Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 3

“Livin’ on a prayer, take my hand, we’ll make it- I swear” I sing as the song sound through the speakers of my car, I drive along the city, when Nick and I left the diner, her dropped me off at Sarah’s for my to have my baby boy back, so here I am driving around the city of Tobermory. Why? you may ask.

Well the answer is a simple one, when you drive with music it feels like heaven, it’s like all your worries go away along with the wind, your blood go so fast that the excitement and the adrenaline runs through your veins, the freedom is so fucking big, the stress goes away and the memories along with them.

My phone rings making the music stop, I groan and then answer “I am driving” I say flatly “Hey L-Leah” are you shitting me? I don’t even know him that well, yet he is calling me “Logan?” I ask and he stays silence “I just want to-” I cut him off “Logan, if you are going to ask for opportunities, I am not giving you one” I say, he sighs and tells me “I don’t wanna hook-up with you, I just want to be your friends” it doesn’t seem like it “I don’t give opportunities, you fight to win them” I say.

A red light appears in the traffic light and I sigh stopping the car “I- I really want to” he says and the I reply “Then try, because want things it’s not enough” I hung up and put the music back on letting Aerosmith sound sweetly. The light changes and I put my foot on the pedal then following the road that drives me to my sweet home.

When I arrive I park my car in the garage and enter through the kitchen door, I walk towards the fridge and take out a bottle of water, I open it and taking a sip, I walk out of the kitchen and go upstairs to do my assignments at my room. I text Sarah to give me all the homework of the classes I missed.

This is the worst thing about skipping, getting ahead with all the notes, doing homework and search about what we saw in class. Welcome to my life, sorrounded by homework, homework and more homework, oh, and drama.

My phone rings and Sarah’s name pops up into my phone wanting to do FaceTime, I tap in answer button “Hey, bestie!” she says and I try to take in how she looks right now, she has a green thing all over her face, just making visible her eyes and mouth “What the fuck do you have on your face?” I ask making a face “This? Oh, it’s just avocado” she says waving her hand.

I let out a laugh, she is so weird “So, why did you call?” I ask her with a smile playing on my lips as I put on my black glasses “I wanted to know where you went” she says laying in bed “I went to some diner with Nick” I say casually still looking at the computer and taking notes on my English notebook “Nick? The one you hate?” she asks and I nod making her gasp.

“Oh God, tomorrow you will tell me that you had sex with him” she says then letting out a lose laugh, I shake my head at her “Shut up, I just knew a swee old lady that has some moves” I tell her wiggling my eyebrows the smiling “You something else, Le” she comments and stands up from her bed “Says the one who has puke of Zoe all over her face” I joke remembering the time that we three were in a campament and Zoe was so nervous that she puke all the cucumbers from the breakfast, her vomit was gree. Ew.

“Would just get over it? It’s for my face, I know I am already beautiful but I need to look like a goddess” she flips her hair off pressuming her big ego, I keep writing down the notes about English “I am going to take this off” she says and I hear her go to the bathroom, the sink going on and off “You know, I feel it softer than ever” she yells and I smile at her weirdness.

She comes back and then I say “Sarah your face it’s still green” with that a high pitched scream comes out of her throat making me burst out laughing.

“I am going to give you the quizes from yesterday, I really saw good results and I know that you are prepared for what we are going to see this year” Mr Davidson says, right now we are in second period, which is Maths how you can already tell, I am stiing in the back at one corner of the classroom and Nick is at the fron on the other side of the room, flirting with some girl “Leah” the teacher gives me examand I am not surprised to see an A.

But then I see another A but this time with the plus “Congratualitions, Mr Thompson” I roll my eyes as he offers me one of his cocky smirks, I walk over him and take the sheet away from him to look at it, I see the answers are the same as mine “It’s not fair, we have the same answers” I exclaim and the teacher turns to me, walking towards me, he shows me one of the stupidest misteakes of my life, I forgot to put an aqual. Fuck you.

“So he got a +A and you just an A?” Sarah asks me from beside me as we walk down the hall towards my locker “Yeah, it’s kind of unfair” I mumble, then she chuckles from beside me “You still applying for Stanford?” she asks me and I nod in response “I wish they admit me” I say reaching over my locker and opening it with the combination “They will, you are smart enough, besides we are going to be close” she says shaking her shoulder and smirking at me, she is so weird “Let’s go weirdo” I say sliding an arm over her shoulder.

