Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 17

It all goes okay, life goes, there is kind of things that you just can’t avoid from happening in life, mostly in your life. Some things go on, and they carry on, you just have to accept it. There’s a part of life where everything goes wrong, you feel particularly empty, the wind blows your face and the feeling don’t increase in your system, there’s this feeling of frustration going on, that stupid and awkward phase that every kind of teenager live.

Part of life, everything in part of human nature, negativity comes and goes, happiness goes so fastly that you don’t want to stop holding it but it slips your hands like they are wet, they are just moments of satisfaction that it makes you feel really good with yourself and your hormones decide to be on your side, those moments of certain feeling that invades your body which has been created by a joke, by your family or even friends.

Moments like those, don’t last long so at the moment you are breathing that smile, your eyes are closed and your stomach hurts from laughing, enjoy them cause in any moment, it will go away like the wind that just touched your face.

His lips were like crystal, for a moment I thought they would break for the toughness that was going on, I felt good, happiness felt good running through me “Happy Birthday Honey” those were the words that he used before we left the concert, in that night we just kissed everywhere, the car, the alley, and my porch. It finally felt right.

Right now that I am lying in my bed all the words that can go through my mind is “What did just happened?” everything is swirling, my body is flying in the clouds and my mouth feels soft, the thought of him lifts me to a paradise. My eyes soon drove me to sleep leaving me with a soft but sweet smile.

The morning soon arrives, the annoying bright sun hits my eyes with soft waves of heat, the loud sound of a call wakes me up in a rush. I quickly take the call just to start getting ready for school “Hello?” my raspy voice is heard through the phone “Well, good morning is just to make you know that at 5 in the afternoon you have a meeting with Mr. Thompson on your final decision, have a good day” the female voice is cut off, I don’t get to say a thing, the last sigh gets out from me.

My routine goes on and the moment everything is its place I go downstairs to find my father drinking his coffee “I’ve got to go to the meeting with the company today and I think I am finally ready, dad” I get a sip as response coming from him “If you feel ready, I trust you” he tells me getting up from his chair and kissing my temple softly.

I watch him go away and giving me a goodbye, chills go through my body but I the sense to ignore fills me as I grab something to eat. I walk through the door simply to see my brother by my car, waiting for me.

“Have you thought of taking the company?” I ask through the silence ripping us inside the car as my hands stay tense as I drive “In fact, I have; the fear is big cause the company it’s prominent” the car reaches my best friends’ house just to find her with a phone in hand scrolling down.

“Hey, hottie, I can drive you to school if you want to” I wink at her with a smirk on my face, her face lights up as she sees me, her arm reaches the backpack that sits next to her; she soon walks towards my car closing the door behind her “You did something” she soon tells me as I wink at her.

My thoughts invade my mind and my hands start to sweat, the nervousness taking over me, the rush of seeing him and facing such a big responsibility as the legacy of my mother brings me chills to my spine, the stomach turns into a washing-machine that hits me like a truck “Leah, are you okay?” my head shakes when Sarah asks, I start to breathe heavily just to hear my brother say “Stop the car” I do so as I try to calm down for a minute.

Panic tries to leave my body, my brother comes out running just to open the driver’s door to let me take some fresh air “Calm down please, I know it’s a big decision that you are afraid to screw it up but if you have clear what you want and believe in your thoughts everything will go okay and it finally will be in its place” her words are automatic in my system, I slow down my sighs and close my eyes “It will be okay” those are the last words coming from her just before reaching the school.

My classes go like a normal day, my minds is anywhere but there in a classroom where all it matters is doing some stupid exercise, in those four walls where they tell you what it is right to think and express, in those chairs where I’ve been sitting for 14 years, and with that pencil that has been a tapping a blank piece of paper where I am supposed to answer questions that are written in a board that has been planted there for almost fifty years.

The bell within time rings making me grab my stuff and walk towards the cafeteria “You’ve been quiet today” Abbie does the comment as she walks by my side, I bit my lip “True, I’ve been thinking about today” she actually nods and understands. In a flash, we reach our table when I finally hear a sweet and deep voice.

Butterflies and a zoo runs through me “Hello people” Nick announces himself as he sits down with a tray resting in his hands; looking up he winks at me as I shake my head and a little smile tries to take over me but it fails to get me as I start purring french fries in my mouth “So, I don’t know about you guys but I am fucking curious about where you took Leah last night for her birthday” I stop chewing and start coughing so hard “Damn, are you okay?” I nod trying to get my breath again as I drink some water.

“Huh, Leah and I decide to go to some concert, I took her home early because she was tired” Jake makes a weird face and that’s when it hits me, he didn’t tell his best friend that we were all over each other last night “Yes, Jake, we just did that like normal friends that go to a concert” as soon as I finish my sentence I stand up and Abbie opens her mouth just to ask me “Where are you going?” I grab my bottle of water then tell her “I am just going to the restroom then copy some homework I didn’t do”.

I get out from there as soon as possible, my body felt like it will burn in any moment and my lips start to miss his asking for them in a moment when I couldn’t get them but then it comes to the big ass question “What the hell am I gonna do?” I ask myself as I splash some water and it goes down my face cooling it a little.

