Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 4

“You were saying?” Sarah motoins me to continue with what I was saying “I was saying that yesterday I read something really interesting about ants” I say and she mutters “You are such a nerd” I laugh at her comment. Now we are at the hallway ready to go to the cafeteria but soon my pone buzzes inside my back pocket.

Darling ass: Are you coming for lunch with us?

Me: With Zoe? Thanks but no thanks

I shut my phone off and go to the cafetería with Sarah laughing about the things that I told her about “You know I haven’t told you the really important thing” I tell her out of nowhere and she nods in response.

“I have to-” soon I glance at my locker and there are lots of pictures of Jordan and me smiling, kissing and doind stupid things. Lots of people are passing by and they are whispering things about him and of course the one that is alive. Me.

“That slut wouldn’t dare” I whisper and Sarah is behind me shaking her head waiting for my reaction, I walk near my locker and see the little note ‘A little gift because memories and words leave a mark just where they stepped on’ as soon as I finish Reading the little piece of paper, I grab it and throw it to the floor then throw all the pictures away.

“You know what is the best thing about life?” I ask with a smirk now plastered on my face “Oh no, this is bad” As soon as thos words leave Sarah’s mouth I answer my own question “That revenge exists” the smirk doesn’t leave my face when I enter the cafeteria.

“Well, how is everything going?” I ask with a smirk still plastered in my lips, I hear a girl’s laugh at the back of the place the every person in there goes silence “I saw the gift Zoe or do I have to say slut?” I say saracastically and he reyes roll back inside that I think it hurt to do that.

“I hope you liked it” she says standi ng from her seat with her short red dress “I hope some day you stopped faking that shit of personality” I say honestly but her reaction is sitting in Logan’s lap “You knew that we had an excellent sex?” she asks and then I slap her across her cheek.

“Stop thinking that you will get everything to giving the only thing you really have. Your body” I say and she laughs but holds her han don her cheek “Leah, I have everything you don’t” but she doesn’t, she is more lonely than she seems, she is more insecure than she seems.

But never judge someone by their cover, just like Zoe and just like me.

“That’s good to know, that you have everything but you know what it is better?” I ask her then say “Not having lots of things but what I have at least it’s not fake” I mutter and she stays in silence knowing that every word it’s truthful.

I turn away from there and go away from that fake life that everyone in that table has, that mask that they have is gross, their life’s are horrible because once I had a best friend that it’s still one of them and something tells me that I am going to have another one.

“I really thought there was going to be a fight” Abbie says next to me and Sarah nods just at my right. Right now we are watching the sunset from my roof and Sarah it’s at my right and Abbie at my left “I still can’t believe that you both know each other” I say and they both chuckle “We met in biology class” Sarah says and I laughed.

They both are in that class just because they think that Mr Jackson it’s a hot mess, which I am totally agree by the way “I can’t believe you both took that class just because of him” I say shaking my head pretending to be disappointed.

“I have to tell you something important” I finally have the tits to say it and they both turn at me with curiosity and worry in their bright eyes “Well, it’s not that important but it has thinking about it” I tell them and they nod slowly as they watch the mixed colors in the sky “Okay so the company of my mom (I know, I am very modest) She had a deal with some company but they haven’t decided anything important because the deal is going to be closed in three months but the thing. It’s that-” I didn’t get the chance to finish my sentence when Abbie finishes it “You are going to decide how the deal is going to be” I nod at her words.

“Exactly” I say nodding my head, looking at Sarah, I ask her what she think about it and all she tells me it’s that I have to think about it really well that I have a lot of time, anyways. But she also tells me that I have to be cautious with the deal because one wrong move could make the company go down.

I hear my ringtone at my bedroom, I slide down my roof and get into my room through my window. I run towards my wooden desk and answer it “You know when I heard Zoe saying that to you I thought there was going to be a fight” Nick says through the phone and I laugh lightly “I heard that comment twice today” I tell him with a fake annoyed tone in my voice but I think he could feel the happiness in my voice.

“Logan is an asshole” he comments and I blink for a moment thinking about how the hell they knew each other “Oh, but look at that. So are you” I say with a fake smile though he can’t see me “Don’t be a bitch. You are defending him” he says and I shake my head “I am not, don’t be stupid” I replay as I hear a little ball tapping something “Are you playing with a ball?” I ask changing the topic “Yep” he says popping the ‘P’.

“Nick I have to go. Bye asshole” I say goodbye to him “Bye bitch” with that comment and a smile on my face I hung up the phone and start playing with it in my hands, the smile still in my lips.

