Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 2

“I love you” she comments while we lay on bed “I know, who wouldn’t?” I say showing my big fat ego, Sarah slaps me playfully in the arms followed by a chuckle “I do too” I say with a smile on my face as we remind silence.

I get up and walk over my desk, I sit down and open my laptop where Word is opened “You keep writing?” she asks me and I nod “Why, doesn’t it remind you to him?” her curiosity is like the tongue waiting for the food that has a new taste “Of course, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, I will do it till the end of my days” I say.

And it is, writing it’s art, like everything that exist in the art you let your body control you, in this case, your fingers, writing over a keyboard it’s art that your own fingers do by themselves, they write like they have their own thoughts, and it feels amazing.

“Does mean-” I know what she was going to say and I am not letting her say that “No, I haven’t forgotten him, he is still here, in my mind and heart, but remember Sarah, move on, doesn’t mean forget” I say and she nods keeping silence .

“Do you still remember him? How was he like? How he acted?” she ask again “Where are we? In a psychologist session?” I say not wanting her to ask further and she just keep silence respecting me as my fingers moved across the letters “I am sorry” she apologies “Don’t worry” I shrug “No, I really am, I know how it’s a touchy subject and I always let the curiosity get over me” she says and I regret “You don’t have to explain anything to me unless I am someone you would give your live for, Sarah” I say making her stand up

Without another word she leaves the room, I don’t stop her, neither does she.

Sarah slept over and let me tell you I am not happy with that, she sprawl all over the freaking bed after eating gummy bears. I didn’t sleep anything last night but I still keep my energy for every morning.

Morning. I loove the morning, why? Because they are like a fresh start, of everthing, I feel like in the mornings everything is new and that makes me smile, thinking that this will be better than the one you had yesterday or the day before but taht’s the thing, that smile fades away when you remember that your boyfriend died not a long time ago.

But I am definitly not depressed, it still makes me upset when I remember him, but how I promised to him, I’ll move on. “Sarah wake your ass up” I get up from my bed and grab one of her foot to make her fall from the bed “What the poop, dude?” she says as she stands up and her hair is all over her face “I just wanted to wake you up” I say with an innocent smile “I am going to shower” I say with a smile as she jumps againg into the bed mumbling “Whatever” onto the pillows, I take a cold shower, letting all the water go down my body and making it relax.

When I get out of the shower I see Sarah snoring with all the sheets wrapped around her body “Sarah, get the hell up, we are going to be late, in the first day” I say throwing her another pillow as she groans and goes to the bathroom.

I pull out a white T-shirt with some light blue jeans and a denim jacket of the same color. Dressing up I grab some clothes for Sarah and out them on the bed “There are the clothes on the bed!” I yell while brushing my hair “Okay!” she responds back and I let out a soft laugh. Placing my brush back inside my drawer, I go downstrairs to eat some breakfast “Hey dad” I say kissing his cheek as he serves two cups of dark coffee “Hey sweetheart” he turns around, hading me the green cup, he smiles at me and sitting at the counter “Is Sarah already awake?” he asks me taking a sip of his cup and I nod in response.

I grab a bolw, the milk and the creal, I serve my cereal. When I am done, I place my bowl in the sink “Sarah, I am going” I announce “I am ready, I am ready” she enters the kitchen with one black heel in her hand, I chuckle and say goodbye to my dad. I walk towards my car with Sarah behind me. I expect Zoe to be the kind of bitch she is every year, but things might change after what happened the last year. She might have a heart, but I don’t put so much hope on it, Zoe is still Zoe.

I really want to feel like we are goign to be friend again, again I have to thank her for making turn into this shitty person I am right now, sometimes a person can cgange you, to better or the other way. They changed me, his death chage me and her attitude did too. But Sarah never left me because no matter how much I treated her like shit, she was there. And she never left me “You are so quiet, why?” talkinmg about the devil, I smile “Just thinking” I say still smiling “You creep me out dude” she says leaning her head on the window “How do you think this year is going to be?” she asks me in a low tone “I don’t know” I replay “I guess 2016 should give me the best it has” I say letting out a small laugh “What? You don’t think the last year was enough” Sarah jokes and I give her a small smile “I feel like something big’s coming”

And you were right my little Leah.