The end of the school day finally gets me, I was trying to escape it but it caught me like a fly on a soup, the bell it’s about to ring while Jake sits by my side and I tap my pencil for the nervousness that runs through all my veins when I feel a hand over mine “It will be fine” he speaks to me in a soft voice and I smile at him as the bell sounds in the background indicating me to leave.

I’m about to leave school when the passenger door opens “My dad is a jerk and I am not letting you alone in this one” he speaks and I softly sigh “It is not about your dad being a jerk or not, Nick. It’s about taking a big responsibility for a company” I start the engine and start driving towards my house “He knows how nervous, you are and I don’t want him taking advantage of that” the words he tells me for a moment touches my heart but then I ask “How the fuck do you know what my answer will be?” the ironic and strategic question flies between us for a moment.

“I don’t but he will use it for his own benefit and because I know you, your answer will be now. I know from the beginning but I haven’t spoken a word to him since I came back from England and I am not keen on it” the rush leaves my system when I hear that.

Soon we reach home and before coming out from the car I say “I told you-you are not going, you get that, right?” I close the door behind me “I am going to Leah. You need me” he soon informs me “Do I? I just need to tell him an answers and a back up” I play with the key to my house and he walks towards me and grabs me with his hands coming closer to me and finally looking at me with deep blue eyes “You need me” I release my hands from his just to open the door from my house “I really don’t” as soon as we enter the house, he closes the door behind him following me towards my room.

I try to grab some good clothes for the occasion but I don’t get to choose anything when I feel his hands grabbing my waist then soft kisses being planted on my neck like butter flowers “What are you doing?” I ask laughing and feel his kisses absorbing me “I would say trying to convince you but you are not that kind of girl” he tells me plating another one followed by others.

I finally get tired of them and decide to turn around just to grab his face and kiss him harshly creating a bomb between us while our lips collapse, everything its perfectly, with me being fire and he being so cool like water when we finally relax our lips move in sync walking towards my desk as he places me on it.

His hands go down my curves and finally placing them on my hips as we keep moving on sync, our lips filled with hunger and our breaths drowning us in waves of lust “Why haven’t we done this before?” he whispers me going down my neck just to stop him; I put a hand between us then take it to his neck just caress it, as a reaction he titles his head back and I take my mouth to the neck leaving delicate pecks on it “Where did you learn that?” he asks and I smile against him.

Getting off from the desk I decide to breath on his ear and finally hug him “A technique that I once learnt” with those words I shut him off as he hugs me back, my body relaxes as we softly start moving side to side; dancing along the moving silence we don’t get our arms off each other, me stroking him behind his ear.

“I have to get ready” I finally break off the soft silence as my hands look for some clothes in the drawer “Can I ask you something, honey?” I give an affirmative answer to the basic question and like reading my inner thoughts, he asks “What exactly are we?” I turn around with a blank expression not knowing the answer.

Nervousness takes over my body as I hear the question, my body felt ready for a relationship but my minds and my heart felt somehow guilty for the one who once was a big part of my life “Please get out, I’m going to change clothes” with a trembling voice I talk, respecting my decision he gets out.

I change quickly and comb my hair softly with thoughts surrounding my mind and my fingers finally slipping in my hair “I will do this, I know that I can handle it” the motivation words come out as I look at my watch marking 4:30. For an instant, the anxiety tries to come in but I open the door grabbing my car keys just to see Nick gone, a little disappointment washing my system.

Brushing it off like dust, my hand looks for a folder with the papers and details that comes from my mother and I’s deal and taking off to the meeting that would change so many things.

A car parked, a heart trying to get out of the ribcage, sweat slowly going down the forehead; exactly that moment where you are afraid your life will change or maybe a good part of it, that moment when you know you may or not have a big opportunity, the tension rests on your shoulders. Just in that instant the clock stops, everything goes in slow motion; soon the blood pumping against your veins isn’t sufficient and the thoughts aren’t good enough.

Just like that first time when you were going to take a final, everything inside you was blank but somehow you trusted your knowledge, the nervousness covered you like a blanket which was stuck to you; then you read the first question and everything would be alright, my big question here is “Where’s my first question?”

My body and mind feels so lost wanting to look for a first question or a guidance where it gives me an A, B or C but it’s nowhere to be found, my hands sweat like crazy against my pants then automatically my feet takes me across a big door that would take to a life-changing meeting.

When my hand reaches the doorknob, a wave of self-confidence makes me feel alive with nervousness taking my hand “Good Afternoon, I let present myself for those ones who weren’t in the first opportunity with my dear mother, I am Leah Marie Anderson, the owner of the company which you have intentions with” fluently the words from my mouth come out as soon as I’m in.

My eyes drift towards a man that sits across the room who is identical to Nick, except that instead of the beautiful blue eyes there green in its place, with the hair is darker and the jawline a little more noticeable “Good afternoon Ms. Andersoon just in time and it’s a pleasure to meet you” His eyes go behind me as he expects to see his son behind me but fails to do so.

My shaking hands look for the papers of the declaration, taking a deep breath I finally open my mouth “As a witness, the night of September in its final days, the company ‘Thompson’s gold company’ decides to make a convention with the company that is now by my command, looking at the precedents of the company, we as a family and a company decide to make a negative decision today November 15th at five thirty in the afternoon” when my voice dies down I take the things and slowly get out of the office with the silence hooking up in everybody’s ears.

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