After the call that I had with Nick, I got back to the roof and kept talking with my two friends. We talked about the company thing; suddenly something was in our minds “A bomb?” I ask and Abbie shakes her head but Sarah smiles “I mean, if you are going to do something, do it with someone else. But what I mean right now it’s that we should buy some eggs and paper and Zoe’s car is going to be perfect” she says explaining us how the plan is.

I think I have the right person to do the bomb thing “So, what do you say?” Abbie questions us to confirm the prank, we three exchange looks, soon a smile appearing on our faces “Yes, let’s do this. About the bomb, I think I have the right one” I tell them with a smirk paste in my lips “Okay, so what are we waiting for?” Sarah asks with a smile on her face.

We left the house about an hour ago; right now we are just choosing the beautiful accessories to her red Mercedes “What about gherkins?” I ask and Abbie gives me thumps up in response. We walk to the register cash which is a really handsome boy with black hair and killer grey eyes “How much is it?” Abbie asks with a smile, indicating she liked him “That would be $20,45” he says with joy in his voice, I glance at his name while they pay the groceries.

Kyle, his name is Kyle “Thank you Kyle” I thank him and offer him a friendly smile catching his attention “You are welcome girls” he waves at us, with a goodbye we drive to Zoe’s house and in the way there I call my prank buddy to do the bomb thing “Do you have the things for it?” he asks me “Well, I kinda do” I answer him “What do you mean by that, if you are going to do something, do it good or don’t do it” I can picture him rolling his eyes right now.

“See you at school” I finally say and hung up; we are getting closer to Zoe’s mansion each time until the ride seems longer “Can you please stop?” Abbie’s annoyed voice is heard, I hear Sarah’s laugh after that “Leah, tell her to stop” Abbie tells me like a three year old girl “Leah” Abbie “Leah, I swear I am not doing anything” Sarah defends herself “Don’t be a liar” Abbie “Why the fuck are you arguing now?” I ask annoyed by Abbie groaning mixed with Sarah’s laugh “Sarah is pocking my leg” Abbie cries and stop roughly the car. Courses are heard as soon as I do so “Stop pocking her leg and Abbie stop complaining about it” I tell them and they finally shut up.

We finally arrive to Zoe’s house and we got out of the car, right now I am taking out everything to do the prank and separating them from my ingredients to the bomb “Is it all?” Sarah asks me and I nod closing the trunk of the car. I proceed to do the car part while they do the house part. I begin throwing eggs, gherkins, olives and some other gross things.

“Let’s do this shit” Abbie yell and start throwing the toilet paper around her house; the music that comes through the speakers is heard from my car as AC/DC rock the place that I am in. I begin to spray some black paint in her red Mercedes and with a final touch, I leave a beautiful quote ‘Don’t forget who the queen is because the ones who weren’t born to be queens can’t become one’ and my sign attach to it.

“Touch too much” I hear Sarah yelling from one part of the house while Abbie is in the backyard throwing eggs to Zoe’s window, nut that slut has a really heavy slumber because I would have woken up already but she hasn’t and that is why the luck is in our side today.

I tell them that I have to go to do the next part of the prank and they nod as a response, with that I get out of a house that brings too many memories.

I was never someone of too much friends, my circle of friends was always a small one, I never have other friends except of Sarah and Zoe of course but now that I think about it, Zoe was never a true friend, she never had me as a friend because she wanted to, I think she was forced to do that.

And I think it still hurts, I don’t know why but it has been three years since I ended that friendship with a slap on her fake face, my friends were never a lot, I sued to have a lot of known people but they never were my friends and I am scared because I am starting to have more.

The change scares me because it isn’t a change that I want it to be. No, it’s one that I am forced to; I finally arrive to the school and I see him waiting for me there leaning in his car “You came earlier” I say with a smirk on my face and his lazy eyes find mine “You came later” he gives me a fake grin and I let out a chuckle, grinning I break into the school and let him pass “Ladies first” I say and he rolls his eyes.

“Why am I helping you?” he asks me turning to look at me with a really weird tone of voice “Because everyone loves me” I say flicking my hair over my shoulder and I get a roll of eyes as a response from him “Just come here, please do this weird thing and I prepare the bomb” he nods and start doing the system of explosion at her locker as I put everything gross I have in there.

I hear him mumbling ‘Put your head on my shoulder’ and I start going with the rhythm with my feet “Whisper in my ear, baby” we both sing the lyrics as the time follow by; I finally reach the permanent ink and when I am about to put it in the mix, his hand stops me by grabbing my wrist “What is that?” he asks me “It’s just some ink” I answer without a lazy tone in my voice “Do you want us to get expelled?” he asks with a smirk and I smile and take my hand out of his warm hold.