Senior or how other call it, the year of the drama, I am definitly not looking for it, Last year was one hell of a ride, it had everthing in it. The one that chaged me, but right now I just want to apply for Stanford, it’s my main priority. I get out of my car and grab my bag from the backseats, slungging it over my shoulder and locking my car, I walk towards hell.

“You already have your schedule?” she asks me as she glance over at every student in here “Yeah, you?” she nods and hands me hers, we just have biology and french together “Just two” she nods again and I arch an eyebrow “You looking for someone?” I ask her as she turns at me and say in panic “He is coming” I try to look over all the students that are filling the hallways from here.

“Who?” I ask her “Nick Thompson” a girl’s voice, yet a stranger one “Who the hell is-” I am cut off by Sarah’s voice “Shut up and look at him, would you?” she says pointing a guy very familiar to me, when my mind rewinds the moment I land my eyes on him “You” I mutter with anger boiling through my veins “You know him?” the brunette girl besides me ask me in amusement as I see the desire of wanting to know, and then go to tell her friend about it. Drama? No, thanks.

“No, I have never seen him in my life” I really Iwish I have never bumped into that cocky spoiled boy “You okay over there Leah?” Sarah asks me beside me as I walk over my locker and open it, I throw my text books in there and just let the ones of the day inside my bag, when I finished, I slam my locker’s door and then answer “I am great” I say with a fake smile plastered on my lips.

“I should get going, I have AP Calculos as my first lesson, so yeah” I say waving at her and she offers me a small smile, I turn around and start walking towards the 209 classroom. Just when I was inches to grab the doorknob, the door hits my face “You little fucker, watch it” I cuss at whoever did this while I have my hand covering my nose that is sharping “I am sorry, I just asked for permission-” I look up and I meet with the bluest eyes, I cuss even more under my breath “You!” I point at his chest, when he recognises me, a smirk form all the way up to his lips.

“Honey” he says “Nick” I say narrowing my eyes at him as his smirk becomes bigger “You study here?” he asks me “You are still alive? I thought you’d be dead by now” I say with a sarcastic smile “Sweet” he says as he leans against the doorframe “Students please get into the classroom” Mr Davidson says, I enter the classroom bumping into Nick’s shoulder, for him to feel the pain that it’s on my nose, he hits the door and he steps backawards “You okay over there?” the teacher asks him as he nods and glances over at me, looking me with hatred. I turn to look for a seat, satisfied by my actions, I take it.

“Good morning senior class, I can’t believe you are already in senior year” We have always been love by Mr Davidson, he says that our class is one with a lot of potential, even if there are fuckheads. His words, not mine “You’ve grown up so fast” he wipes away a fake tear as everyone smile at his behavior “So I will become harder” I chuckle at his sentence taking it in a dirty way, and apparently I am not the only one.

“Ew, don’t be perverts” he says as he turns on his computer, he glances up and say “We have a new student” I wish, we woulndn’t “Please, present yourself” Nick stands up with cocky smirk plastered on his handsome face “I am Nick Thopson but you already know-” he keeps on as every girl on the classroom drool over him, I cringe “Is there a problem Ms Anderson?” Shit “Well, yes, apparently the girls here, doesn’t seem to keep their drool to themselves” I say with a smirk, staring at very gril who are checking around their lips if they have drool.

“Well, you wouldn’t mind showing him around, would you?” my teacher asks and I blink “Sorry, what?” I ask not sure if I am hearing good, I swear I am not deaf “Show the school to the new student” I turn around to see Nick’s face amused “After all, it will just take twenty minutes, besides you’re one of my best students, I think you can catch out later” he argues and I stand up from my seat, I grab my bag and curse under my breath.

“Let’s go” I motion him to follow him as he confidently walks behind me “You are an asshole” I say rolling my eyes “Can’t help it, honey, And watch the vocabulary, it’s not something of a ladylike” I roll my eyes reminding my mother telling me that, technically everyday “Your attitude at the airport was not from a gentleman yet you were like that” I answer back and he rolls his eyes at my response “This is the school, now fuck off” I point at the school with my hand and say rudely.