“The cellular respiration” I have read about this at least three times, I don’t know why I even took this class. Oh right, for my university application “Ms. Anderson, do you mind sharing with us your thoughts?” Mrs. Belrose asks me with her tall frame standing by my seat “Yes, I do mind, so no, I won’t share ’em and definitely not with you” I say playing with the pencil in my fingers “Detention” she exclaims and I scoff “Do you want another one Ms.?” the class remain silent as I challenge her with my eyes “I’ll see you in the afternoon, Mrs. Belrose” I say and seconds passed for the bell to ring.

I get up from my seat and get out of the classroom. Freaking hell, I never thought someone could be that annoying. I walk towards the cafeteria and open the doors loudly announcing that the ego living by itself have arrived “Well, hello everybody” some of them greet me with a smile but on the other I could see the horror on their faces.

“How was everyone’s day?” I ask them sarcastically as I go near one of them, grabbing one of a guy’s fries and putting it into my mouth I say “Cause mine was really weird though” I say in one of a girl’s ear “Again annoying everyone, Leah?” my best friend comes into the cafeteria with her high heels echoing the room “You know me” I say turning to her smiling “Well, guy we’ll talk other day, I think Queen bitch is coming” I say pretending to whisper with a hand besides my mouth.

I always have liked to do this, act like a bitch but kind at the same time, it satisfies me. I walk towards my table with Sarah and place my lunch right in front of me, this always has been my table, people have come and have gone but Sarah always hold her seat.

I am snapped out of my thoughts by clowns, sorry, plastic girls entering the cafeteria but this time the leader plastic airhead girl has a new accessory, Nick Thompson. Interesting “The airhead has a new toy boy” I say amused at the boy standing right next to her “Poor him” she says shaking her head “What the actual fuck?” I exclaim as I see Logan with an arm slung over Kelly’s arm. Second plastic airhead, her creators called her Kelly. Smh. She has bright brown hair and blue eyes. Such a pretty girl but she is a fuckhead, so yeah.

“Well, what do we have here?” I ask them rhetorically “The airheaded squad” I say smiling widely at them “Leah, shut up” Zoe tells me “Oh... What if I don’t want to?” I ask her putting my two fingers in my chin pretending to think “Oh wait, I think I know the answer” I say pointing at Kelly “She suffers the consequences” I state as I turn to look at Zoe with a smirk “Go ahead, I don’t care” she say shrugging “Did you listen that, lil Kelly? Your so called best friend said that she didn’t care for you” I say looking at Kelly again with a sad face and she streams out of the cafeteria with tears streaming out of her eyes.

Zoe glances at me and looks at me with such a big hatred and I wink at her, she goes out of the cafeteria as I reach my next victim “Logan, dear Logan, I never thought you would go that low” I say look at him with pity.

“Shut up Leah, she has a good heart, not like others” he says and I put my hand over my heart “Ouch, that hurt” I say pretending to be hurt by his words “But seriously Logan, and airhead?” I ask him walking in circles around him “You don’t take the hint, don’t you?” I shake my head smiling “Jordan left because of that, for being a heartless bitch” I stop my smile fading away and looking at him with hate in the eye “Never mess with him, understood?” I ask and he pales “Understood, you fucking p*ssy?” I ask him and he nods knowing that he screwed up.

I storm out of the cafeteria livid by his comment, he didn’t know Jordan, no one did, like I used to do it, they just thought he was the gold boy they knew, but he was more than that. “You okay over there?” a girl’s voice fills my ears “No” I say not wanting to get out all my anger in her “You know, airhead people don’t know what they say until they hurt others” her voice is not one that I have heard before, I turn around to see a blonde girl with blue eyes dressed in black jeans and a black T- shirt “I am Abbie” she extends her hand for me to take it “Leah” I say shaking it “Yeah, I am pretty sure everyone know who you are” she says smiling at me, smiling at her in response, I let go of her hand.

The bell sounds and she excuses herself, going straight to class and leaving me alone in the hallway, sighing I go to my next period. Let hell going on.