“I don’t know” I say and then open the ink and put it all in the mix, I knot the black balloon and hand it to him, he installs everything in her locker and explains how everything works, I nod at his instructions for the next day, he says goodbye and with that our conversation dies there.

I drove back home and now I am parking it inside the garage, I get out of my black car and enter to the house by the garage’s door “I am home family” I say the walk to the counter where I grab a glass and put water in it, gulping it down my dry throat, I check my phone then see Abbie’s face there asking me to do FaceTime.

“You won’t believe what happened” she says with a really annoyed tone on her voice “What happened?” I ask and place my phone somewhere to let her see me as I wash the glass where I was drinking water on “Okay, so I was at the bookstore looking for some books that I really want to read and this green eyed boy walked towards me, he began to flirt with me and I didn’t know what to do so I slap him and told him to go to hell” I put my hands over my mouth showing her surprise for her actions.

“You didn’t” I exclaim then my dad enters the kitchen “Did what?” he asks grabbing my waist and kissing my cheek, she tells the story to my dad again and his reaction is laugh at her actions but she begins to blush like hell “You kids are so weird this days” he comments as he cooks some eggs “We are not weird, I mean we don’t react in the best way-” he gives her a pointed look and she continues “But we aren’t weird some of us still have those things from the old people” that makes me choke on my own saliva.

“Did Abbie just call me old?” he asks and I nod, he smirks as he sees her blushing like hell “I like you Abbie” her eyes become wide until we have a really good sight of her blue big eyes “He does” I grab my phone and say goodbye to her because I was going to sleep “I am going” I announce and my dad arches an eyebrow “Where are you going?” he asks me with an amused smile “I am going to a party” I say and his eyes become wide like Abbie’s ones “I am going to sleep. Good night” I walk towards him and kiss his cheek and go to sleep.

Right now we are Abbie’s house and she is about to tell us how it was the whole green eyed boy “Okay so I was there looking for the Shadows hunter’s books and then he came closer to me-” she paused to take a bite from one of the hamburgers that I bought earlier “And he said one of those annoying pick-up lines” she says and I nod at her story, she hated him but she somehow was interested in him.

“I want to be thinner” Sarah says and I roll my eyes “Don’t be stupid you can’t be thinner than that” Abbie says and I grin with my mouth full of food “I can’t whatever I want to be” Sarah says, I shake my head and stand up from the bed where they are sitting on. I look around her room and see the different pictures and posters, then I turn to look at them and suddenly I hear “What if I want to be a cloud with converse?” the weird question makes me frown.

“What are you both talking about?” I ask them and they both turn to me laughing, I shake my head slightly at the weirdness of them “Nothing” they answer, I prefer having this true friends and not a lot rather than a lot of them but all of them fake.

Okay, so have you ver had that feeling of excitment just because of a show? Because I think it’s the best feeling that it can ever exist; I am still at Abbie’s but let me tell you that Teen Wolf it’s the best fucking show that can ever exist.

“Oh my god, so he is Scott. The one who becomes a werewolf?” I ask and my two friends nod at my question, but then tell to shut the fuck up, because let me tell you something, they love Teen Wolf. Boy they do love that show.

“Girls, I am bored” I whine, I grab my phone and start scrolling down Instagram to see some tutorials about slime, then go to twitter to see what stupidities have the people of school tweeted “Can you believe that Sandy from Health class broke up with her boyfriend?” Abbie says and pause the show in Netflix.

“Who is Sandy?” I ask and Sarah starts laughing then explains me who Sandy is “Is it her? She doesn’t seem like a Sandy girl” I question her and she nods telling me that she thought the first time she taked to her “So she broke up with who?” Sarah asks “With this guy James” Abbie responds and my hands place themselves over my mouth.

“Yes” Abbie says nodding “But why?” I ask, he reyes widen telling me it’s the best part of the gossip “He cheated on her” she finally says, we both laugh because Sarah and I don’t believe in people who cheat, that’s totally stupid “Why are you both laughing?” she asks us and the response becomes from Sarah “We don’t believe in people who cheat, the people who ‘cheat’ it’s because they didn’t have the things that they wanted from the partners” I nod at that because we learnt it from Sarah’s parents.

“Well, not necessarily” she defends maybe because she hasn- “I mean my mom cheated on my dad with another boy because she was tired of the same old dick” she explains then shrug “At least that’s what she said” she tells us, I roll my eyes “With the same thing that we were saying, they cheat on someone because they found something that their partners couln’t give them” I explain her and she finally nods in agreement.