“Rude” he mutters, I tackle him to the lockers with one arm and he lets me, a smirk taking over his features “If you wanted me so bad, why didn’t you just tell me?” he asks me “Look Thomposon, If you don’t want war, I suggest you not to bother me or annoy me in any way. Don’t mess up with me, Thompson, or else you are going to suffer the consequences” I say to him in a low voice.

“You think I am afraid, honey?” he changes places leaving me under him, with my heartbeat racing “If you do, then you are wrong, I am not afraid of my family, not my best friend and definitly not you” he says almost in a growl and I ignore him and say “I got to go” I get out of his embrace “You skipping?” and I shake my head, walking away from him, I enter the classroom, a quiz waiting for me.

After that the second and third period flew away, when we reach luch, I decided to skip not wanting to be at school anymore, I will tell Sarah to help to catch up later, I haven’t skipped in a while, the last time I skipped it was one day with Jordan at the beginnng of my junior, whe we were just friends.

“You skipping without me?” A deep voice behind me asks as I turn to face the bluest eyes in my life “Gladly” I reply giving him a fake smile, he grins “Honey, you know skipping is such a bad thing, right?” he asks me mocking me “Does it look like I give a fuck?” I ask him sarcastically.

“Sarcasm is something you want or wish deep down,us, humans, expresses it like we don’t have any interest in it” he says like he already read that somewhere else or listened from someone. He loses in his thoughts smimming deeply “It’s true I don’t have any interest in skipping with you or skipping at all, so yeah” I say.

But then I remember how the person that you hate the most can become your friend or the other way around.

“You know what?” I snap him out of his thoughts and he lifts up his head “Let’s go” I say “Uh no” he says and I turn to him surprised “What?” I ask him confused, cause minutes ago he wanted to go me “We are going in my bike” he states “What about my car?” I question out loud “I don’t know, it’s your choice” his british accent thicks a bit sending shivers down my spine “I will just tell Sarah to leave it at my home” I say taking out my phone and sending her a message and telling her that I would let my keys at my locker “Okay, now let’s go” he says to me putting an arm around my shoulder and I grab it and put it away, harsh “Ow woman, you should be smooth” he complains “And you definitly shouldn’t do that” I say.

He walks with me out of the school and I glance at him with a blank expression “You love the view over there?” he asks me with a smirk plastered on his face “Yeah, the animal that I am staring at, it’s quite interesting” his smirk falls off his face to take a place in mine.

He throws the helmet my way and I catch it easily “You can resist it?” he asks me looking over his motorbike and I look at him, montioning him to give me his keys with my hand, he hands me them and I go over the bike placing the key inside its place and turning on the motorbike. His expression is priceless as he watches me “I never thought you would do that” he says “I am special” I say feeding my ego “That’s the difference, you are honey. You are not like any other girl” he says starting to drive away from school, leaving me speechless.

“So, where are we going?” I ask him wrapping my arms around his waist “I don’t know” he says shrugging “Tell me” I say poking him on the shoulder “Tell me” I repeat “Tell me” poke “Tell me” poke “Can you just stop’” he snaps “No, until you tell me, where the hell we are going” he sighs as I tell him “I am not telling you, honey” he says using my nickname “Why do you keep calling me that? It’s annoying” I ask him and I can sense the smirk on his face, I slap him on the shoulder feeling the bike slowing down.

“We are here” we stop in front of a small cafeteria, it’s beautiful, it seems warm and welcoming “My grandma used to own this cafeteria” used to? I want to ask so bad, how she died, but I don’t have to let curiosity get the best of me, because I already fucked up once I won’t do it again “She died not a long time ago” he says with his eyes becoming darker.

“It seems welcoming” I comment and he nods agreeing with it, we walk towards the red cafeteria when we enter, the smell of sweet vanilla fills my nostrils, the seats are make of dark wooden, and red leather, the song in the background is “Take on me” by a-ha, and old lady dancing all over the cafeteria “Well you have the rhythm” I say with a big smile and the old lady turns to me with embarrassment.

I let out a lose laugh and walk over her, I grab her arm, blushing she starts dancing along with me, letting out a laugh I turn her in lots of circles “You ha a lot of spirit girl” she says sweetly, I smile at her and let her go of me “Hey, sweet lady” I say leaning in, grabbing her hand and kissing it “You have a really nice girlfriend” she gestures to Nick “Oh Bety, she is not my girlfriend, but she has a lot moves” he tells her and with the last words wiggles his eyebrows to me.

