Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 16

Her hand touches the door handle as I start the engine and as soon as she closes the door behind her, I step on the accelerator to go rushing towards the school “Don’t go that fast, there is no rush” her serious voice makes my foot let go of the accelerator for a bit.

Finally, when we get to the school everyone stares at my car and my presence following inside it, the whispers brushes my ears softly, making my heart pun against my rib cage, every gossip begins to race on Hence Pride High School about the missing Leah Anderson and the come back on her birthday.

When my feet touch the pavement and my hands leave the wheel, every kind of energy is received from my feet and transmitted to the rest of my body, eyes dig on my back as my palms produce a wet substance, the first time my hands get sweaty of nervousness. I walk down the Parkin lot with the school doors as a goal with Sarah by my side with no words.

My eyes flicker to her face and her supportive eyes find mine then her lips move in sync making me able to understand each word “I will always be by your side” the words are like medicine to my brain, softly confidence hugs me tightly and my black boots knock against the white yet dirty floor.

The familiar blue door waits for me at the same spot but with a picture pasted on it, I walk closer to see better, my lenses not helping, on the white plain paper says “For Leah” and when I open a picture of a blondish girl and a big grin on her face is shown, her eyes are somehow weird and the green-eyed boy beside her laughs at her face while he has a foolish hat himself.

My last birthday at the carnival with Jordan is narrated in a picture, nostalgy whispers on my ears and gives me chills, I turn the paper around and in black ink it’s written ‘For the first birthday without him and it won’t be the last’ something squeezes my heart but a supportive hand is found on my shoulder at the same time.

A weird feeling hugs my torso then I realize once again I am hugging someone then the familiar scent fills my nostrils and everything on my stomach turns the other way, softly his hands find my hair and his fingers fall down my hair intertwining it on his hands “Happy Birthday” a sad smile is designed on my face “Thank you, Nick,” a smile flickers his face and something dig into me when his blue eyes make contact with my hazel ones.

“So that’s how he looked like” the words come out of his mouth slowly and my head move up and down with an uncomfortable grin plastered on my face “He is not that handsome, I mean you are in love with me that means you have the best taste” I laugh a little at his arrogance and cockiness “You are such an idiot. I am not in love with you” with a smile and looking back at my locker, I turn with a smile towards Nick and he looks at me with his hands on my waist.

Nervousness washes over me, my stomach makes flip-flops inside me, my smile fades away as he keeps looking at my lips and my face, for a moment I feel something digging into me and it’s insecurity towards him. The mystery comes out of his pores and my nerves become even sensitive when I am near him but somehow something I never found in someone, I found it in him.

My look is focused on his lips, those plump and pink lips that can do anything with them, suddenly desire brushes against me, calling my hormones piece by piece, a lick makes my lips become wet then my eyes find his eyes again and they are no longer the soft blue that I see every day, they become a shade of ridiculous grey that hypnotizes me.

“Happy Birthday” a whisper comes out of his mouth letting me smell the mint on his breath then his face comes inches closer until the sparks grow on mine and intertwine with his lips and the brush of our lips makes electricity come into our way “Do it. What the hell is stopping you?” I whisper just for us to hear then his lips get away from mine and they leave a long flower kiss on my neck.

With a dark look, he observes me carefully before going away. I stand there looking at the floor thinking about things that can make the horniness goes flying far from me, suddenly someone hugs me from behind until my feet are no longer on the floor.

A laugh escapes my lips and an unknown pair of lips touch my cheek leaving it with no emotion in there “Happy Birthday, beautiful” Logan’s voice fills me and awkwardness washes between my thoughts and my body “Thanks so much. I am sorry we haven’t talked lately but it’s sweet on your part to do that” a forced smile is drawn on my face and guiltiness is impossible to hide.

Normally when you don’t talk to someone the way you used to before, creates an atmosphere full of awkwardness, that feeling, is the worst that can exist, my friendship with Logan flew away the moment Nick came into my life and drama washed all over me, that means, since my mother’s death, somehow he wanted to be supportive but that didn’t work because I just pushed him away.

That’s why in this moment my body is tensed, the guiltiness wouldn’t melt in my blood and conscience “How is it going so far?” his question takes me by surprise, I thought he would just say Happy Birthday then go away “Really Good though” the word vanishes in the air and my mind when I remember my dad.

My mom used to come for my birthday every year, she would make a whole breakfast with Sarah just for me, she would organize a little party where there was just Sarah, my brother, dad and well her; my mother’s family would call me and sometimes the one’s from my dad would come, which have always been the closest to us.

My fingers make contact with the cold metallic material of my locker then the fingerprints touch the cutting paper and they doubt to rip it off and throw it in the trash “He is no longer by my side but I can’t let his memory harm my heart this way” silence becomes a person standing between him and me then the bell rings and my heels echo against the empty floor.

When my classes come to an end I walk to the parking lot where my car is there lonely since I parked it where it nos not allowed to be seen by anyone who can harm my baby. Nervousness washes over me as I feel someone staring at me from afar, I whip around and emptiness in the place is found as I keep walking cold fingertips circle around my wrist.

My eyes find cold ones as I shiver “Happy Birthday Queen” his deep voice worms into my ears and the guard goes up “What do you want?” a smirk appears on his non-existent lips, he lets go of my wrist and his right-hand goes into his jacket, when he finds it, a small box is taken out “He was planning to give you this the day after I killed him, we spent a lot of time choosing the perfect one for you” his words stab me in the chest.

The air is taken out of my lungs as I receive the box from him, with shaky hands I open it and a little paper square is there which I suppose is a letter, then when I retire it there is a bracelet with a small quill hanging of it, the part from behind says ‘Because your writing will never break us apart’ my hands take it out of the box “Why today?” I ask with a shaking voice, his face becomes rigid.

I can feel the tension radiating from his body “Cause he knew I was going to kill him and he wanted me to give you this” my whole world stops but he doesn’t, he turns on his heels and leaves me once again speechless standing alone in front of my car.

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