It’s Saturday and there is nothing else to do than watch Teen Wolf “I think we should do sometthing else” I say standing up and putting my jacket on “Leah, don’t” Sarah warns me and I smirk “What about a race, it’s seven. It should have started by now” I say looking at my phone to check if I had enough money to bet.

“No, we are not doing that, your days of race illegally passed” she says and Abbie’s eyes begin to sparkle meaning that she wanted to go “See? She wants to go” I say pointing at the excited girl “Yep, we are definitly going there” she says and I smirk at Sarah when she begins to put her coat on.

We hear the loud music from afar, the trap music something you begin to miss. I still remember when I first came here all was because of Marcus, he showed me an easier way to earn money “Are you seriously going to race?” my best friend asks me and I nod with confidence, she rolls he reyes and walks to the guy who handles all of that.

He looks up and he remembers me, the way he looked at me makes me know that he remembers me; I put one hand in my butt pocket then wave at him awkwardly offering him a small grin, he nods “It’s good to see you again, Leah” he says and I nod with a smirk this time,

When the cars of the other participants come again and they announce the winner, I get into the car waiting for them to announce that I am going to race “Okay so we have $10,000” I smirk as everyone offers themselves to race, but what catches my attention it’s the winner from minutes ago “But the little detail, you will do it with no one else but Leah Anderson” that is my signal to enter, but my smirk grows as I see all the people putting their hands down.

“So, anyone?” I yell and everyone stays silence until- “I will do it” the winner from last race raise his hand “But I will put my money from last race” $20,000 I will win, because that boy didn’t who he was racing against “Sure” I finally agree and everyone begins to cheer “Let’s start, the winner wins $30,000” Ralph says and the cheers make louder.

I start the engine and make the car roar by stepping on the gas pedal “You know I wish you luck, but you have a really big tits to make a race against me, if you want we can use those tits to do another things” he didn’t just tell me that “You know what asshole, be careful who you are racing against with” I say then stick out my middle finger to him.

The blonde almost naked girl walks to the middle of the road and stands there to do the count down for the race to start; 1,2,3...go! That was my sign to step on the gas pedal and go the faster I could take my car and I knew my attachments, I go straight down the street the turn to the right across some cupcake shop to grab one of the attachments.

He has talent, the cocky but asshole boy has talent with cars. He seems like he wins a lot of races but what a shame that today is not his lucky day. I turn to the left this time to go back where I was and I find him behind me. We are now near where the race started; we are head to head, but how I said boy “Today is not your lucky day” I announce and with that I win the $30.000 dollars.

I hear cheers from everyone as I get out of my car but when I see behind me, the boy is in the need of fighting “She is a sneaky bitch” he yells and I let out a laugh “Didn’t your parents teach to lose?” I ask him and he turns around to leave, I walk towards Ralph to grab my money, he hands it to me and I get out of that place that brings amazing but now horrible memories.

“Let’s go” I say to my two friends and they follow me to the car “That was amazing, Le” Abbie tells me and I smile at her “I am used to it” Sarah tells her slightly annoyed by my decision. We drive back to my house, and when we enter the house Abbie decides to go to the kitchen to grab some food “Bring me Kita Kats please” I yell and sit on the couch.

“I knew that guy” I hear Sarah saying behind me then sitting next to me “You do?” I ask her and she nods “He was on eof Marcus friend’s” I shrug not caring about that “I think it doesn’t affect me in anyway” I say without worrying.

Suddenly we hear an scream and we go running to the kitchen where my brother stands there with a smirk and Abbie stands with a really pale face “Leah, what is the boy of the bookstore doing here?” she asks me and my eyes widen as I bring my hands to my mouth “Leah, what are you doing here?” he asks me still amazed by her presence “John, I am giving a concert with a Guns N’ Roses” he gives me a weird look and I roll my eyes “I am at my house, you idiot wht do you think?” I ask him sarcastically.

“Wait, are we ignoring the fact that John was even in a bookstore?” Sarah says as she comes and hands me my chocolates “Are we seriously ignoring the fact that the guy I knew and hated at the bookstore is one of my friend’s brother?” Abbie exclaims, I begin to laugh at them because it would be very awkward.

“I will go to my house” she say leaving everything in the counter, I nod and John whines “No, wait you haven’t had a taste of this delicious thing” he says joking then following behind her after she got out of the house.

“Well, I will get going too” I hear Sarah saying, making me turn around and hug her. With her leaving the only thing that leaves me there is going to sleep, so I turn off the lights and go straight to my bedroom.

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