I roll my eyes “I am Leah, what’s your name?” I ask her and follow her as she walks behind the counter “Bethany, but you can call me Bety” she says and I lean into the counter “I think it’s enough, honey” I hear Nick say “Let me talk to her, you dipshit” Bety says and I start laughing as soon as those words leave her ‘sweet’ mouth “You heard her, darling” I say with a smirk “Carl, mijo, come” she yells and some guy comes into “Yeah, mama “I am here” he fixes his apron.

Carl looks up and I gotta admmit that he is cute, he has freckles on his cheeks and has brown hait that matches with his brown eyes “What can I get you miss?” he asks me and I let out a simple laugh “I feel honored” my sarcasm fills the whole cafeteria, Nick walks over Carl and pats him on the shoulder.

“I missed you buddy, I haven’t seen you since you were twelve” he has british accent, I noticed it at the word buddy, he is American why would he have that kind of accent’ But it’s that accent that you used to see in the 80′s, it is really weird “Hey Nick” he says with a smile and Nick proceeds to hug him, hard.

“How is Katherine doing?” Carl asks, I go to smoe table as they keep talking about whovere Katherine is, I sit there and take my phone out to check Instagram, I see some hot guy and I give a double tap “You are such a nymphoniac” Nick says walking over the table where I am sitting “Shut the fuck up” I snap and then Carl comes over and asks us for our orders, I say mine and Nick does too.

“So Nick, I have heard that you came back, where were you?” I ask with a smirk “Geeeting too curious, aren’t we honey?” he asks me with the same smirk taking over his features “Get over yourself” I say and he lets out a whistle “You wish, I am too important for that” he tells me, Cral minutes later, comes and give us the food “Wait, you ordered a chocolate milkshake” he asks me “Kit Kat” I correct him “And yes, is there a problem with that” I ask him “Of course” he exclaims raising his arms “Chocolate is not something healthy” he defends.

“Who cares? It’s delicious”I say with a sarcastic smile, he laughs then say “It might have a good taste but strawberries are the best” a smirk plays on his lips, I let out a sarcastic laugh “In your dreams!” I exclaim, I take a bite of my hamburger of double cheese “I can’t believe you eat more than I” he shakes his head watching me chew my food.

To be honest I didn’t taste a chocolate bar (Kit Kats) not a long time ago, my coach was very especific and stricted about my diet, he used to tell me that if I didn’t take care of myself how I would want to improve in the gym, weird, tho. The fisrt time that I tasted a Kit Kat was heaven, that’s why it’s the only kind of chocolate that I eat, one: Because it’s my favorite and two: Because I don’t have the tits to prove another one. I know, kill me, so I have never actually eat Skittles, Wonka’s chocolate or M&M’s, I find them insignificant.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks me taking a bite of his chicken sandwich “About hoe beautiful my ass is” I say sarcastically, his eyes widen at my statement, placing his sandwich on his plate “I am kidding, I am thinking about how Skittles taste like” I say grabbing my hamburger again.

But seriously, my ass is beautiful too.

I laugh at the thought “Are you seriously thinking about your arse?” I tilt my head to one side confused by that word “You mean butt, right?” he laughs and I let out a nervous laugh not knowing what to say “Yeah I-” he tries to say then busrt out laughing again.

I give him a flat look as he tries to get his breath back “I don’t really understand what you find amusing” I say in a monotone voice, when he is done laughing, he takes a deep breath “Arse is ass but in british” Nick somments and I inmediatly crave for him to say the ‘British’ again.

“I knew” I mutter crossing my arms over my breasts, he looks at me like I am a weirdo “You are a little bipolar” he whispers and almost don’t hear him but I do, and I don’t say or comment anything about it because sadly I am someone who is bipolar, I can be happy and dancing and tthe nest minute I can be all snappy.

“So, why do you have this weird accent?” I ask getting a little bit curious about his accecnt, it has just amused me since we met “Again, with the questions, honey?” he smirks at me and I roll my eyes.

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