to do “I am sure” he says sending me a sweet smile.

“But I don’t have any clothes” I say giving him an excuse to not jump and he looks at me knowing that I would say that and goes back where he left his motorcycle, I suppose that he went for clothes.

I hate guys for that, they make me think a lot about stupid things and they make me overthink “Again thinking on lover boy?” Nick says behind me with a bag on his right hand “Ha,ha so funny” I say giving him a sarcastic laugh and he smirks “Who is supposed to be ‘Lover boy’?” I ask him “Logan, hon, I saw how you looked at him on the cafeteria” he says walking towards me and I turn around and I feel a hot breath on my ear.

“If you are gonna like someone, be more... discreet” he whispers and I smell that breath of mint “I don’t even like him, you are clearly on drugs” I tell him.

“Anyways, are you gonna change?” he says walking away “You have clothes?” I ask him “Of course! it’s a pair of shorts and you can swim on your sports bra” he says handing me the pair of shorts “How do you know that I have one?” I ask him, that’s really creepy if you ask me “I don’t know, I guessed, if you don’t have one then swim on your bra” he says smirking down at my boobs and smack him on his shoulder.

“What was that for?” he cries out “For looking down there, you pervert” I say angry “Sorry, I didn’t mean it” he says and I roll my my eyes at him “Turn around” I demand and he gives me a question look “I am gonna change, you idiot” I say and he gives me a smirk “I thought that you were confident” he says “I am confident not a slut” I say and he rolls his eyes and turns around.

I change into the jean shorts and they fit me perfectly, I notice that they are a girl’s one, it must be of one of his one-night stands. Player. I roll my eyes at him, me just in shorts and my sports bra when I see Nick for the corner of my eyes I see he is changing too, I quickly turn around with flush of red on my cheeks “Okay now” he says and we both turn to see each other, and let me tell you girl, that his eight pack is amazing and his shorts haging of his hips perfectly showing his V line.

“Maybe checking out must be a crime” he smirks at me and then he looks at me watching me from toes to head, his jaw clenching and his eyes landing on my abdomen, his mouth hanging open observing how abdomen is perfect. I work out very day and I always go out for a run, so it’s not a surprise that I have a perfect abdomen, I don’t have abs because I think that it look horrible on girls.

“That’s what I have to say to you” I say this time, me, being the one who is smirking,“Shut up, don’t flatter yourself, Anderson”he says, my last name rolling out of his mouth and it surprises me because this is the first time he calls me by my last name “Okay let’s get done with this shit” I say getting closer to the edge of the cliff and I regret by walking back to a safe place but a pair of arms grab me by the waist placing me again where I think my life is gonna end.

“You are doing this” he tells me and I cross my arms on my chest, muttering profanities under my breath “Do you trust me?” he asks me grabbing my hand.

Should I? Should I trust that guys that ran into me that day in the airport and treated me like shit? Should I trust the guy that somehow has become someone that I can slightly tolerate?Should I trust the guy that never shows his emotions around me? “Yes” I say nodding, he squeezes my hand and walking backwards with me for the impulse and then we jump, and in that moment it’s just me and Nick, anyone else.

We jump. I feel the air hit my face and a loud splash sound when we hit the water, I let go of his hand and swim back to the surface of the sea “That was awesome!” I yell and then Nick appears next to me.

There is the feeling of excitement inside me is growing, the feeling of laughing and want to let all out, my stomach feels like a damn zoo. Why? Because of this, because of the moment I jumped off of that cliff and fell into the sea, for thinking about him, for the weirdness that I haven’t let out in a while and madness at myself for changing into that selfish bitch I am now.

I feel everything. Everything that I thought that I would never feel since I lost Jordan and all of this is happening because of Nick.

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