I go straight to parking lot after my last period, I get into my car and then the passenger’s door opens and Sarah gets iN “Can you tall me what the hell was that at the cafeteria this morning?” she asks me mad “I wanted to have fun” I say turning on my car and glancing over at the students, two of them catching my attention “You can have fun in other ways” she says sighing, there stood Nick and Zoe sucking each others faces literally wantin to have sex there.

“Just please do not have fun in that way ever again” she says tapping her nails in the window “I know, I am sorry for acting like a bitch” I tell her “To me? Do not, To Kelly? Hell yeah. Leah you were rough on her” she says “I would never a-” her death glare stopped me from what I was going to say “She is an airhead!” I exclaim “She’s a human being, Leah” she has a good point “She has feeling and she deserves some respect” she says reminding me to mother “First she has to earn it” I mutter and she slaps my arm laughing “I am serious, Anderson” she says as we reach her house and I drop her off.

I put on some song by the Arctic Monkeys, mumbling the lyrics, I ride to my house. When I arrive, I open the front door, greeting with my brother making out with some girl. I roll my eyes at him and go straight to my room, when I enter it I sprawl all over my bed, throwing the bag onto the floor, I close my my eyes and stay there in peace for God knows how long until my father’s voice interrupt my inner peace “Daughter” he says and I open my eyes “Father” I say smiling.

“You have to go for a business dinner with your mother” he says as I snap up my head “Mom’s here in Vancouver?“I ask him with such a big curiosity “Yes, she came here for business and she want you in this deal, so get ready that you are going to the italian restaurant” he says in a serious tone, why would she want me in a business deal? “And wear something decent” he says trying not to laugh as I throw him a pillow and exclaim “Hey!”

I get up from my bed and walk to my wardrobe, taking out some black jeans, I change into them, leaving my shirt from earlier. I pull out a pair of heels and put them on, I just have this ones, I conserved them from my previous phase. I used to have like the collection of them. Daily, I used to wear them daily. Damn, I had problems.

I go downstairs and saying goodbye, I get out of my house and drive straight to the fancy italian restaurant that my mom loves, I tell the waitress that I was with someone, she lets me in and guides me towrds the table where there are sitting mans in tux and my mom with a white dress making her green eyes be brighter than ever “Good evening gentleman-” I pause and the say “Mom” she greets me with a smile while every man in the table shakes my hand. I take a seat and look at them with a blank expression.

“So, what it’s the reason for this meeting?” I ask them intertwining my fingers together “So Thompson’s gold company wants to do a deal with your company ma’am, we come in representation of our boss, Mr Thompson” he says, wait so their boss didn’t have the guts to come here and monologue us about it? Well pretty brave if you tell me. But what I still don’t figure out, it’s why my mom wanted me here for a deal, I mean she has done million of them and she want me in this one,why?

“Leah, are you listening to the man?” she asks me turning to me, getting me out of my thoughts, I nod in response and continue to listen this man bullshit while the other two stay behing him, I guess he is like the left hand of their boss “-so what do you think about Mr Thompsons condidtions?” I have heard that last name somewhere but where have I?

“Okay so I brought my daughter here to know about the deal but mostly because I want her to choose, Rick had already spoken to me over the phone but I wanted her to know about this, so she chooses or no deal” mother says seriously as they dude that was talking stands up to do a call.

After four minutes he comes back and he says “Yes we accept your unique condition ma’am” he says with his bacl phone on his hand “Give me two months, I will have your answer”

Little did I know, that in two months so much could happen.

So let me explain you what the deal is about. I have two months, two months to save their international business. You see, the Thompson’s gold company, it’s identified for having international business and dealings with different kinds of companies,but there was one that want to take them down, I don’t know the details about that company that wants to tackle them down, but let me tell you that it is a really smart one.

They feel threatened by them, so they want the help of our company to make them stand up again with their business, their business doesn’t have anything to do with ours. But it could be a trap to make us go down. That’s what has me worried.

I explain everything to my dad and tell him what’s on my mind but then he asks me “So what are you planning to do?” and I answer “I’m thinking about it” after that I grab my phone and start scrowling down on it, Instagram to be more specific when Logan texts me

Logan: Hi, I am sorry for earlier at the cafeteria

Me: Yeah, you were an asshole

Logan: I am really sorry tho, can we meet at the park?

Me: No, I am really tired and stressed, besides I still have some homework to do.

Logan: Oh, I am sorry again, I just wanna be friends with you.

