Stop Wishing

By winterbrings All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 10

I get into my black car and as soon as I am going to put some music on I hear the other door opening “You now, Nick may not care but I do” Logan’s voice is heard around my car as I reach for Bon Jovi’s CD “He never said that, he said that he didn’t worry enough” I say and then realize something “Wait, were you eavesdropping?” I ask turning my head to where he is sitting. He shrugs and I start the engine of the car.

“It doesn’t matter” he mutters under his breath “Of course, you can go around hearing other people’s conversations” I say then start driving out fo there going downtown “Oh my god, can you please stop?” he says and narrow his eyes “What?” I snap “You are all snappy, what happened?” he asks and put his hand over mine.

What happened is that my best friend is mad at me just because she thought I didn’t have any right to do that, she doesn’t have a death mother, I do; she doesn’t have a death boyfriend, I do; she doesn’t have problems and a company to deal with, I do. Maybe that’s why I am mad, maybe it wasn’t Nick it’s just all the stress and now I think the police is looking for me.

“Nothing, just let me be” I say and turn the volume up when ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi sounds through the speakers, I start muttering the lyrics under my breath. I look outside the window and the dark day suits my mood slightly, the dark and grey clouds cover the bright sun.

I look through the rear mirror to see if my jacket is right there then I realize that I left it at Nick’s cottage “Do you know where my Jacket is?” I ask Logan and his blue eyes find mine “Last time I saw it, it was in the room you were staying in” he comments then turning his head and leaning his head onto the window glass.

The ride was really silent, he didn’t talk anymore, now we are at Walmart looking for some Kit Kat’s “Shit, I forgot my money” I mutter then I turn to look at Logan and he is grabbing some Skittles “Do you have money?” I ask him in a low voice not wanting anyone to hear me “I thought you did” he answers in the same tone of voice that I used.

Then some stupid but cool idea comes into my mind. Walking towards Logan, I tell him the plan that I have “You are stupid” he says shaking his head and I laugh teh correct him “I am insane” I walk to the lady of the register “Excuse me, how much does this chocolates cost?” I ask handing her some unknown chocolates, her bored face narrow her eyes just with her hands turn to the cash register and I take that opportunity to run out of Walmart with Logan.

I hear the lady yell after security and with that my laugh starts “You are fucking out of your mind” he says running along with me, I turn to left going straight to some park “Let’s sit right there” I point at the blue bench, he nods his head and follows me right there.

We finally stop, my breath heavy like I run lots of kilometers “We stealed Walmart” he says and I nod my head “And?” I ask trying to catch my breath “I just can’t believe it” he replies and I open the chocolate slowly then driving it towards my mouth swallowing all the delicious flavor of my favorite chocolate.

My phone rings in my hand, looking at the ID, I ditch the call “Who was it?” Logan interrogates “No one impotant” I say and with that I think he takes the hint, the phone starts ringing again and I ditch it. That goes by five times and at the sixth one, I answer “What the hell do you want? Stop calling” I snap “Where are you? I was at your house and you were not there, I went to the park near there, you weren’t there either” he says and I hang up.

I walk towards my car “Where are you going?” Logan yells and I ignore him, start the engine and get out of there. I hear my name being called behind me but all that matters right now it’s how messed up my life is. And I just knew a place where I could think better.

I am sitting at the edge of the cliff where I have the amazing view of the deep blue-green ocean, a silence place where the only thing can be heard it’s my favorite band, The neighbourhood, the song ‘A little death’ is heard from my phone, I have my hair in a messy bun as always but the air is totally amazing, somehow this reminds me when I used to come to the beach with my mother.

I miss her, you know? Her soft and white smile, how she would laugh at my lame jokes and otherwise. I miss her presence and how she would listen to me talking about anything and everything. Soon a tear slides down my cheek, just to think that I am disappointing her, makes me feel like shit.

Mom, I am sorry. I really am.

If she was here, she would be telling that what I am doing, that this wasn’t the girl she raised up, because I changed, I have changed. Evertyhing has changed in a really drastic way, soon enough I will turn eighteen and my life will ruined because I have to take care of a company I don’t even love.

“I never thought you would be here” A deep but familiar voice is heard around me “Yeah and I never thought I would steal from Wal-mart” I say nodding and I hear him laughing from behind me, I feel him sitting next to me and sigh “Honey, why do you do this?” he asks rethorically “Maybe because my mother is dead?” I say in a really sarcastic way “Can you stop bringing yor mom into this, Leah? Now on what will you say every time you fuck it up? My mother is dead?” he asks annoyed.

“Nick my mother died last week, what do you want me to say? Yay, let’s go adn party?” I ask him softly aand turn my head to him, then he sees my glassy eyes and put his arm around my waist “Don’t cry honey, not anymore” he whispers in my hair and begins to play with strants of them “I wish she was here, I wish I hadn’t known Jordan or Marcus” I say as I hold the tears that won’t come out. To me they are a sign of weakness.

“I won’t cry, I promise. Crying is for weak people” I tell him and he keeps playing with my blonde hair “I hope so, you look more horrible than you are when you cry” he says while a chuckle comes out of his mouth “Shut the fuck up, I want to hear this song” I say then everything goes silence except the song that it’s coming from phone that it’s ‘Wiped out’ by The Neighbourhood.

The silence consume us as soon as my playlist of rock starts, we both love that music but what it is better it’s the beautiful scenery that it’s in front of us. My head on his shoulder and really good friendship growing between us.

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