“Well it didn’t seem like it today” I mutter and text him a goodnight. plugging my phone onto the charger, I change into pyjamas and go to the bed. Hoping tomorrow is better, I fall into a deep slumber.

I open back door from my house as I come from my morning run. I walk to the counter and open a cabin from it, taking out a glass; I serve some water on it. I gulp the liquid down my throat then go to my bed room and as soon as I reach my phone I see lots of missed calls.


Rolling my eyes I press the dial button. One ring, two rings, three rin- “Hey, you know, we are going late. You took more time for your run this morning” she says while I hear her mom talking in the background “I haven’t shower yet” I say letting out a nervous chuckle “Yeah, I can tell” I picture her rolling her eyes “I need to tell you something” I comment suddenly as I start packing the things I need for school.

“Can’t you wait till we are sure we aren’t going to be late?” she asks me “Yeah” I mutter the hung up, I throw my phone slightly to the table and go to shower. When I get out I put on some white shirt, a black leather jacket with some dark jeans and finally a pair of palladium boots.

I go downstairs and run into John “Le, can you please take me to school?” he asks me and I shake my head grabbing an apple from the table “Sorry bro, Sarah is going with me” he gives me a question look “What does Sarah have to do with you taking me?” I give him a knowing look and take a bite from my green apple.

“You know we have this deep talks in the car and I don’t think you want to know” I say with my mouth full of green apple “Okay so 1. Don’t be fucking gross-” I let out a deep laugh “- and 2. If you are going to take Sarah there the why is that bike parked there?” he points at the familiar black bike.

I mutter profanities under my breath and go to open the door where a blue eyed guy stands in all his glory “What the fuck are you doing here?” I ask narrowing my eyes at him “I came here to go with you to school” he responds, he enters to my house withouth asking “Come in, of course” I mutter under my breath.

“It’s kinda welcoming and it smells like cinnamon and chocolate” he comments and John stays there amused by Nick’s attitude “I am John by the way” my brother says extending his hand “What’s up dude” Nick says putting an arm around his shoulder.

“Nick, there is no one who goes with Sarah” I say Rolling my eyes “Honey, I have everything covered” he says raising his arms, I go upstairs for my things and my jacket “Nick, I am not going with you” I yell him and put my bag over my shoulder “Yes, you are” he yells back, rolling my eyes I go downstairs.

I brush past Nick and grab the keys of my car “I told you, you were going with me” he says then I feel some arms around my waist “Let go of me” I say as soon as he throws me over his shoulder “Nick, stop” I snap then my keys slip out of my hands.

“My best friend is going for Sarah” Nick suddenly says “Wait, you have a best friend?” I ask surprised by his comment “Of course, I do. Do you know that immature jerk of school?” He replies “Jake Adams, right?” I ask to cofirm and he nods then leaving me there in the bike.

He soon gets on the bike and starts the engine “We are going really late” he comments and I mutter profanities under my breath, we drive till we finally arrive to hell were Persephone is found. Okay, I am lying, persephone was beautiful, that would be an offense to her.

“We are here” I nod and roll my eyes at him for stating the obvious, I get oof the bike and mutter a thanks, finally leaving Nick behind me and walking to my locker “Le” I hear someone calling me behind me.

I turn around to see Sarah running towards me in her high silver heels “What?” I ask with a soft tone of voice because I don’t want her to think that I am all snappy or something like that “Why the hell did Jake Adams show at my house this morning?” she asks me annoyed “Thompson came to pick me up this morning, I asked him about you and he said that he would take care of it” when I finish the comment, I proceed to open my locker.

I galnce over the mirror and see that Sarah’s is deep in her thoughts, I have always wanted to read other people’s mind, I think it’s interesting how they think about a lot things, even tho that sometimes I get annoyed by people who don’t think like me.

That is the worse thing that can exist in this earth or even the universe. And no, I am not talking about people who don’t think just like me, I am talking about how annoying it’s that someone thinks with ignorance. That. It is annoying.

“Don’t you think we are going a little bit late?” suddenly my best Friends snaps me out of my thoughts “Nah” I say shrugging slightly and as a response she shakes her head “Leah, I am going, I can’t have any delays on my record” and do I? I wanted to say but I shut up.

“Okay, just go” I tell her, ready to go to class I close my locker and go to my first period without any complains.

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